lördag 27 februari 2010

Deepstar Six

Opps yeah had a very bad personal night at salvage just come some steps after all night dang guess that kind of day tho><

At least took time check what i need and want (more than get all parts for all sets lol not gonna happen) be happy if even afford one more body hehe.

Oh well to them i need for make the things close are.

First 35s in order of want :

Deimos's Leggings *
Freyas Trousers *
Deimos's Gauntlets
Hikazu Gote *
Enlil's Crakcows *
Macha's Slops *

25s i want

Tsukikazu Haidate *
Phobos's Gauntlets
Ea's Brais *

* part will complete a gear for me to make it =) and i would get 13 space back also =)

Dont worry guys i know some ppl have prios before me just listed the close ones and be happy get some made, lol and frankly would free up space also so win win for me =)

torsdag 25 februari 2010

Old School

My 2nd sky shell my friend (Fragdoll) made and recruited me for, we had loads of fun and there i learned most of sky hehe and alotta more. Do remember all the OLd school fights and so, it have changed alotta nowdays and no more silly for hours ULLI campings etc wow that so sucked back then. Sky have had some changes and game since we started there. Also remember bump into Omo ring and rest of versus at the times there always on good terms cant say same about alotta of other sky shells at that time.

And the all fun wipes at BB, yeah lol we missed tell new thf how its killed and it got a bit bad we did get it after tho so was no harm.

Fucking Åmål

PPL get to Anal about spelling and dont even consider it can be a typo (the one in question i miss then read it so yes as much my fault as not see and correct).

And hmm since then all ppl spell all words ingame correct most of them have strange spelling at least for me and dont correnspond to my native or the english i learned.
Homam, Hecatomb, Shura, Aurum, Enkidu, Koeing, etc not the things that are taken as easy spelled here lol i misspelled some first again and yes did check and correct (hope didnt miss any wrong as can use any spelling program to check if them are right). Hmm actually be nice i could have them in spelling program for correct spelling, do that work in some way maybe? can anyone tell me would save so much time write things =).

What upset me was ppl generally keep up the issue on non english ppl, not first time happen me or many other heard it all years and was what i didnt think was the point of things.

Didnt take up other things as if ppl think yes or no are there opinion and imma not be on them change it just because i think yes. If they say no its fine its there decision.

Note also: ppl do wonder why take time get macros done and yeah its all the hecta homam words that tend be hard spell on gears and then macros dont works so yes a fight get the spelling right, takes time but after some it be right.

Posted it here btw as lol it got way to silly at least for me over the little part i took up and was more a general game thing, and i get tired see it pop up in all places (and that place to).

tisdag 23 februari 2010

Död Snö

OH damn snowstorm for days and now snowed in yes really and door have frozen up cant even get outside now. Working on wolve that problem to get out at least have some food and its warm and internet works. Its chaos in rest of country also to get all snow of roads and tracks big delays so guess not all bad i cant get out and try take me to capitol for meeting lol. No picture on door yet from outside as cant get out lol.

Opps cellar windows kinda got covered up.

måndag 22 februari 2010


And it comes up again !!!

You spelled or talk english wrong you suck, yes i know and guess we that arent born with english arent as good ppl and shouldnt bother use it as we will never please the english ppl or we will never be as good. We spell bad have dumb habits come from strange places and prolly are terrorists as we do sounds strange talking it. To be honest also never remember get this from british ppl mostly always are NA and usally amercains, well i cant explain i guess to them it might no ever be possible master english so much and get all accent of.

Its really tiresome explain we do talk swedish and write english in sweden and its our first langauge and then ppl dont seems to get that in the end also. I heard the same from ppl in other none english natural countries.

I do have alotta NA friends and other ppl from other countries and like them most ppl over there are just regular ppl even if so many here think bad of US alotta.
They are loud abnoxoius and dumb and its there fault we have so much terrorists and micrsoft that ruins everything and so it goes one. They cant see its just ppl that lives in US also not just warmongers and assholes as they think. But i guess ppl just like be mean and try put other ppl down, i dont like it would been nice if we can be friends and live in peace but yes that seems like a impossible task.
At least some ppl here see US less as the big bad devil now as you got the new president and not the one that was more taken as a big dumb as and laughed at and your nation with it.

I still like see and talk to my friend NA african asian or wherever they may be from.
Hugs to all my friends i bet you know who you are.

Ill try make my best not bother ppl with bad english and stuff and guess talk with them that more care being friends than how i spell wrong at times.

Maybe you all can learn swedish then ?

And lol post also may look even more funny as dced middle of it and lost the better half but tried write about the same again.

Question at end. Why are its so bad we dont talk perfect english and make spelling errors?

torsdag 18 februari 2010


Some more pics of ppl found some of the little guys Mdem hes been around alotta with me it seems lol haha funny taru man. And more on cogila and rivkkah also there.

What lies beneath

Been in BBQ some time now and also got of my trial period and become full member.

Done most mobs but still some to cath and some more things to learn even if have a good idea about much now.

Made some new friends in ls also as most ppl are very nice and happy for that, most events are fun lol even as can get sleepy at some night times.
Damn nms keep going all around the day and night lol screws up any sleeping haha.

Working on some jobs like PLD more again as being asked come so fixing up on things like fire resist set and so does my friend Lucella that also working on mages.
Got most for my drk zerg set now also and worked fine last DL with my new stuff and merc kris.Hope come that for some in BBQ a day also.

Some other jobs get gear here and there and some updates like Sam usu feet, ranger Hope torque, Drg and more ares legs finally! more oracles for my mages rest set.
Pretty much im getting better and stronger all over and hopefully more skilled at the new nms i doing =). Might not be super on tanking but i try listen and learn them and not tanked any of them more than once except Fafnir that i tanked twice lol. DI was intresting but yeah are room for much improvement, Tia more for fire resist and some better gear macros for better hate holding and it be good.

Having fun do more stuff with my friends that was in BBQ alreayd like Cogila, Pot, Lg, Riv, ice and some more. Also bummed in to a bunch from my old first sky ls that did some HNM nice to see you again Guyvan (Frantic) Yinx, Zorlin, Hect, Jokk. And then new ppl Like Emma Meoww Jax sid Kia and more getting to know more of most of you as i go and i know not all named here but not forgot the bunch. This week also learned im half the swedish population as Zakath are in shell, not meet him before well not at least had no clue he was swedish lol.

Let see if get to try Vrtra to the weekend id really like some revenge on that Wyrm hehe.

måndag 15 februari 2010


Sunday the 14 februari the worst day this year and most sucky day in a long time 16 deaths, new dynamis record are hundreds of runs for 5 + year 9 death for me and also Lucella 10, and well much else wasnt to good. Not even gonna say more on DI than ><.

Day started crap game rl and all else and keep go shitty wont even wanna type more bad its just enough, was so bad and felt so bad all day dont remember then i felt that bad so all day and still does sigh.

Hope you All had a good day i had a HELL DAY !!!

lördag 13 februari 2010

Fight Club

There you got him good old frantic in hume styel Guyvan. Who think he turn taru later?

Yes we tried Vrta back then and sure you see some ppl you remember or that are around still i remember we had a fun day even if we wasnt to lucky in end lol.

My first day in my first sky shell and lol they do kirrin the poor newb DD have no ide what are wating =). Was a fun day but yeah prolly are easier ways make sky debute. If you look you can see Zorlin, Jokkil, Yinx, Hectorious was in same ls then lol was way back and now with them again reunion in BBQ.