fredag 31 oktober 2008

Salvage me from salvage

Pooooooooo on me god i had such a of day and sorta game also i think sea was slow start dc linkgs etc then nothing really gained just was meh and well limbus we got full booked and we just then finally ended up cancel that.

Salvage yes well i got a bad start my camera angel kept move all over and took me 5 min like before i manage to get it stay still not sure why it kept mess me up>< tried mouse and more sigh, so yeah i got bad start and felt all run after that tryhing make the catch up game so damn sorry guys kept miss cells pass mistake and poo the damn rr mistake sucked and lol didnt land 95% of the damn debuffs and really sucked veryu bad i did damnit had the thursdays like that. Still grats on Q for another part nice at least some good.

Still working on my Head and pants to get itmes to make my first ares part someday i will get a done salvage gear part i hope lol not wanna get dynamis stuck here now >< lol just a but of after a day of mostly annoying and things going wrong on game all day >< OH yes totally spoony day by me ><

Hopes for a better tomorrow cya all friends have a better day than me

onsdag 29 oktober 2008

To do Dynamis, or not to do dynamis....

........ yes cant even figure out how to start this post. it just sucks very much.
Especially as i was so so so happy finally reached the goal after 4 years and 2 on some thing, finally ranger body drops and im on run missed both 2 last year as i had to do some else those 2 days >< and drop and then i was dumb this year and changed my bid one time and it dropped its just idk sucky. NOw it drops and i lot and its mine i think and finally my first relic set ever...... but no then its about to drop pc frezze and i dc of that and pc crash and it poles of course......

Still a game but some times you tried so long and hard you just want that little back and i got robbed on that way its just not even lose to some that also need or so it just was more a waste not sure the person that got even play ranger now.....

Empty feeling and sorry friend for feeling emo, guess i have my moment over this just i was really happy finally and then ....... nothing><

so why even do dynamis long tedious drops still sucks and well for me Xar are more than hard took me 4 years get first drop and still that not made me a maybe should just be more stop it and toss some for space idk just now that feel more better after this (its more than unluck as over 4 years i should have got some more just by chance ><). and yes kan i did go sit in the corner...

Real life at least London was great and Kantele made me have a great time game or not it just was very fun and i enjoyed my time alot thank you for have me over and show me around and everything else /bow, would do again in a heartbeat!!!
Also thank you vaulade and Omoikitte for the days there was great meet you also.
And now i miss the week even more and wish had still been more fun but do hope make a revisit i so see you and the town have so much more to give and hopefully i can give you some more also =). pst your always welcome here i can hmm sure offer hmm yes some candy and food.End post with a picture from the fun day with kantele in london happy sunny day so great how to end this post a day to remember.


More Zenis and beat my marid yesterday so are on tier 3s now very very cool and blogging will get back on track and screenshots just need settle at home and all that also lol been alotta things being away and some need be done at home.

Also need make the event some more was some itmes to pick up and some more think i got like 2 days right?

lol time flies cya guys and girls later *hugs*

Thank you Jess

Thank you Jess like the blog sig you made was a total surprise hehe and very cool thing just find hope more ppl like it =)

Speak your mind do you like the sig Jess made for me?

IM back

Back from London meeting kantele Vaulade and Omoikitte was alotta fun hehe nice be back here now to see whats up on game after a weeks break lol

tisdag 21 oktober 2008

Linkshells friend and all else

Its a fun game and linkshells are fun and all the good friends, still this present problems event shells are of course for events and you get there then its events and its a + with good friends made alotta in versus.

Social and friends lses yes this just are hard i have my main i nad long time and most of my long time friends are there or at least have a pearl (talkin friends over 4 game years and so now) then i have some newer with alotta nice friends also wish have more time be there also some im happy have on event ls also.

So please know i dont stay away try avoid or something i just lol have hard time stay everywhere wish could use all ls at once (except all confusion that would make)like then im on TS and vent at same time lol.

Then the fact my flist keeps get 200 ppl on it means i might not have time say hi everyday to everyone im sorry if anyone now felt like i forgot them i havent i just usally wave thenever i see friends or then time over send tells alotta just very random then time over, yes yes i know i so get super busy alot. (worst are then i talk with swedish friends and english its goes wow very bad swenglish all over if no pay attention).

Love you all friends =)

måndag 20 oktober 2008

Crazy sunday

WOW that was a crazy sunday so much that could get wrong did and then some more all you who was there know its was just nuts then again we manged get some nic things done Congrats IZ on organics and hugs for shan sorry for your nm >< we get a new and make new try we sure gotta be able to kill i want revenge death to the clot.

Anyways are packing and making me ready get to london tehe.

söndag 19 oktober 2008

My cat is no more......

Lost my cat today hope she are in a better place i will miss my cat alot and not sure what more to write just had to say something ; ;

lördag 18 oktober 2008

One year

Today are my one year in versus if i just remember right lol i bet omo will tell me if im wrong hehe. Made alott new friends even if was slow first get in sorta lol tight group and maybe the new swede stranger kitty are diffrent lol and we have tail shortage in the last soooooooo many elvans and humes.

OH well had a good year joining the sky shell even i still not got any of that i joined for lol im kinda so bad get what i aim for (got a few other things )

Also turned out i got a sea shell later on and there i been more lucky get my love torque love halbeard and Justice sword hehe and oHH yes the Novio earring very nice. thank you sea ppl. and for first time ever i outlotted some ppl on items i want go me that was years biggest shocker.

And also finally made me a nice limbus shell and there i got me most of homam set and my narsh gloves and also at 2 times outlotted ppl whoooooa now to get Iz his pants so me and rest can get theres.

and all the rest of funny events we been doing.

thank you Omo ring3 jess nf Crlm ash pot Iz invy Illi esor shan and all and everyone sorry i dont mean forgot anyone if your not named just wrote some thanks are as much for you all for making my time

NEW GOAL next get me some of the 2 things i original joined for lol i do feel like iz now lol hey buddy feel for you and the pants probs

fredag 17 oktober 2008

Drama October? and more

OK this month seems been alotta worse than most drama in every corner on server some for me some for friends soem for friends friends and more seems be everywhere wow its just like all got hit and the colder darker time of year hit us all and made a gloomy part on game well hope we all can get out of it.

With that i wanna say dont forget why you play like me i do play to have fun and also get a away from the hard facts in life do some else be happier not have to worry about shit and hopefully find some friends talk nice and have a good time with.
So time for us come around and make the rest of year better and yes i mean you and you and also you and of course me lets hug up and try have fun its all whats it about (at least for me) *HUGS for everyone*

and Keep it up you new ppl its really nice see some beginners on game and your worth as much as us Artifacts on game lol

torsdag 16 oktober 2008


And finally samurai reached its 50 goal.

I think i wanna try it more as its fun but first i gotta get me some items if i gonna do that.

Like complete the AF set (always do that at 50 on jobs)

Get the sam subligar for the 50 body

get the matching pants for that

And get me a soboro then i be rdy take sam on the road again =)

Until then it are thf and of course Dancer and cor static and the hundreds more of things i need should do or just do.

THF coffer

And here i am trying get my coffers as thf ouch demons are meand but im a shit so kinda should end like this anyways><

2 hrs ish later coffer finally but pops mimic with skeleton key and i get killed

and then friend get killed also.............

ok im shit ty you for trying and i kill you

2nd day no AF or keys

Well and then tried party my dancer that went to crap also >< day bad bad bad >< one of the worst for long

tisdag 14 oktober 2008

Wise and good friends

Todays post goes to Izman. Thank you Iz for lending me the Wise strap and then giving it to me /bow its really cool and seems help my blm alot =) and all might have noticed my blm have coming out more again. Was at least seemi of it sometimes made me want to try more again and some new itmes and macros now made it more fun again hehe BLAM BLAM. (now i need some more blm partners in sky etc shan and me duo are cool but a party of blm and we can be even more efficent).

And thanks again Iz =) Best Iz pic i found for the crowd at the moment

måndag 13 oktober 2008


Yes should get some more friends on ss and post here hehe just ask me and ill run with you get some nice ones hehe always fun =) so who will be next for the photoshot?

and some days ago we did some KS which im kinda lucky as and got me some nice drop thank you friends and it was fun also =)

söndag 12 oktober 2008

Me and Kantele

Here me and my friend kantele out in the snow meow.
Umm ohh Kantele think you made a new friend there !!!!!

lördag 11 oktober 2008

Thief AF

So started thf AF and done weapon and now also the first one just have to get my first piece from the npc now ^^ was easy to solo just some annoying'
gamblin hehe well hands are started and soon next quest also =)

fredag 10 oktober 2008


Per request here it comes a swedish keyboard so you can see the diffrence enjoy hehe


Back again after sleepy day imma stumble on and see whats afoot some af weapon for sam made as blm bait nm killing and all and now over on ninja and try Thf nms heeh.

Sorry Ehrinn we try beat Diabolos again dang was close well next try =)

torsdag 9 oktober 2008


OMG finally my first ever drop in Dynamis Xarcabard =) and i also won lot on first time win lot on itme i want in dynamis and this are over 4 years =) happy happy happy wow wow made it and its a great hand weak lol Clerics Mitts (and also got homam hands a few days ago). dances finally my turn lol wheeeeeeeeee curse broken now go get more drops there and also complete some of my 7 4/5 relics sets hehe.
Thank you all ppl that helped me have it happen and thanks for all grats i got so many many tells lol and hes happy happy feeling =)Bow for all great friends and all nice words and cheering on over the years i know been gloomy at times and ty SE for the better drop rate finally i get something =)<3<3<3

onsdag 8 oktober 2008


Darn me be a spoon as omo say lol well had a moment but all good now was a stressful day yesterday and ppl was strange and day was strange. Cool you who got your zenis done hope you en joy your itmes big grats =) Also went made more zenis with Esor thank you hun now got my first pop item =)

tisdag 7 oktober 2008

Luck or not.

My lottings start get notorious bad mostly lol
Here are sum for last weeks lost lotting on Cor relic hat, Abyss Gauntlets, Wyrm belt x2 (lol did get 2nd as winner passed it to me) Merciful cape. and also Scout body eludes me still lol

But but finally yesterday i hit it won lot against 3 ppl on homam hands seems limbus are a place i do have had some luck in ^^ yay very happy for the hands even if got a bit scary then my party was disbanded and i had get new invite relot and then dc after but i did get them. THANK YOU ALL IN VERSUS =) Sorry Coborn was my turn yesterday but you got me out of the way now and imma lol be stuck behind Iz for pants again (think i am on ares pants also) god hope Iz has byakkos haidate at least (think he does)
As need some pants i do lack in that gear section a lot homam legs, Ares Legs, Byakkos haidate are the first on list.

Dynamis Valkrum

New try in dynamis val and this time we make a perfect teamwork take down bosses and then also Mega boss and nearly all ppl manage to stay alive (think none died on megaboss very very smooth fight) . So congrats you all that needed the win and then all you that got drops as we had lots as last bubu hehe finally dreamlands do drop afs ^^.
Not the best SS but i did get terrorised in that move.

måndag 6 oktober 2008


ONe of my latest project are thf reached 47 today and also got me my AF weapon 50 soon i do hope and make me the AF =)

Fomor Jess

OK this kinda disturbing thing Yes turned to the Darkside under our nm raid just look.

söndag 5 oktober 2008


Productive day got mnk 37-40 sam 38-45 with Bib kant and more friends just a day of fun fun lvling with friends and easy lvs and bib got sam 11-29 well done bib.

Sunday cor again reach 67 and closing 68 ^^ . Dyna Val win again for ls and nice nice amount on drops then farming and lol didnt get my Drk killed gotta say was close tho ty friends for the saves =)

lördag 4 oktober 2008


MNK time with Bibs sam hehe down to dunes mass killing mob hehe we catch lvs and ppl on the way kantele and we get many lvs to 19 from 11 for bib and then of to Qufim there more friends joins in and i change my now 40 mnk for my sam lets see how we can do hehe

fredag 3 oktober 2008

Aww damn crap

Orz dc during limbus and then no net that sucked for me hope all went ok and missed salvage ; ; pohhh crappy bet we did one with nice drop chance oh well had no way get back and finally i did in morning kinda to late tho well hope you got some nice things bugger i missed my Ancient beastcoins bummer. tired so tired guess should have slept instead try get net back but oh well thought be done soon.

well hope see you all this nigth some assault and if i not all missinformed salvage ill try nap before now and i sure will see the alarm not wanna oversleep again and thursdays arent my day but now its Friday =)

torsdag 2 oktober 2008


Oh yes 71 dancer thank you Cassima and Rivkkah =) awesome party time with my good old friends =) and nice Tigga joined more new nice friends.

Still going later now with Bib Andi and Molo and we also had OMo here for some time =) thanks friends on to 75 maybe next week.

Oh yes and dynamis Bubu did bring me a Wyrm belt and Esor also congrats hun =)

onsdag 1 oktober 2008


hmm looking at my lvling goals and see i still have some not made
lv 50 thf current 45
lv 50 blu current 38
lv 40 sam current 38
lv 40 Pup current 37

3 months to go should at least knock most of or all hehe exceded goals on some jobs lol drk got 75 just by speed and fun and dancer are still going and cor got nice static will be intresting see what years end will have for me =)

Wasent on goals but made some new real special and cool friends this year think some of you know who i mean hehe. Im greatful to the new and of course all the old ones <3 you all=)


New rdm october fashion or maybe more just some dats friend gave me and i tried out.


random started month with get my plants inside winter are coming and it rains like hell today so preparing lol.
Now the green jungle are in the house

BIGGEST Grats to Esor 75 Ranger finally awesome now time go arrow burn Meow. Now need a 75 picture of you in the full glory.