måndag 31 augusti 2009

Finding Neverland

And here are a picture from my recent trip to Jeuno some weeks ago was friendly and AH was filled prices was as usal high and hard make any real bargains but the ppl was nice and weather was good most of the time.

torsdag 20 augusti 2009

Terminator 3 rise of the machines

OK things in game are wierd or maybe more pc and cellphone. Yesterday after get back from afk some hours i saw a macro had got of and yes lol it seems cellphone make macros go of on game if its are to near my pc or controller kinda disturbing but even now seen it happen. Some to think about with all the electronic machines we do have around us.

tisdag 4 augusti 2009

Oh my goddess!

Succes finally got my HOMAM pants soooooooooooooooooo happy =) thanks all ppl in versus YAY drg feels real 75 now gear match atlot better =). And also that completed my homam set and pants be nice opn thf drk and pld. And have now had time try pants on all jobs and they rocks still so happy =). This was the start on a great weak.

As also made all the WOTG mission from last update so finished with that so far liked the cs and that storyline so do it ppl and it also got me that moblyden ingot so i could finally get 80 space even more great =).

We beat the SCNM bc on 2nd try in Beadeux past and WOW i got my ranger hat so nice (even if its ugly lol) will be nice fibble around with my ranger and imma work on merits upgrade and think are some certain more gear also but ranger are mostly complete now also =)

See hmm think was some more OH yeah beat the new quest line Moggle thingy but lol now i got mayour problems cant pick what hat i want and stats lol well i think more about that and really guys last fight are kinda fun more fun than ACP hehe. Which i also helped some friends beat last fight for this week. Seems my luck comes all same week then get me on hold for some time lol well im super happy for this week =)

Thanks all friends and who else made all possible and see you on game alot more go fight ill come join you =)

Oh last but not least i finally got RDM TEMENOS item after wating since my very first limbus run a apollyon on one then got rdm from there like 3+ years ago finally got the set now to get my HAT FINALLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy happy DD

lördag 1 augusti 2009

Surfs Up

New month and new things to do hope get better and some less warmth and yes i need catch up on game rl and so much more and also here on blogger have some half posts that neededs get done and corrected it will come and more after also hehe all in time see you here and and other places ppl have a good rest of summer.