onsdag 23 juli 2008


OH yeah we won another Einhjar very good job ppl =) and we got the first abj. from it Nhead and Akanea was the lucky winner congratulations man =) very cool.
Boss was a pain on but and kicked us around otherwise fight was cool and lol it ONe shotted me (was full buffed) at 1 % life haha guess it done like the nuking :p

Hope we continue the Einhjar this way =) fun fun

fredag 18 juli 2008

100 & ½ Year

Yes found out this will be the post nr 100 wow already and halfyear soon (first post from 21/1) So what happen in a ½ year most are to read in blog but some are this done lvs Bard 74 (maybe 75 later today) nin 69 and going, DRK & Cor 61 and yes i like play them more 60 dancer fun fun 75 would be nice also =)

Got some nice drops from whish list yes Dualist tabard oh yeah got and most surprising adds are Homam Body and Love torque awesome so happy over them and all that helped get me them =) /bow hope you all also get them if you want them =) ill still around help for more.

Might pitch up some extra adds on goals for rest of year and still have some on list shave of hehe well see (maybe ill take my time and start a overall wishlist for game but well see =)

Made some new great friend and collection screeshots might make some fun page or some with them still also under possible to be things.

OH so much and so little time as always hehe.

*HUGS* for all friends =)

torsdag 17 juli 2008


KS99 day finally in versus, Meeting in Jenou and party setup and then randoms darn lol no luck for me but Highlife, Anjanette, myrrial and samurasoldier will be the lucky for the day.
All but Sam want to do the Wyrm so we head all over to windy and Giddeus to get to BC hehe easy done warp me back and run over.
Same tactic as last time DD/tank left feet Mages right feet and first fight goes fine and we get some drops HF get what he want and we lot on rest and i roll a staggering 0 !!! lol was fun but i redeem myself with some 900+ and get me some itmes and dont even lot all after that. Well we on 2nd have some unluck and finally wipe and cant recover >< But Ring3 saves day and donate Anjanette a ORB very nice of you ring =) goes fine and also the one after. btw Akanea manage make a 999 roll also hehe. Best drop for the day are Juggernaut and think HIghlife got it, well grats you who got drops in any case and hope for more soon so i and also rest can pop a orb =)

onsdag 16 juli 2008

Besiged ><

Yes stepped in a besiged again earlier after xp party so was oh well can join as im here and now i remember again why i stopped doing them................

Its just very very laggy and if your on lower job as me cant hit shit nearly.
Getting killed then rr up again and ppl dont care raise you forever.
And finally after 40 min get killed as it ends and dont get anything for the time worth >< no im not gonna besiged in any near future again if nothing are changed. Just leaves a feeling of wasted time.

Like the idea of mobs attack town and all that but if they at least could give us xp if you happen to die at end or well all ppl do as several friends told "i go hid in a corner before end" is that the way they wanted us do besiged??


Yes this are some that i probably should do but i feel its very boring got merit so mostly just do with friends so i can have a good laugh also and other reason are for some jobs not sure what i really should merit i do have some tho like Angon and some other abilities for diffrent jobs.
And i finally capped my first thing "Critical hits"

Got some pointers how proced with blm thats good should ask around on ohter jobs also even tho of course i have a idea how but some pointers do help =)

thanks friend and maybe you wanna merit with me someday =)

tisdag 15 juli 2008


And for Shel and Invy as yo liked them more norwegian jokes =) have fun.

Two Norwegian pilots discuss the possibility to fly to the sun.
- It will probably be to hot.
- No, not at all. Vi fly at night.

Den norska badvakten till sin arbetsgivare:
- Det är ovanligt många trevliga badgäster här idag.
- Hurså?
- Minst sju stycken har vinkat till mig.
The Norwegian lifeguard to his employer:
- Its unusally many nice people here today.
- why you say that.
- at least seven have waved at me.

Why does the Norwegians walk in the middle of the road?
They are afraid of the wildflowers on roads edge.

And a break!!

WOW nice day OMega time after last well not all to good run so we form parties again and setup the ally (im in the sitout party this time also) Hopes run goes better today which it should ^^ fight seems ok from what are told in ls this time instead of the more silence that was last time and oh yes we beat Omega as planned and Head and feet drop oh nice. Get invited and lots on feet and WOW i make a good lot and beat Banderdragon oh shit I WON Homam Gambieras for me ^^ thank you all ppl in verus =) and Yay limbus curse broken and Sea curse before now just to break the sky curse on lots also =) Grats also Corb.. on your head part =)

Assault after and get some points i need and most from Illrusi Atoll that i dont need lol but get another win from there nice 27/50 on wins for way to Captains rank
ann *cough* a little fight like the last on TOAU need be won also.

After i hear they wanna pop some Zeni nm and im think sure can be fun so join to help out as never done any hehe. Its a MOth on Halvung not to hard get to put are a few things on way get it to Zone well after some deaths and some more and me dc we get it to the zone and finally can recover as kallo zone and rezone it nice work man.
All full time for killing oh damn this thing really have ALOTTA hp ill keep up the damage as drg and keep peel of my part of its hp takes us time and Kallo and ring keep zone the babies. And yes get a nice ws in 780 and it decide time payback kitty for it and lol i down me fast and as ring3 said "It hits like a brick" lol well most ppl get some death but Iz stands fast in its way with nice support and we work it down and kills it=)

Drops thunder and Ice grips and 2 Oracle pants nice stuff not seen them before
lots on grips free and as i just saw i won the thunder one will be good for my blm (maybe on smn ill have to check that) Ring3 get one pair of pants nice Grats ring and other are freelot and god damn i have a good lot day (whicha are very very rare)and i win them oh shit, think they will be my smn pants now and at least rest pants for some other mage jobs. But um my smn gonna look funny now.........they dont really fit match><.

Pants nice but uhhh i not sure about the puffy pants look and maybe ill banned as smn for events.... DD kills fashion

fredag 11 juli 2008


Sings some songs and reach 74 oh yes finally and now so close sure Esor and me will reach our 75 soon now as we got 74 today =) then Nin to more work and the bubbling Drk 61 dnc 60 and cor 58. hehe yes call me nuts but i lv what i think are fun =)

Sea was ok no cape drop but will be more times and limbus today *censored* see next time ok will be better.

Time sharpen up on event me and all else id say we can alot better everyone time for some old time teamwork and focus again hehe.

torsdag 10 juli 2008

peeeka bo bo

Hi all friend another day another blogpost hmm cor 58 oh yeah body ^^ and 2 more for 60 and hat now =) hey all friend and a special for my friend shanlle keep it up and your chin it will be ok im sure and you have your friend here no giving up=)

Sea today i think so we will see how that are hehe laters ppl cya on game

onsdag 9 juli 2008


Oh yeah finally rank and get to try a rank 10 assault with count dracula cooool was fun even we lost very very confused kitty lol as tossed into it. Makes copies and transforms ppl wohaaa took me by surprise lol funny tho. Sorry guys for lost i had a nice time tho thank you and hope be albe try more and also win them tell me what to do and ill do what i must at least ill die trying hehe.

tisdag 8 juli 2008

Hacking Sucks

Today my heart goes out for my all good friend Shanelle that got hacked damn suckers that does this so suck. As seems now she can get a Rollback get stuff but will take a month like for Akanea sigh sucked for him also. well hope all can be fixed at least and i get my friend back in shape =) Never forgotten by me and rest of friends and now i hope none more get hacked damnit.
Shan day before just getting most of her Cobra gear and very happy =)

måndag 7 juli 2008

Eventis fantastico

Sunday event day again hehe Dynamis Xar and DL try. OK needed to come blm for the run always fun Not well works and we get some lol drops none really want and also a RDM hat grat Muaythai maybe i can get mine soon =). Warp back and change to whm for DL fight well not the best day and try we had sadly to say we fail and die but thats stuff that can happen better luck next time i guess.

OH damn need food hurry hurry and try before sea and JOL, fail very much makes mess of food kitchen yes food part sucked not even gonna tell more of that here.

Still get to JOL and it goes kinda smooth only die 2 or 3 times and we get full drop very nice Grats Hellz on your Torque and Elfaria on his earring =) finally.
forgot at the moment who got the other and the Halbeard but grats you also of course =)

get my Cor out but oh so hard get parties so wait wait and finally get one lol but take 90 min get last members there and start it, nice good party but im sooooooooooooooooooo tired just have to leave after 30 min or so no idea what i roll or so lol and close to lv also but ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz............

söndag 6 juli 2008

Cor on new adventures again

Well after Drk and dnc to 60 time get the little cor ot and shuffle some cards, fun job but harder then drk to get parties on at least in the 50ties lol.
seeking alot and get some parties most are the same ninja inviting me several time in the weeked no bad ok parties but Crabs really are hard at 51 lol thank god i have dispel as mostly not have any more with it. Cor arent the cheap way to lv lol tho cards bullets and lol the damn dices arent cheap but at least arent that many.

Weekend gettting cor longer up and finally monday reach 56 nice nice 4 more to fullAF by next weekend i hope i can be full Pirate *BAM* *BAM* BANG

Had some more wierd happen in weekend dc and then i get back i cant see 2 party memeber not even target them so strange and well in picture you cant see them as i couldnt :p lol and np target didnt work with keys or party list was insane see mob hi ppl thats not there lol.

lördag 5 juli 2008

more jokes

1. How do you sink a Norwegian submarine?
- You swim down and knock on the door.
How do you sink a Norwegian submarine a second time?
- You swim down and knock on the door, then the Norwegian crew opens and says:
”Haha, we’re not buying that again!”
How do you sink a Swedish submarine?
- You put in a Norwegian crew.

2. A Norwegian, Ola, had just become an astronaut and was going up in the space for the first time. With him he had a monkey.
Control tower: “If there is a red light, the monkey should do
something and if there is a green light, Ola should do something.”
They both nodded.
Red light: “Monkey, start the engine.”
The monkey started the engine without problems.
Red light: “Monkey, initiate launch process.”
So did the monkey.
Red light: “Monkey, release emergency rockets.”
No problems for the monkey.
Ola started to get bored from not doing anything and sighed loudly.
Red light: “Place the shuttle in the correct orbit.”
The monkey carried through the instructions.
“Yes, finally I’m going to do something,” Ola thought.
”Ola, feed the monkey.”

3. How do you know Jesus could not be found in Norway?
- It’s impossible to find three wise men there.

4. A Norwegian was involved in a car accident, and the police came up and asked him: “Who is responsible for this crash?”
The Norwegian: “I don’t know, I was looking in another direction.”

5. What do they call smart people in Norway?
- Tourists!

Norwegians mmmm

Two norwegian cops found a corpse in a Peugeot.
- How you spell to Peugeot?
- No idea. Lets move him to a Ford instead.

- What does it say on the bottom of norwegian swimmingpools?
- No smoking...

- How do you get a onearmed Norwegian to get down from a Flagpole.
- You wave and then he waves back.

- How do you sink a norwegian submarine?
- Swim down and knock on it and they open and ask "Whos there?"

Three Norwegian guys was taking a walk then they found some tracks.
- i think its from a rabbit , said the first.
- i think its from a Elk, said the second.
Before the third got to say some they was run over by the train.

"look there maybe you think its funny also"

Yes we swedes love our Norwegian neighbours

fredag 4 juli 2008

First Lieutenant

Finally got the rank now just Captain someday in future but need get all assaults and last missions on Aht urhgan done one to the stuff lol well oh well will come in time hehe. Finally can try rank 10 assaults even lol heard they are hard will be fun try maybe ill get the wins also some day hehe.

Short Sea yesterday before another Einhjar, this time we got win with feather and in good time before end hehe very well done from what i understand about it was more better tactis done. will be fun see how the others will be and go =) Omega fight again and lol at some point he just have to kill me felt kinda funny consider hadnt done any to him in 5 min lol well shit happens i guess lol. Pants For Myrrial and Crlm beat me to the feets congrats again crlm please give me lot lessions or a fixed dice ok.

torsdag 3 juli 2008

Gears Dead oh yah

So finally beat those damn gear and the blue mage hehe was a pain but with good help and nice tactic it went smooth after a lol kinda messed up first try but im happy and got it done thank you Ring3, Omo and IZ and grats to Jaz and shan =)

Now just to beat the final fight and i have beat Aht Uhrgan also now heard tho last fight are a real pain in the but well guess might take its time but sure get it done finally somday, now i also finally can get my First Lieutnant rank *goes cheek what need be done*

Today helped friend get extra jobs at 30 until my ner went out and i could get my new hooked up works but think are some bugs and speed seem slow well im online and ill sort that out later today or tomorrow or then possible and thanks again friends for the help =)


Dyna drops!!

Hmm yes i do want some dynamis gear, mostly now want to complete a set Drg,Rdm,Rng and Smn are 4/5 and some dynamis xarcabard drops are what i hope for (lol and my first from there) before ends i hope i can store some sets lol can use the space =)

and im a set liking person so guess i want the full set for my main jobs not that some are so in hurry or so and some stuff i want alot more than others but i will not list them more here only just make my first wish again Xar drops hehe ok cya ppl until next time.

onsdag 2 juli 2008

Maintenace again the joy

Lol and again its maintance on our dynamis time again typical but oh well guess not much to do about that hopefully we can get to TOAU 42 mission soon after its done its just so darn hard mission.

Yesterday was sky that was some time since last not much sky nowdays but we got despot down and Zippy and mangeled MG and then go pop item for Ulli and poped him so an all together good run for nms.
Then we killed Genbu and Seriyu very nice and easy fights and some nice drops.

tisdag 1 juli 2008


Half year have went and we pass over to the next half and what i gonna carry to us. Wish we all have a good rest 2008 and im surely gonna work more on goals and complete more even surepass some like drk already 61 and like so much possible it get more play time. I will look over stuff and see what ahead and what more i want to get done =)

Summer sun and FFXI and alot more hope we all have a great time and then pass in house then the more autum and then winter pass on us again =)

See ya all on game and hey you all that happen to read leave a comment i have not even a clue who reads this until told think lol actually more do at times than i realise lol not the thing i think of then writing.

DD out sky time