fredag 31 juli 2009

Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind - Rivkkah

Riv my aussie indian french friend yeah lol your truly one of a kind.

Was just fun get to know you remember meet you in North sandy first with a friend of ours, you didnt say much but what you said was nice and it have continued that way.

We had our talks and happenings over the years and yes ups and downs but i still like you as i did from first day hehe friends do overcome obstacles that occurs, happy see your still here and not some place else =) know ALotta other ppl think the same, your a popular one.

Riv as nuts as me then comes to jobs yeah lol np clue what 75s she have now some i know are blm drk war etc (rdm but forget that ok, dont ask her come rdm). Oh your ranger also hehe love it also and you got some more hehe and sure you work on some just now most likely.

Been in some event shells with riv hard with times tho as im EU and riv are aussie bad fit times so no events with riv nowdays to my regret wish saw some more of my friend, and not on same socials just now i think but hey never stop friends from talk.

Riv been such a good support and help over the years thanks for all been great and hope for more to come, and shes skilled then she set out to learn some she does and i havent seen her be bad at anything so far and doubt i will, gogo girl.

Yes hear good things of her here and there =)

See you soon rivvy on game hugs

torsdag 30 juli 2009

Red Scorpion - Tohmane

One of my swedish friends on game we meet in party and after like 6 hrs party think i said some in swedish at end or some and we found out then half party been swedish all time. How it are be swedish here talking english and have not a clue if guy next to you are also swedish lol.
Well made friends and found out he lives like way north of me its ok toh lol.

We made more swedish friends over the years and helped each other out even if we nearly not shared any ls or event things but we dont some random missions nm etc teaming up or just end up in same thing lol.

not sure whats on toh agenda at the moment know he have had alot more rl last year and so all that you need take care of and do hehe.

Your a funny fella and also helpful mostly then you get some time over yeah lol arent that the problem we all have to fit things in a time slot that are free lol.

Toh always try evade stuff lol man your drk thats not your skill its make damage up front and usally get smaecked for it lol lv ninja or thf mr wanna evade lol (still we cats are kind evasive tho but you can make it better).

You got some more 75s Drk and yeah more its real hard keep track of all friends and lvs lol only have like 200 on flist :p can i get more SE? yeah goals for mr north toh are hard to say he study again and trying make his ff carrer as we all its the usal struggle and would be surprised if the come smack Maat yellow and blue also gogo man, and hey we really should meet a day maybe at Deys? yeah we got a loooooooooooooooooooong country but who knows or we all get to stockholm for a beer coffe or something.

OK cya on game sure we end up do some things again hehe and thanks for that pup fight help was a fun easy fight man =)

söndag 26 juli 2009

Double Dragon - Rizz / Zzir

Old man Rizz, well hes not that old but he was here then i started and already then lv 50 ish drk hehe, and was wow so high lv. He told us about the things he done then game come out (started myself some after) and yeah fun listen to things we missed hehe.

Rizz always was a nice help to us low lv ppl and keep assist for things we needed as he got kinda bored lv and well drk never was easy get in party back then, he had a hard time and no synch or love for his drk, times was hard that way.

Still remember all ls collect gils and some high lv friends chip in and we got rizz a haubergon then he got 60 drk oh yeah he was so happy and we was happy get our helper a nice piece of gear and back then it was very expensive.

Remember the day finally catched rizz drk with my blm think was 67 and think he never got it any higher as at this point he was very tired on hume and drk and all drama yeah rizz had some bad and even that he tried help me out then ppl was at me as worst.

Time was then i helped helped helped ppl so much i didnt do much else had no time for my own pretty much and ppl kept get pissed i not helped them but i had no more time was impossible yeah i wasnt happy then so finally said no stopped help ppl, just had to and yes try still to today more help on my terms after getting so burned.

Now to say none of my real friends was the culprits in this but all got added up hugs love my friend and i will try help as much i can and have time for =)

Back to rizz man yeah we both had a hard time and rizz left ls at this point also and soon after started ZZir his alt that now are his main mithra mnk way to go man allright!!!

Yeah now he got 75 mnk and more dancer i know for sure and it goes good for rizz we talk even if not hang out all times we still are good friends and help each other out.
Thx man for the support back then really needed that lol what damn drama on the game can do well we all learned and if some didnt so sorry for them well nice see you around and here of progress.

Do remember you get dancer ws maybe first on server at least very early hehe good work man =)

lördag 25 juli 2009

Some kind of wonderful - Aliyah

Ali have quit since long at least think she did as not seen her for years now.

Meet Ali from Lea and lol wow what a happy funn char taking all with storm and happines a light in any ls think she blow ppl away so fast that way hehe and mem i see why lea liked her hehe good catch Lea.

Yes i loved spend time around those 2 was the great times and ali always kept us and all in a good mode wow i now realise how much she did and not sure how she did it but she was just wonderful that way.
The friend you goes to and talk then down and then comes back with a smile on face and yeah it really was like that go ali go so sorry we not have you here anymore but so happy meet you at all =)

So remember meet ali first time then Lea brought me for some party in altepa with ally and flare, yes remember most first time meet ppl, not all but dont mean i like anyone less if so btw.

Had my own talks with Ali and yes she a special char hehe keep that up ali if you read this be who you always been thats just so enough, would think Lea say the same.

Of course spend alotta time lv with ali also lol remember the time we had kitty party and streaked dunes lol got some looks running lol and at op was funny =)
Know katnip also loved ali for being ali, and ali was such a great support then she was sick and in hospital think she sent a little teddybear.

<3 for you Ali see you in life someday i hope for a coffe and hug.

fredag 24 juli 2009

Kung Fu Panda - Lguapo

one of my galka friends and a kinda new one

Big funny guys and a good player then he stays focused and on game, sure he be a great player then he can do that always. Hes a man of much talk and big words lol and funny and goes under many names like taco etc. He pops up everywhere and in like any ls haha. You really have to be everywhere man try stay at times in one place do one thing i seen how great you really can be.

Meet this funny char in versus and sure none missed him if you been around him he talk about all andy anyone and anything and prolly have some to say even if not correct, yes hes right at times also not just bullshit.

He was the big tanky galka then meet and nowdays hes more corsair hmm think i need ask him what main job he really are not sure hehe.

We tried the lol um bad nyhl isle static yeah taco have problem make times even then hes not jailed (even if he wasnt guilty). and i sucked as lead lol darn lol im to slow to handle lead and do things on nyhl isle. Prolly only shan was the good one making things right on team. well sure we had fun trying mostly lol.
Was fun meet your nice friend but then sorry to here he got lost week after thats just so sad story.

For tacos plans on game hmm i say he plan do everything and we just have to see what he really will get done. psst man make a plan and maybe do some at a time just a idea, but as long you have fun do as you want.

Yeah see you more on game think i lol wouldnt be able not to even if i tried go hide hehe

You fluffy big Panda

torsdag 23 juli 2009

Force of Nature - Leanaci

Lea yes Lea. Long time friend and we been through so much lol.

I remember still first time meet Lea in the jungle, she was playing mnk and as no tanks she was made to tank and wow yeah she tanked (learned later she was pld main), still was impressive and party was going very good, think i might been rdm i dont really remember lol.

We didnt make flist friends that day i think but meet soon again in some party and added each other hehe. Thx to Lea i meet some other nice friends like Aliyah and Flarebahamut which account i now own if anyone missed that lol.

Lea was a nice add to ls which i at the point got to lead but she warned me she had been kicked from last ls for being trouble or something, was some brawl with the ls lead. I gave her a pearl and promised i never kick her and no i never have kicked lea. Btw still have that old ls even if not use it more the odd time i go there to be alone and just think (was acutally told for some time ago that was some other that actually lol used it a little now and then fun to here).

Yeah Lea are a great gal so was fun hang with her lol even if she first had to ask if i stalked her lol, no wasnt just lol if you ever played with Lea you should know some fun are bound to happen hehe. well that was soon sorted out the day we and tuffsis sat outside Jeuno talking. (cant remember how we eneded up do that now lol)

Been around with lea for some years and been a funny ride and now think we found our real friendship even as rl friend and great ones shes a fun person and love talk to lea hehe.

Lea me and ali joined same dyamis shell as flare starcoma and well only im still there at least for now as we not sure how ls will be time will tell.

Lea also talked alotta on versus ls she got in i still was in PMS back then with other friends but she talked well of omo and versus and lol nowdays im in there and lol yeah leas not due to the later times they run sadly. (Lea do have made the odd apprence and helped hehe).

Lea plays now and then and have had her breaks back and forth but always gets back thank god hehe not wanna lose a good friend like lea, she surely like none else and yeah know not all like her but dont think bother her she does her race and yeah buy it or get out of the way, not that lea try run ppl over now she really are very nice, if you dont anger her. If you do run thats best :p

Hugs for you Lea hope see much more of you and spend time more for whatever hehe.

onsdag 22 juli 2009

The Last Samurai - Dagmar

MY first galka friend and also one of the first friends i got. He was so nice helped me get my nin and sam job hehe he was sooo buff then lv 47 sam impressive back then.

Yeah so remember we gonna make it to Norg and we enter sea grotto and catch aggro and he goes Ruuuuuuuuuuuun and keep to right not sure ill make it, yeah as lv 30ish i runs like hell and keep to the right. Havent any real clue where i going and so unable aid my friend that keep lose hp....... and after some running suddenly Zone and im in Norg first time. And to my relief soon after a alive galka enter zone also lol the fun times. Get my ninja job and start the quest for sam =)

Dagmar also a memeber or my very first ls Windurst Star Legion and on ls static team which i was whm for =)

Told Dag that Dagmar are a swedish girls names and usally now only older ones still have it lol.
He didnt know and just had picked some he thought be cool Like Dagmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar to shout, well prolly more cool there not as cool here but hes a cool guy.

Lol yeah so much we done over years in ls help out etc .

Thx man for all great times they was many sorry you quit but that do happens but who knows maybe you pop back a day stranger things have happend still have a great life =)

Dag also was one of those high lv guys you ask for help and advice as he had done so much things and had more higher lv pals hehe. some alotta diffrent now after reach 75 and not with just one but more but then start game out so much was diffrent and in some way more fun, so much new all day to find learn. I still learn stuff on game and have fun just in another way not less fun just other way of fun hehe.

tisdag 21 juli 2009

Tomb Raider - Payne/Ramona

Friend from far away on game time wise, meet running around Tahrongi canyon hehe and made friend way before i got a 75 at all. Long since now and miss payn. We all hadnt any clue what happend to her years after i got the story and there house had burned down with pc codes and all that but none had at least got hurt was nice know what had happen.

Payn yeah we spent some time trying low lv nms (kind high for us then we wasnt high lv back then lol) the damn undeads in sar tower are hard then you have lower lv but was fun and drops was worth some back then.

ALso static my drg with ramona to like lv 40 (think was then she got poof) yeah she played both those chars hehe.

We did alotta low lvling and on way i meet ppl like Esor like i bet you heard of here before, we had tons of fun and ls grew and we tried everything those was the days then all new things was a adventure hehe =)

Thx Pay/ram for all the great time was awesome and i miss you and sure some of the others that remember you also does =) hugs

måndag 20 juli 2009

Dreamcatcher - Kauna

Meet Kauna way back then lvled my blm with my friends Rizz and Ryskar. He was rdm then and we made friends and think talked some. Then we kinda not talked much over the years more than help each other at times or the usal friendly wave then you see someone on flist.

Now this year again i bumped into Kau then got in as replace for esor on there Nyhl isle team was like a one thing deal but i got stuck and then sorta got regular in end lol so it can go. Thx to kau and them i got my floor 100 nice gift guys happy and for the gears i got also.

Kau even got pearl for social im in mostly wardens and pops in now and then and say hi and i visit thegatesofgods ls now and then that he comes from also.

Kau are a very good helper and usally try to if just have the time. On Nyhl isle hes the constant tired guy lol think he prolly should have had a team that run other times hes falling asleep and dreams of each run lol. Well now its over so sweet dreams kau.

OK Kau im up for more adventure lets rally the team and go do some wheeeeeeee

söndag 19 juli 2009

One Fine day - Gia

Gia friend that played her other char and quit and come back to my joy always nice get nice ppl back and funny side are made better friend then she got back and played Gia. Liked Amaris also and we was good friends then to.

Gia are another rdm friend and well now she plays alotta more so she have got more jobs up and i lost in which lol but very well done.

Gia showed me one day how a person can make all diffrence and matter just be there at right time in right place then needed, Gia thx for that day so needed my friend that day and yes ppl you play with CAN for sure help and effect your rl, turned one of one my worst days in my entire life to a better day so yes thx so so much hope can repay that someday =)

Otherwise Gia and i not do much often on game more than talk lol should really get some time make some event mission quest whatever lol just have fun.

From what i seen Gia are a very good player at least all times i had the fortune have you with for some things keep up that good work and a day lets got sit at the spot we did so long ago now.

Good luck with your ls and all those friends now and see you on game later =)
and tell me your game plans hehe.

By request from my good friend Gia ill post some pics of her old char Myaki i found hehe =)

Merlin - Potpressure

Pot i meet in versus first then i joined the all whm taur going for super healer.
He still does and are very good whm and working on improve himself always.

Think first started talk with potty in sky some of the days we wating for ppl come and run start, just know we made friends after a whiel and he learned me some stuff on whm nice nice, thanks potty.

Pot are good friend to have and well not the person you wanna make enemy with he get angry on things and ppl hes not happy with but are nice to friends and helpful also.

Now i know latest pot work are the mythic weapon hes after and yes thats alotta job hehe sure he knows what to do. Here ppl are on him about which he does and not does guess all have there opinon on how do it or in which order lol yeah well po gogo get it anyways =).

POt are lucky and got a Kraken club drop think only friend i know that got a drop like that hmm he had much fun with it and was a very nice DD whm, now he sold it to fund his mythic probably a i good decision (i sure would have hard time decide myself lol).

In versus pot grew out as one as lead then i was there and later on he passed on to new goals (HNMS) it think as he wanted try new things i think. He still come joins for limbus and are a helpful hand at times. (maybe he made pact with the tarus to keep there numbers up).

Mr gonna be mythic weapon holder potty go on get more of those Alex and get all add things done lol are soooooooooooooo sooooooooooooooo much things but i know you get it and come smack mobs with you brand new club and then im sure you are crazy enough go get a relic club hehe that be awesome to see.

See you on game and even in versus potty !!!!!!!!!!

lördag 18 juli 2009

Serenity - Brizzy

Brizzy a old and new friend, meet brizz long ago then brizz helped on cop and other things then mostly run around and waved i think now and then and now last years made friends again and added up on flist.

Brizz always been a nice helper and fast to come to the aid, yeah we done alotta things now last year and also i helped in there nyhl isle team and they then got me some floor recent after the 3rd static fall apart. very nice and thx im now floor 50 halfway =) save me a toon of ws hehe and yeah i do have some weapons to get done.

Brizz are one of the more unusal kittys with the silverpurplish hair, wish sometimes i also got some other, not that i dont like mine just lol are so many with mine.

Oh yes Brizz did help us win the alexander fight and made a blm kitty hit for the team also comfort but you was cool prolly helped us balance boss out hehe. thx for the win and rest of them that come to the aid.

Brizz are maybe not the big talker but a big supporter and always happy and supportive and helpeful, say the times you left campaign to come or well at least after its done.

Brizz are the Sam friend and also whm, blm, nin, and then some i not seen or forgot i think, mostly see the sam and then whm or blm depending on whats on.

B got her own MMM set hope we get yours or any of other to drop soon we sure have earned a boss drop now dont you think hehe damn Kogglemander.

Will be nice do more with brizz in future a real nice and good friend see you brizz on more campaign and whatever more we have ahed.

fredag 17 juli 2009

Iron Man - Izman

And heres Izman yes lol meet this very good PLD in versus he tank anything and everything thenever and yes he most likly stand alive after.

Really Iz been a funny guy to get to meet hehe reallya joker and always funny comment both on game and on vent makes fun of all himself included mr Arkansas.

Izzy main tank for versus and yeah prolly be to end of town even if he have a great war or also got blm 75 now then think of it not sure he have any more than his bst 75 4 jobs not bad and yeah hes super pld good person learn tanking from.

Iz been very helpful for me with tips on his ways of tanking, the izman style. We all have our own but yeah Iz sure have some good that works for him and recent was impressing see his fire resist setup, Suzako couldnt nearly even hurt him with 2hr chainspell very nice iz and knowing you your prolly work on next project. Also heard you say you maxed iron will works very well cool even if not think imma go that way.

Iz also a usal helpful person if time allow. Iz helping me on bst also lending out some nice itmes and giving me some tips helping me make my way for be a good bst also hehe.

Oh yes thanks Iz also for donate me ORB so could get a ingot and now got my ares mask, ill get you a Orb run as soon i got me 30 KS again. Iz really helps friends and ls mates.

He also writes on ring3s blog about pld things yes i should read more about Iz tips. Seemed to be some confusion after first blog, but seems was understand later was after Iz prefrences on pld as job with subs he plays hehe not all possible. Iz prolly never get dancer and blue for pld and why he makes great with the ones he have.

If i would need a tank it ask iz how it goes, yeah im not bad pld but way not as good as iz and lol is /nin lessons can be needed for kitty friend :p

Not sure if iz have any more lvling plannned or he just try fully merit jobs now and hang with his close friends.

Think most ppl like iz with his direct but funny humor and whitty comments.
Iz also tanks for salvage team as war and yeah doing a great job as well hehe hes war are very nice and if i ever lv war id ask is, (well if i lv war 75).

See you soon again izzy maybe in campaign (which you are impressing in and 6k+ xp thats just wow).

torsdag 16 juli 2009

Joan of Arc - Shanelle

Yes here we have one of my best friends on game all time, yes and you prove how also can make friends more than game just be friends anyways and its nice, wish could meet you my friend be cool see you in real after talk on game on vent and more things.

Shanelle i did meet in sky then lead PMS and she joined with jaz and gang, was my best time there and at time didnt know she turn out be my very very good friend as shan also just stayed in background didnt say as much or loud as the friends she joined with bit did wonder how are that elvan behind Jaz, luka, evrett and so yeah so had to see what kind of person that was hiding.

Now not sure how got friends but started with just the polite gonna learn some of every new memmber as care for all and how they feel and i know everyone wanna know they are seen also and need some attention. (yes some ppl crave more and some will shout for it).

Now shan arent the person that going for attention that way but dont mean she need bee seen and be part of the shell. Shan always does her best and try do her best and yes shan your do good and usally better than you think. Shan are a person id bring for anything as i know can trust shan.

Also shanelle are to date only person im sure i never heard anyone say anything bad about not to me or so i heard it anyways, i do hear random things, yeah shan are great, i like shan and so.

Shan usally happy and try cheer ppl and ls on even if i as friend know she can get grumpy and sad like us all not like that will show as much in events and things hehe.

Shan was rdm then we meet and also the model i first started yes i was elvan rdm, so for me special fun see shan be what i could have been if not to stuck on DD (not sad for that love my cat). Shan are a really good rdm better than me and her blm are very good also even if she are a bit burned now no overmaging at times and like to play DDs. I sure understand you can feel trapped and not all ppl like just do same job and things all over again and again.
Shan might not have played her meele jobs as much as some of us but i think she do very well and she havent that bad of gimp gear as she thinks even if yes shan you dont have ares but not all ppl do, and im sure you can work your dds to better gear =) Maybe see which you like best and try work on that first like me on drg just a idea, and oh yes very happy see shan join the drg club =).

For me personal shan always been there since got friends and someone to talk to or see then im in bad mode sad or otherwise thing shan got some radar for that or hmm do she know me that well!. Thanks for all help and cheering up and for the future ones to come =).

Shan are also the one that lends a hand if she just can and help out and do whatever would be lonnnnnnnnnnnnng list say what we done over the years been much and some highlights you read on this blog before. OH and yes except myself shan prolly are the worst lotter i seen, she usally beat me but yes i do have beat shan also. Think we both can get some better random skill and really get to lot like we mean it then things we want drops.

Do all versus events with shan and also shan joined my dynamis shell and now hope she get her rdm hat soon you earned one maybe yours on sunday i sure hope so shan good luck =)

Hugs keep up the good work and see you soon i hope maybe for some fun time lvling or some else =)