fredag 29 februari 2008


for making a total post about nothing of any special ill make some of english and swedish as kind found out some fun diffrence over the years here

For once i can share that the word

Gift is swedish for Posion and Marriage

ill leave that for you lot to think about and post more then i please!

DD out Ha en Bra dag!!!


OK finally this new got all jobs lv 30 or more sch last 30 goal are 37 so 14 more lvs for pup and sch combined then im there and if not mentioned capped drg xp so just whm to capp and then the 75s are capped errrhh was at least i have a nack for dying lol. warning newb in traning someday ill hide by you veterans like omo Jess and gang hehe could mention you all but long list. Learning new all days nearly at least lol having fun mostly, hopefully makes some fun for ppl and finally yes i spell and like friend Bdc say talks like Yoda at times opp but just get that comes from my swedish and the diffrent grammar lol english are so darn backwards compared mm me thinks yes i do !!!

So May the Force be with you !!!!

Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirin Kill

Oh my we had kirin kill sunday and lol for some reason we had a kinda bad and strange kirrin kill, we had another ls help kill the minis so they went very smoth and fast then we started work on kirin. Not sure why but we seemed slower than normal maybe less DD or wrong jobs well np just take a few more np with that at all then we happen to have CFH on kirrin always sucks but can happen, now tho we get in big trouble get it of ppl are killed and we try relogg alot and other poor ls are mpked orz. not our best moment but we get on track again and 2hr kirrin decided dedicate to Hiryo only Grats for umm kirins undivided attention or Love hes not gentle tho. Finally we gank the big manticora and he drops umm like nothing good lol. still was kinda funny and guess we just redeem ourselves next time we so can 10 times better than that

Nyhl Isle

OK assualt static tries Nyhl Isle and we arent that good yet but are getting better i think at least lol we manged get to boss just run out of time before it was dead so no floors complete lol well maybe next time we just had some tries yet maybe need find some that actually got it done and ask for strat!!!!

torsdag 28 februari 2008

life and dreams

Life in Vana more fun this week as nice goal for me finally get my first +1 AF not much for all of you but after 2 years + on limbus it finally first thing i can show for it so im happy =) Wizard's Petasos+1 on head =)

And the dynamis finally reached Dynamis tavnazia after finally the waited wins on Dynamis Qufim and Dynamis Valkrum =) oh yes 2-3 year dyna so can do the last finally
And Lol a week ago had no dyna body now i got 2 !!!! Drk body got more by chance tho and still gonna need lv for it but nice makes me feel alot better =) now to get my first Dynamis Xarcabard drop hehe

Best of Week was get Majour finally Craft and name the Kyudogi we worked so long and hard to get the items for and been pissed over at time now we finally got =)

My first Bomb Queen run also was intresting but lol was it easy to kill hehe and i got finally use for the ashes i had =)

Finally Brd and blu gets on track and i really have more fun again doing bard for some reason it bores me so very much and would be so much worse if i not had Esors blu there but last party was kinda fun and we also got 2 lvs well nearly we just got the last in campaign and well i dont recommend run back from parties or doing campaign tired, i was better sleeping doing party as bard for some reason tho!!!

*mm taking some rest running back from party done even ask how it happend im to tired to even know myself><*

Thx to NinjaFox that poped up and tractor me to a pixie for raise

Great Times!!!

Sometimes this game can really try the patience and give a feeling all are going nowhere or very very slow!
But then again also have times of then all goes right and luck are one the side and that are what me and Esor have had like the last week and little more =)

Started With our Dynamis Qufim win oy yes that was sweet and i got Sumnoner Pigaches on that run also =)
In bettween runs and other event we here also skilled esors Dagger and sword and got her to new ws Savage Balde and Evisceration gogo hun =)
Next Dynamis was my Turn Get the Duelist tabard that i wanted since i started doing dynamis =)
After that we finally aquire the last part for crafting the Kyudogi for Esor and me, definatly mostly Esor tho will have it =)
Ill get my final things and can Turn in my Blm hat and some days later get my first +1 AF "Wizard's Petasos =)
Next dynamis i get a Abyss Curaiss and that for low bid and im 3/5 drk now to lv it from 37 and up hehe
Versus makes a Bomb ring run faster and i get the Bombring oh nice sweet!!!
Esor Blue and my brd gets out and we jumps from 63 to 65 in one great lvling day
Next Dynamis valkrum which we lost horrible alot Whooooooooa we have not strat and Kicks and WIN yay only Dynamis tavnazia now, and Esor have great luck and her Saotome Koshi-ate drops also.
And just now we beat MIthra bcnm for her so she are closer to sea way to go us and we have had some good times and luck =)
Thank you Akanea Kauna for the help and grats to Esor and Toashin

We got Snoll mangled also later omg its so much easier now lol its silly but well ppl wont get stuck there as much now =)

Thanks to everyone that helped make this and just been part sometime game just are great !!!!!!!

lördag 23 februari 2008

Spells spell and a Hat

Woha sea time finds out i gotta catch me a map of Garden of Ru'hmet i cant seems to get anywhere fast alone darn. We dont get the damn nm well will be more times np i think.

OMEGA time and we get him low fast np so we kite him around to have some gunpods drop and wow am i happy for that as i finally get the Astral Leather yay can get me Evokers PIgaches+1 soon now (Very great for summoner if you not know) a then i really just need the Narshira hands for my smn hope i can get some then its mostly pimped out gear wise and think most other gear are more like nice adds.
~Think Omega have a good eye to Jess or maybe its the Evil eye~

Samurasoldier and Hir... (sorry forgot how spell the name) are nice enough come help me kick Blm Hat nm =) thank you guys =) now i can get my Blm Hat+1 after tally sunday my first +1 gear i ever got then. =)

Slept onry 1 hr so tired so listen to omo and pops in bed only regret are missin Esor but orz need sleep. Cya tomorrow

torsdag 21 februari 2008

WOW holy tarus Drop and more!!!!

LOl wakes up to some panic logg in ls and some somewhat angrysasannoed message from Esor in box, Reason Finally Cerb hide on AH and im asleep and she dont have the gil for it, Well ill raid mules and the buffer gils and get the gil she have and manage to get the hide WOOOOOOOOT we can have the kyudgoi made wow we saved and tried get the stuff for looooooooooooong now finally YAY, just hope Esor gets as happy. *HUGS for Esor*

She pops on to Dynamis and yes after all confusion and some other frustration she are happy and we can get on the run for Dynamis Beuacedine, Nice start mnk body after about 5 mins later on blm mmm nice WOW 2nd NInja body evern in ls drops sure turn out to be a nice run and then Dualist Tabard drops and i have the high bid OMG yes i get it been after it so long and really are the most wanted drop for me from dynamis i are kinda schocked first body for me ever from Dynamis im a very very happy little rdm that cant wait try it out later =) we soon after get a Drk body sure dropped just some of the hard to get and very much wanted bodys today very nice run thank you all im very greatful for my relic. =)

Try it out in mog with Esor yay looks so sweet =) happy happy kitty great day and have the best kitty with me can be better =)

We catch Rowannes Rdm (64) to party with my Brd and esors Blue both 63, i gear up and kinda reluctant get the relics body of lol i need to get to try it out soon.
But fun fun brd party with Esor =) also fun row are joining goes well and smoth and we get about 15k should get 64 next party =) ppl need to leave and i kinda falling asleep so we take a break.

I take the chance to ask around how the redoing for AF works as i wanna get some AF+1 and finally after getting some hints from Jess and then Ring3 i restart my Blm AF oh damn was ages since i did this, weapon quest in Xarxabard bringing Yin as he just got blm 41 and also need to get the worhtless casting wand, lucky for Sweetsnopea and Angrykitty that are making G2 for sweet can we help mangle the mobs there as we are at site easy and all fast *smack* another player can get lv 60 =) todays good deed done hehe.

Time end day with some skilling in The Boyada Tree need 4 more lvs on GS to get trial weapon go me lol Shan me and esor sets out slow skilling and umm lol some bad luck i get flat kitty and damn ppl are on pissy side today and refuse come over raise. all ends up shan logging and Esor go gets mages sub thank you alot hun.
Need stay up get FULL MOON for my key item for DM and i do even if i lol are more asleep than awake then tanking and skilling no memory how i even capped GS on PLD lol. Trial weapon mine at least before ill call it =) great day and i have the greatest girl just happy =)

onsdag 20 februari 2008


Curse or what to call it its kinda funny for sometime ago then i thought about my sky/dynamis/limbus and so lots over the years and i checked it over with them and found out i never won a lot against anyone in sky or dynamis for a Gear. Stuff i got i been the only bider or made a bid over other ppl so it makes me only bid. Not crying about the fact now more think hey some day i gotta manage break that curse and get something over someone else lol. /em trains on lotting high. Typical stuff are i lot high then some small item like a money items so i have got some like that just not the gears i really want lol.

And still wating to see what cool gear i can get for my first in versus shell =) prolly some cool, lets see what im after N-Body, N-Feet, N-Hands, Haidate, M-Hands (not sure really need as have valor but nice anyways) Homan and Narshira gear and some Sea gears never really do remember them except the love halberd and Torque .

Thanks Esor for the support always =)

And thx to Crlm and Elf also and so rest of shell like rest of you also =)

Curse still on

Late on today talks with some friends and here Deyon finally got his coffer key hope he can get the Drachen Mail soon then.

Sky day so check up my Drg gear and gets away Lazy dont wanna change and love my drg anyways hehe. Gets up right at time and see Rael joined the ls fun hope he will like it. LOl Poor Raikoh complains as usal about tanking.
So what to farm, ohh full speed over to Zippy and kill stuff until pop i bet we start kill a statues and then Zippy show up ****PANIC**** oh shit lol. It kills omoi but we keep claims and with some touble regroup on stairs (bound really sucked as rael had to get all party of with erase) Omo gets killed again orz she have fast death start today,well np Gank Zippy down then all ppl are there and we get our pop item =).
Then of to Celestial Nexus for another round Versus / Diorite. Sinister needs Zm 16 so his party gets to go try the bcnm OPPPPPPPPPPS guess that include me.
Siniser MNK, POT SCH, Jess Drk, Rael Whm, Sholo THf and me Drg not a very optional setup but hey we try. and first try lol orz we get first form but prize are hard and then wipes fast and Sholo on thf are last as i said before fight its just silly how much shadowns make you live for long in thise bc well no xp loss and OMo are wating to help on ther raise for us. *Lol a less suceesfull bcnm but will be more*
2nd try we changes tactic a bit but sadly we wipes even faster this time and well 2hrs was mostly used first try Sorry Sinister will be more time tho.
As a note last time i did this was we PLD/NIN NIN/WAR and me RDM/NIN was a bit of work but we won and well it was fun and also i lost all 6 ppl party then ppl not have /nin.
Well we are called back for more farming, later we wow fainlly get a diorate it was well time we did we so had earned it.

Over to Suzaku time make us bird dinner, we pop and wow he 2hr like before 90% left good job think all lived and he just get binded hehe, they we wear the picky birdy down. we get some nice dropslike N-Feet bit lol my curse still works make a decent roll bit dont work lost another again. think ill get back to my curse in another feed tho.
The holder of water pops up think was N.F. we get to water and pops the Ollas and gank them even as they try fry ls up. Turtle time !!!!

NOw hes gonna get it shelly Genbu, fight goes nice and think only Raikoh dies then Genbu eats him. get some ok drops. Another sucessfull Sky night and gets told DM and BQ runs are coming up fun fun.

Tosses the Abysall earring time get me a new one i might actually use Abyss has served it purpose well but now time for some new in its place. Then takes of to campaign with Esor time cap Drg xp some think im nuts for capping all xp but its just my way and it makes me feel complete on jobs merits come later. Makes some nice campaign and capp Drg out not that im very awake at the end not even sure what talked with Esor about lol well do remember i get Golden star before crash on bed/and feeling i wish i could have stayed on hang out a bit more with Esor but hopefully tomorrow maybe we get back on Blu and brd

tisdag 19 februari 2008

AF help day

Gets on late Lea farming key for AF in Beadeux im bored and not sure what to do do get my PLD over and helps kill mobs. Oh WOW also found out can do nice damage with GS and WS gear lol nice.=) Lea links mobs and do a splat on ground opps Drg a bit more squishy than PLD, whm pass by and r3 so no big harm. After a good while we get a key and Lea warp back to get whm, i find the coffer in mean time and kills some pops until shes back and claim it for her whm AF.

After break ill get Summoner and heads to Ifrits Cauldron and helps Deyon farm a key for Drg AF body Lea tags along also and we go play ball with the bombs in the area Bang Bang or self detruct. We have no luck but Yin and Vaully get on and are willing come help Deyon on Drg helm in Temple of UGG, Rael pops over also as whm.
We meet up at temple and clean room and kill the nms was easier than i remember from then i did them but as long we get done im just happy lol. Grats for Deyon and Drg Helm ill help farm key another day.

Now we head for Fe'yin and whm body nm for Lea, ill change to PLD as rest tele over. We meet at the entrance there we get asked by a blm help on rdm nm MIser murphy for hat and sure we say so we get in and kills both nm nice nice.
So nice helped with 4 AF today =)

Waits for Limbus later, which i get asked to ge blm for and it s repeat from the run we only lost the boss on more blm helps burn down mobs alot faster this time hehe and we win this time np at all =) OMega soon again hehe and 3 more coins to me today.

Assault are our first try at Nyehl ISle one, very confussing and we try learn as good we can, we give up after we realise we have to read up more or get some hints from other ppl.

måndag 18 februari 2008

Dynamis Qufim

Opps wake up late hurry over for a new try at Dynamis Qufim still need the win.

Run starts nice today very smooth and we progress fast and easy and kills the nms on way no deaths and and np so big change from last try.
NM are pulled and this time we gank him fast and swift with just some deaths not a total wipe and loss as last time so DYNAMIS QUFIM WIN !!! YAY not many more to win for me now ^^
After this we get some drops a couple of -parts and i get my Summoner Pigaches i really start feel my smn are gettign comeplete just really need the AF+1 feet and Narshira hands (Summoner Doublet and Summoner horn would be very nice extra tho)

Get a well earned paus before sky, we meet up and start to try farm a diorite but are not so lucky so after some hours we head over to Byakko to kill the bad kitty. Esor get on bid for N-Hands (ill stand over not wanna bid against her) they drop but she roll 55 and Elf get a 175 or something Grats Elf nice for you and im sure we get more hands from the kitty, fights was very smooth and fast =). then we have payday very good need some gils for the limbus runs =)

After that we harass like all ppl first for Evisceration NM fight but goes over to try get Esor mithra cop bcnm done after some hours trying we get a friend on that need dagger nm so we decide go do that instead.

Ill tank find myself get out alot more as PLD lately kinda fun tho try my tanking on nms and such PLD DNC SAM WHM for the nm we work it down with no big problem and they can get there ws =) grats

After this Esor gets away for paus and i tire out and falls asleep ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz.............


Finally back head just feel like it exploded yesterday but better today so can be on for next TOAU mission.

Me Shanelle, Jazira and Vaulade gets on with our static and pics up smokie for help and some other guy, seems we are about try kill Gesshop the Yag ohh shit lol we try but mess up and smokie dies at first Aoe and soon after Shan lol it end in wipe even if we hold out oh np no xp loss and we now can make a better strat lol.
OH yes works alot better now and tanks it good we have some deaths on way but we come around on the end and i and Jaz saves the say WIN!

So what to do more today after haveing some trouble chose i jump on my sch 24 and try my luck on getting a party takes like 10 min sweet qufim island, well we soon find they are weak so we move over to jungle and start gank plants little slow first as we are 23-25 party but soon comes around then ppl get lvs, Orz me and blm nuke them to ashes hehe get a bit beat up but np manage get 26 before ppl start leave and finally party fall apart np.

Junin wants me and Esor (that finally stopped dc) for Spice Gals and Monarch Linn Enm and the other Mamet quest. We heads over fast gets key item as we still have a scale, 2xsmn sam and blm smokes the 2 Mamets easy win hehe, then Fire in the sky ENM even more easy as Astral flow bps destroy the mobs easy extra xp =).

Then done Annaka ask me for doing Sandy Escort sure more xp never hurts, Esor have to leave so we hunt a 3 take a bit but we raids Eldieme, some japs runs along and takes out nearly all mobs as help very nice of them so goes fast and very smoooth.
Xp goes now to my Pup as its kinda hard get a party for xp scroll better than nothing hehe.

Esor back again so we head for skill and break her trial dagger in my Damn GS skill goes slow slow but im trying, midd skill Lea gets on say Shiki pop soon so we paus runs over all good for Esor that just have her weapon break =)
WOW zone are full with PPL shit we hope for tod as will be hard claim, but lol Esor claims on refresh and we kill it even with some adds but no drop ; ;

OF to try get my GS last skills and also lv npc more, tired and miss Esor get to turn in weapon lol i get beat up by some stell shells (show why you should take care then tired on game) well Esor sweet and finds a whm r3 oh nice and also get the other wiped party not far from me and we ally up with them and skill some more before bed time. GS 246

lördag 16 februari 2008


Day gets all wasted have migrain stays in bed most of the 24 hours or more sigh cant do more than get on game say hi imma get to bed really sucks and are sooooooooooooooo boring well cya ppl soon again being sick are sucky miss my FF famil.

fredag 15 februari 2008

Sea IXDrk

Slow day doing some helping try get the Shiki pop for Lea again not luck for us again new try tomorrow then helping Deyon get the campaign acces and show him how to do that and also just as there are there farm him some ladybug wings for that quest, well finally lol get to work on my stuff Npc are overdue get her capp taken away for finally be able get to 65 gooo Yoli.

Bloody pissy ruby quad making me waste a piss amount of time before i finally can get it killed and pass it lol just very annoying as really just wanted pass it oh well get the quest done oh yes can get her the last lvs now and Esor old me how to work on the gears so thats next also.

Nothing to start now so heads of to Sealions Den oh well about a hour early np tho park me there and checking social shell if anyone pops on really are a slow day lol, and write a part on my blogg as hasent much lately.
Some 30 min later puts on Versus shell to be rdy then ppl start pop in there opps lol they have started ahed of time and are in sea ohh shit early start gotta head on over.

Camping for IXDrk today darn this are as boring pop nm as some other stuff gotta wait for some message to pop on anyone then killing the mobs lol well Achi are back and are keeping up the convos again about well everythings and cool Pot have finally got his Sch 75 not that im all sure what the spells do yet but they looks nice and guess gonna have to check how they are.

After long time the darn NM pops and we kill no really problem some ppl det downed but our medec take care of the situation and we make a win och yea time of to Gank us a Justice jailer.

Omo shocks Rai and have him come Blm hehe well blm are really needed to kill the pets that crlm keeps pulling and all goes fairly well had been more great if not Elf beat it twice for the team Elf your awesome blm (maybe i should ask for some lessons).

Justice die only the virtue and weapon drop no torque yet damn, get to lot on the weapon not my luck today rai get nice for him.

Now of to Limbus stays blm as they might need me to and well save them wating for my changing anywas new area at least for me we go on working our way up and deaths are few until last floor and Behemoths that starts with flat the blm out *Road kill kitty* we get down to the last one and tries our best to gank it before times up but its 13% still then times goes out damn on a otherwise good run i think. (little sad it run late so many ppl had to drop of before end).
Lots of Coins so all get 7 except poor Glacian but im sure Omoi keps records on that and he will get a extra next run or something =)

D2s ppl out and get me over to wardens to see whats up, Esor just pops back about same time and ask me to help duo some Avas for some friend of a friend oohh ok sure time get my rdm/nin and head over to Gank Shiva Me and esor have not problem with here as rdm/nin x2 and some Whm back up from Rowanne the lv 15 smn just watch from safe distance and yes a clean kill more gils lol then of to Garuda. OPPPS Row get overun by a crab train in Kuftal comfort at leas die right next to a whm lucky as rr had worn, we get our asses to Garuda and kills no realy problem only me tired and at end hit convert umm not good then mob are hitting you lol i drop but np for Esor to kill lol win.

makes way back im way to tired and feel of the sickness to do more so i have to get to bed by all friends and cya tomorrow =)

torsdag 14 februari 2008


Time say some about my sky/sea/limbus/event shell, been there since october 2007.
First i come across the ls was as doing sky as colead on PMS (long story how i ended up in that position).
Meet both Omoi and Ring at time running around sky as apparently we had overlapping time, the impression that stuck tho was the friendly way and and trying even if comepete make the best of it always nice then ppl are nice in sky. As this was the awful time with hours of Ulli camping that none have done surely want to have again, im for sure was so happy then that was changed.

For alot of reasons my sky ls changed and finally stopped sky and i was happy at the point get a break from all that.

One day mention to Esor i kinda miss sky a bit after hearing her talk about god killing and all that, so she talks to Omoi and have me talk with here and i decide i make a new try for sky as Versus seems nice and i had only good dealings with ls before.

First time in sky again scary maybe not right word but sorry rookie again but with more knowledge of course how to get around and not get Fausted ( havent had that pleasure yet lol) Really not know much ppl in ls then starting more than Esor but hey ill sneak in and try make my best and help out and maybe i make some friends.
Works fine i remember most tactics and stuff and get updated on most i dont know.

*Kitty hides invisible*

To my joy i find out i can do limbus again the other shell had for that mostly was a mess and pretty much had some year and gil wasted before on it, feel better now we win runs and i finally get to fight Omega and Ultima. Now to hope to get a part also hehe.

Then we cut down sky runs and starts Sea once a week and yes always wanted try sea nms and try them just for fun and then also maybe get me some items in the end, hope for more fun in Sea and hey who know maybe we try take on AV a day also.

At present i feel i made some friends in ls and ppl start remember me a bit even if i not around as much in Cib as have a social shell since before and i help out there and have alot of old friends there damn at times wish i could use 2 ls at same time but oh well i try keep up and be social as best, i bet would be fun have more time with you starting friends in CiB just lol time Can i have more?
Had alot personal/family downs and stuff happen last month, but have been nice them get on game spend some time with a nearly always happy bunch and get away from the real life we have all with its ups and downs.
*Thank you Omoi, Elf and Esor for getting me Impulse Drive*
At end of Post i wanna thank you ppl for my first time in Versus and now to continue onwards with the rest, and my first gear dropn on shell well see what it be maybe something really cool like Narshira hands lol.

Hugs and love from your only crazy swedish mithra furball in ls. *Rawr*

Valentines Day

Gets back first thing i see are a :) from esor that kept me in party day are great already even if i feel run over by a buss from sick, it will be ok.
Esor are the kitty that made the game for me over the years the one and only she are really special and lol i know more ppl will say that but for so many diffrent reasons.
Well shes my kitty and not replaceable alot of roses for you hun thx for everything and all that will come. =)
<3 my kitty Esor.
A present for Esor


Was some days since last wrote, here goes.
Tried camp 2 nms for PLD, one pop nm and finally got drop 1/6 from Ziphus tried camp the other nm Meagalobugard 12 hours but got outclamied all time same for the 4 hours camp day after sigh wanted at least kill once maybe get the Hercules ring.

Also tried PLD in sky first time and got to pull and tank MG i lived (thanks to the crew of versus) felt good was not sure how i make then i helped raikoh tank despot, at end i was so tired as i been and still are a bit sick so sleep right after.

Beastmaster i have a had some trouble with this jobs long long time but thx ti Punky finally a beastmaster after 2 years tell me how should do it, wow i actaully get + xp now even if im slow but still i get forward and not back also manage get party both sunday and monday for bst thank you Bdc for the on sunday, so i finally reach beastmast 37 and can put it away for now but i will go try it more later on, still have to get sch 24 and pup 29 to 37 and get all subs done.

sick and miss limbus and assault monday urrgh felt so bad so had to get to bed it happens just so boring tuseday still taken and just manage get on do sky, Wendsday better get on dynamis and fells ok and still have some energy after and Esor are back on after her damn dcing so suck her internet sucks.

That brings us back to friday then i get back after a nap Esor try make a Cop run for mithra bcnm they full and dont need smn at first so i wish her best of luck =) but guess hard with no smn so im called in for help np hope we can do it but seems one smn can be just to little (had i lived far enough for a 3rd AF/bp i had killed them but i died after 2nd) blm asleep we try on 5 but dont work out to well darn. Lea gets on and we go help camp shiki short pop window and she say she help on bcnm after oh yes more smn and we also have another coming so at least 3 now we sure can win but then.................. Esor start dc and dc and finally are gone ; ; we wait long hopeing she get back but sigh she cant so have to call it really sad then finally had good help but i wont give up 1 smn to her sevice thenever hope we can get some more.

Been skilling with Esor also and GS are 237 hope for 240 soon Esor got dagger and sword up and now just have to work on her trial weapons =)

lördag 9 februari 2008

Did anything happen?

Another weekend over dynamis run done not special fun drops and superbowl so farming instead of kirrin killing, monday limbus and assaults nice B will get Hat finally friday. More try all week get Lea the shiki claim hes a pain in the but no luck on drops so far.

söndag 3 februari 2008

Good & Bad

YAY first of all Esor are back her net had been out better than pc crash hope it stays up now =)

Sleeps missed assault oh well needed the sleep and Esor assisted thats good =) B will get the Hat soon im sure.

Gets my Brd catched up to Esor lv 63 in campaign all nice. Took its time my brd was alot more face down at times lol but no xp loss tho. only more time lol

We get Deyon 2 of his coffer keys and mass kills mobs for it easy just keys takes it times to drop and i pass out so no time go try for the 3rd or DS well will be more days.

Dynamis no rdm body drop again lol and my lotting are as fun as ever lol smn body drop and the bidder are gone so some of us T1 it first lot 21 then me 31 lol and the other 157 lol no win again oh well ill hope for next time. Will be nice see then curse breaks will it be sky sea limbus or dynamis first someday im sure i win a lot against anyone .

fredag 1 februari 2008

Sick & Tired

Week been awful sick and it got me super tired trying get on for events and stuff but keep have periods then i fall asleep><.
Makes dynamis but orz are half sleeping all run and also not win lot on smn gear so maybe had been better of in bed oh well i tried (Told shell about Esors disaperence so they know).
Also helps Lea trying for YYR robe and logs her on then she cant be on but no luck on drop on the claimes we get and we also lose some, sorry Lea sucked you died before we could get there and help you on the claim ><. we keep trying.
Sea day lvs pup a bit on day but get so tired needs nap sleeps over sea start time but well makes time there before nm fight (even if manage get killed on run over there and has to have flare get over and raise me as ppl are so nice just run passed my corpse) so can help Kill Temperance and then do limbus run.

Try for Pup after as long i feel i can, flare teles me over and catch aggro as we land damn had no clue mobs was at that tele pad. I live due to jumping on choco flare gets toasted shit, lucky i get Gia on free time she tele over and get flare up again.


Not sure what happend she not been seen since sunday all was fine then she got of,
i can just think its either her internet that are more bad than before all her recent dc or the other option that her pc finally broke it has also giving her alot of problems. Really miss Esor and hope she gets on or at least in some way can relay a message what are up, i hope all are as ok it can for her and guess ill just wait for her to pop on again and join me and rest of us her friends here. Well wait hun cya soon i hope <3.