torsdag 27 november 2008

GOLD pass

Lol time flies already over a years since we got Esor her gold pass to Vhali and now she got some neat stuff hehe =) grats Hun

Her with the Lunar cap =)
And also the Sol cap my personal favorite nice nice
and also the sprout beeret i think name are lol nice anyways =) the latest addition the nice model airship nice dear your mog house are very very nice =)

onsdag 26 november 2008


OH yes and finally after some years of dyna many deaths laters and kills and runs i got my first relic set lol cant really get it myself yet think i need out make a event in it or something first (didnt take it of for hours since first i got it on really really happy for it =)

And yes here i am in full whm relic gear =) really really happy full set and also +5 space so needed that =)

Lost times

As most know i lost net some weeks and finally got back now, and time really didnt stood still so even if i lost time some dear friends had some good luck time =)

Congratulations to the gear earned and things done =)

Esor got her first homam parts =) Congrats to you for all nice done and also for getting your Obow right before i got net back and was able to help you out.Happy for your luck =)

Here she are with the hands congratulations very much cool =)
And finally the Hecta hands she been after so sooo long grats awesome fits nice with body and feets. your Drg gets all buffer ^^

and finally a more show piece i had to sneak in the mog house to get ss of now no one say anything and also notice the fine very well polished Wyrm gear.

Shanelle also did get her first Homam part congratulations on it =) very nice. The sneaky elvaan have avoided me so far for a snapshot of the new gear so no picture yet anyways ill see what i can do still great she got hers =)

Skadi Feet

Oh yes nice got my skadi feet in weekend finally my first salvage gear always feels nice get your first of something hehe and also think i learned it better now even if can make more of it im certain. Lol sure the guy might have some saying about my performance but at least are better at get my cells hehe and do remember alotta runs and tactics by now =) and know my roles mostly rdm brd or drg and had the odd runs as whm and drk hehe. all depends on what jobs really are good in there.

Happy for my feets now to try on ranger and i guess they make most for my upcoming cor (just hit 69) and thf in making (still 52).

Thank you all for help get me it.

And here you have me as ranger trying my new feets out hehe will be nice macro in and out with scout socks. And what you like the fashion shots?

lördag 22 november 2008

OH yes finally will get my first salvage gear

We did salvage last night and i got the final drop for skadi feets =) the 15 so got rest and went to turn them in to get them made so lol bit surprising ill get skadi feets as first salvage gear had never even guessed that then started as i still got there to get ares lol. Happy for the unexpected and not waited thing (hadnt even consider get them ) but luck on drops so nice i got them. NIce feets they are so can make some use of them and lol so funny i always have a tendencie get other gear than i really aim for on the game lol.

Will go collect my feets now all have a great day see you later =)

fredag 21 november 2008


MMM second try at this post last got lost for some reason lol. back again and time for events and other stuff sigh Thúrsdays they sucks i really start think i should not play one them i get so newbie and sucks mess up and all. And day was not fun for alotta ppl many was moody not happy etc and things didnt work out the best all day it had alotta more to give to be good oh well we all lived and its friday so i have faith for a better day i hope lol =).

onsdag 19 november 2008


Back on game again oh yes =) lol lets see what i missed in a week again (lol and also still need tend to rl things that got hold up also by this) see you all friends online yay =) hugs

tisdag 18 november 2008


Progress on the net : Tomorrow after 8 am a technican are gonna come so hope they can fix the problem ( i suspect there modem) well see and hope ill be on later i wish so at least. Dynamis tomorrow night i do hope home or maybe leech some net at friend lol, Cya friends miss ya all.

måndag 17 november 2008

Game visit

Imma try make a game visit before get home hope to catch ppl say hi or if you read here send me a comment or if your on game send me a mess whicever love here from my friends.

söndag 16 november 2008


Yeah tired boring weekend no game no net hmm well seen some movies but lol yeah sucks then you get no choice in that you want or can do. Really pissy wet and now cold weather lol catched a cold (guess why tired) hope for some nice days and ill take some nice walks. Got Mess they are sending a fieldtechnican out so ill have phone on and hope for a call all are fixed who know maybe tomorrow !!! i so hope that oh well hugs for my friend cya later on and hope can get on make more game related things here.

lördag 15 november 2008


Fun are near on get skadi feets even if i started salvage aming for Ares lol but the feets are nice for my cor and might be nice change for some on ranger also need compare with the scout socks, then thf are pending also. still have to see if it will be my all time first salvage part not there yet hehe.

fredag 14 november 2008

DD alive

No net so make a post then pass by place with acces and no update to give on info then i can get back ill just have to see i guess poop well thx you friends that talked to me and so and tell rest ill be back someday lol. Got things can do just boting be forced do others and shit ill be stocked up on other things i needed done on net then away (for some reason cant handle mails then not at home strange).

HUgs you all and hope you get all nice drops from all events.

Ill look about get on for dyna sunday if can get somewhere with net lol.

torsdag 13 november 2008

Dyna and more

Nice got on for dyna at my friend lol we got my not London working pc to connect to net its really a funny one that do as it want i think lol. Xar was taken so Beu today lol got to be brd with like all wrong gear lol well it happends points anyway no drops for me but we got some nice at leas nice nice.

Talked With Esor and ors she have had some bad days and stuff HUGS and ppl send her a hug she needs one. =) Keep the good spirit up think of you even then not on cya as much as i can get on lol and of course rest of you miss the ppl. Net can take all from long to shorter time to get back cant say yet, but at least they work on it. Really are alotta mess with no net and then also the phone as goes on same so makes rl stuff bad also, hope the ppl that are suppoed to call not call this week now all dont have my cell number.

done ranting now cya all thenever. Maybe ill just play some of the games we talked about Kant hehe.

onsdag 12 november 2008


Grrr hope for some luck on my net tomorrow or at lest get to know whats wrong if my modem are dead or what ill try update info here or tell somone if possible. hugs my friends cya soon call me you who can if you want.

tisdag 11 november 2008

No Internet

Ok my net died yesterday no clue why yet but working on it just now visit a friend (Spikerot) and get on just to write some so you know what happend hope rest of assaults was ok and salvage also. see you as soon i can ppl =)

måndag 10 november 2008

Kitty fight

Byakko finally again, we did sky and started with get Ulli for pop item smooth Ulli and we head for byakko and lol i have to get whm shocker lol well are ok, just realised had get flare on for gear lol takes a few but get all and get there iz wating nicely to get me passed gate thx Iz.


First low manded fight wents very very smooth we dont get anyone killed and tanks are doing very very great =) easy to say we kill with no trouble =)
drops Axe dpantsx2 and sadly Omo has to make ppl get them me and cob (prolly will have some use later one) Lguapo gets Axe i can go for that some other day for my drk seems be a nice GA (need get a nice in case i need or for then if i lv war).

Me and shanelle are on lots for haidate btw.

Next fights are a bit more messy but mostly are some tanks and jess that gets some deaths and we hold the fight togheter nicely and all does great triple attack and the claw back to back are what makes the ppl drop, we win boths with more ease that some might think during battle. Cant see was any real big danger all the time so grats on showing a great teamwork ppl.

NO haidate (but will be more fight) we made a great fight and that was the biggest win over all so. We get 2 Nhands and more Dpants and so also think hmm Illi and rael might got the hands correct me if wrong now.
Was a really fun sky say and nice morale boost.

Salvage some later we have some wati but it get going and we are 8 ppl im drg yes i get to hit things (lol get all gear but weapon first) get one evetually tho its just how it works lol. Im spooning and have forget prism (had tonko things><) well it goes well and we kick as and umm get some asses kicked opps but we get all fixed damn Celestria really get the bard mangeled alot ><. we get shafted on the hm cell but we get to boss fight so we low man it and kick its as hehe drops 2 things and one are skadi 25 feet parts i get as i have 35 and now realise i might lol get those feets as my first ever completed thing from salvage.


they xp after but after all event i need a little break (had dyna also before sky)

söndag 9 november 2008

Weekend Dancer time

Dancer finally even if all took me very long time but now im finally on it again and reached 72. Saturday my free day so need this from all events and stuff and helping etc some me or with friends time =) hehe well rl cut today shorter but well are how it goes and same one 2 last saturdays lol well are more weeks next will be lvling more more hehe. Dancer 75 can i have it? Its a great job and now i want to get it 75 finally and if get chance try it for events and stuff like that and see how it works end game hehe. NOw realise i so missed get some ss today booooo but was a kinda lol bad party day no party was ok more was the thing about ppl leave replace and then i get passed lead lol. was afk so missed invite rdm with was ok but rdm was afk so had to wait lol.

Then rdm have no map ok ill get rdm, rdm miss sneak die halfway lol no rr i get back to get whm to raise (in meantime they get rdm raise and kinda forget tell me) lol well i get there none to raise so get back lol. Pass lead as they wanna start and sync sure np i do, i get there and lol for some reason i had lead passed back at some point and they not had synched so one memeber are upset and leaves as all take long.

Drk dc and i get some more ppl, which in short i have to go fetch and get to party camp lol all and all after 2 hrs we are finally ready kill again lol. more things happen and so on but i get lv and now its late so i leave. Lol dont you hate then you get stuck in those parties there shit just happen and your like damn and your just that close to lv.

Well most ppl was nice and i got lv but feel i could have had it somewhat more producitve my only free day. Dancer 72 todays goal so are pleased and happy anyways.

Thanks Esor shan and jaz for the suppport tho saved my evening =)

lördag 8 november 2008

Nightmare before Christmas

So not FF but fun so Add some pics of my newest DVD box ehh thing taking thing needed batteries even lol well love that movie and my preordered box poped up today fun fun so you like it or you love some else movie?

fredag 7 november 2008

ok another one

thursdays i dont know why i mess up more on them and are more of game but i are even if was alotta better yesterday i at least improve and dont mess to much soon i be normal who knows scary lol.

Lets see we did Zenis yesterday and i was last due to late food due to rl much lol it really interfer with game alot maybe thats sorta a good thing tho lol. well at least got me a new chair for pc yesterday helps alot now i can ist here more or should i lol. lol lol many lols today lmao. Ok imma stop just laugh all time.

For you that wonder hand still hurts but it better and its treated somewhat so should be good.

Oh yes on zenis we killed some yesterday but they are cheap on drops the bastards and we had a clash with Nosferatu we did very well mostly even if we lost in end sorry Iz, we get back to him and kick its butt next time toooooo the barricades. OK me silly i know.
Ring feeds the monster a bomb!!!

Salvage orz head locked bettween my knees runs after wrong person its hurts dead bam bam lol sorry guys hope that not messed up the run might have been tired or was the fact it was thursday syndrome, PILLS can i have it? or an exorcism Boooga booooga.

Merits as bard long time not bad get warm in singing and my macros seems work for that nice and bard 10k from capp just have to get it capped and then also Drk. DRK do you need it? xp yes please!

will come more about me game life and whatnot as last weeks had me thinking about stuff and so on love you friends.

torsdag 6 november 2008


Yes need get some so finally listed the most wanted for me yesterday hehe its some so guess start with some and see what i get lol.

I got 83 merits now but need some more lol and guess i could spend all next year get just that lol.

Heres the general plan.

Hp 2 Mp 6 (3)

Attributes str 5 (1)

Magic Elemental magic 8 (1) Enfeebling Magic 8

Combat Archery 8 Polearm 8 (3) Sword 4

Other Crit hits 4 (4) Done Spell interrupt 4

WHM Cure cast time 5 Regen 5
Devotion 1
Martyr 1
ProtectV 3
ShellV 5

Blm Ice magic 5 (1) Lightning Magic 5 (1)
All AM2 got all lv 1

Rdm Convert 5
Dia 3 1
Slow2 3
Paralyse2 3 (1)
Blind2 1
Bio3 1 (1)
Phalanx2 1 (1)

Pld Sentinel 5 Rampart 5
Fealty 2
Chivalry 5
Guardian 2
Iron Will 1

Drk Last resort effect 5 Souleater or Last resort recast 5
Desperate Blow 3 (1)
Dark seal 1
Diabolic Eye 5
Muted Soul 1

Bard Madrigal 5 Minuet 5
Nightingale 5 Troubadour 5

Ranger Rapid shot 5 Sharpspot 5
Snapshot 5
Flashy shot 1 (1) Done
Stealty Shot 3
Recycle 1

Dragoon HIgh jump 5 Super Jump 5
Angon 5
Empathy 4
Deepbreathing 1

Summoner Avatar Phys Acc 5 Avatar Phys att 5
Get all extra Bps

Maybe add some on ninja and then cor and dancer getting close but umm think i have to keep me busy some days

onsdag 5 november 2008


Hmm one of those days wakes up tired Yawn makes dyna without fall asleep wow no clue why kinda feel i dont wake up today well bed was nice and guess would be stone dead asleep if i lay down on it hope im not getting sick. its enough i hurt my thumb and it hurts use it very annoying push the buttons .

Miss some friend seems some been missing lately and som not no much guess are that time of year well and i seem get stuck do much of nothing on game still have some i want done before xmas/new year.

Dancer 75
Pup 40
Blue 50
Beat Alexander fight and complete TOAU
Get my first relic set ( i was soooooooooo close )
Get Byakkos Haidate or Nbody

that would make good end for year i think

tisdag 4 november 2008

Jess and the sig

Yes Jess was nice and try make me a sig hes still making some on it but i made a nice one already we see if will be the final version. thank you Jess awesome you wanna do all that job =)

måndag 3 november 2008

sky.... stairways to heaven

Ok just needed a title and no steps up there but are kinda heaven like but had its deadly twists if you not watch your steps lol. Well finally for me at least as missed last one we are up in sky lol i just seems to like it up there the area are pretty and its back top the roots i guess as was some of my first endgame things 4-5 years ago lol time flies not even sure then done that first.
And here we see Ring make the new popular new ls game sky hurdels using ls members as obstacles, and im doing my duty as one for the fun! raise can i have it?

Well we made from poor to excellent yesterday we kinda messed around had some deaths on genbu even if we was not close to a fail at all it just was a not very top fight but after we farmed diorite and got then we kicked seriys but royaly with no rng and SH just straight tanked 2hr and all good job kick as tanks and mages and rest also was a text book case and felt really good after =) as our best then all work as they should =) now hope we can go kick that kitty again was long time since and the lonly manticora needs some company again hehe.

Sunday was long as had dyna before sky and then salvage after and now i at least made alot better just the more minor mistakes and had no pc crash aga and not to jinx i now but it have worked since i openend it cleand dust and reconnect most cables inside it mostly the SATA cables and now day after game and pc still runs no hick ups i hope i just hit that bad connecet cable and its all good now lets hope holds thumbs it already had me lose relic last week so.

Thank you omo and ring3 and rest have patience with me and the somewhat sloppy minded mithra in salvage last runs.

söndag 2 november 2008

DD and the jobs

Me and i see now missed add Nanaja to the pic but she are my trusted Wyvern always with me on my Dragoon adventures. Love the job and been very much my foremost DD hands on SMACK SMACK, jump jump killllllllllllllllllllllll!!!!
Me as rdm pimp hat and all going for relic hat and well also love get the darn +1 AF hat but the rdm drops in temenons are scares lol rdm item from apployon was first i got in my first ever limbus run years ago now get the other part for hat ^^
Bard yes singing and playing for salvages mostly and should capp the jobs hey friends maybe some wanna merit someday get me all capped yiha.
Summoner one of my favorites and soon i should also get to duo with shan or trio or more if some more friends wanna rip some mobs appart.
White mage oh yes never died as much as then lvling whm and still lol everytime i get asked come raise i keep die twice silly i know but at least i learned get rr3 on last time i died in Yohatar jungle at 75 yes shouldnt happen i know but my whm have some death curse lol.
Dark knight the latest 75 and still need cap its very fun and i need get back play it more and also work more on my Zerg gear thats fun in dyna well see what happens hehe.
Corsair one of my pending 75 doing static with Mua and wolf very very fun i love the job and AF looks awesome will be so nice get 75 and also catch some relics hehe. try it guys are fun fun be pirate!!!
Paladin my old workhorse tank and still end game new especially as pld/nin i need training on that but dynamis was fun as pld main tanking lol.
Dancer yes a job i really like was very cool new job from SE was surprised how fun and usefull it are got hooked get it 37 so here i am nearly 72 and yes it will get 75 really enojoy it much =)
My loved ranger yes ranged jobs i so loved since started rpg so was my first 75 meele kind of job just loves it and cant wait to get back to later and maybe a job i want a relic weapon for but need the gil for others just now so just take out at time but ranger DD will get back be so sure =)
Ninja hehe had alotta nice time as ninja and im at least decent not great but i usally manage and have fun even if should prolly try get more on it and keep train and lol yes need get more better on end game on it fun job and im very happy for my koga body now =)
Black Mage yes my first ever 75 done so much get so much over to much so tired of tried take break forced back been to much but managed get of some now feels better again gained some new like novio and yes blm are combacking just dont stress me on it i really wanna find the fun blm ways again,i will just need soem breaks at times (do have other jobs also so pains get to much blm at times)

lördag 1 november 2008

Halloween /All helgons dag

Yeah we have out diffrent day dont matter as long ppl have fun anyways =)
Been a hard week get back on game wow sucky much idk why stuff been like it been none i can blame so dont worry its just alotta stuff and all adds up and makes bad October month even more worse. could list im sure 100+ bad things here and not kidding but not gonna do that just lets us try make november better cant be to hard and should it get worse ...... dont really think can but then i i just then i not sure what i imma do......

ON forward with happy mod and hearts join me here friends give support lets us make it all fun and joy now =) (looking froglike are always funny even as annoying then it happens)
*HUGS from DD* and hope to here some nice back from friends and some else will be nice feel free send me a tell on Odin say some nice =)