tisdag 15 april 2008

Sing sing and more

So what else are new hmm, yes me and Esor started blue and bard again finally =) 66 in weekend and 67 at end of it well with some bit of help doing campaign that really helps the you get some k short of lv and not can party or so. Thanks Riv and Cass for a fine party was fun fun with friends and sch are really cool in party.

Home sick so little more time (not feeling well and tired tho) so are on and do some small things and pass the Limbus time monday Omega run again rawr kill kill.
Yay im set for the body =) not drop this run tho but will come more and we do run nice and gets some gunpods and more itmes and ohh yes i get a blm item nice just need the other thingy now just hope for runs coming then =)

Hecatcomb Feets

YAY finally got my first gear drop in versus, i was only on Nfeet sunday and they dropped =) after i got some real personal burning from suzaku lol. Just of sky after and catch me the cursed Leggings to make them =)
Here they are thank you all ppl in versus shell =) and all good luck for everyone on there gear cya in sky/sea/limbus and other places =)

Happy Mithra /em wiggles tail

Now to work on my macros for my new gear hehe

fredag 11 april 2008


Also started campaign more again and then mostly as ninja its not to bad for not being 75 and ninja are going up also 75 this year for sure just not feeling like to tank in party at the moment but ill get around to that or lol some friends catch for party hehe.

RDM team for the win on campaign and shanny as honury Mithra!

Ohh yes also got on the joy trying our dancer more lv 40 and AF weapons recent dancees away more more and more will come and cor are standing in wating around the corner.

Mostly got FF time cut back a bit as just got me a short time work money are nice less FFXi cant help that mostly be hard get on late event but ill work some out and come see you at times lol still want to get some item from versus finally so im not out of loop and say hi or tell me thenever always nive here from you ppl do miss you =) and maybe some miss the nuttty kitty meow.

Drk or the path on the dark side?

Finished my sub jobs 37 all so took up my little Drk to slice and dice (mostly smacked with GS so far tho lol) Thanks Tohamne on the gear guide helpful and i recent made lv 50 and did make the AF quest full set on it now and rdy take on more lvs after a break and also thanks Jess for the assisst on DS, Drk are fun im sure gonna lv more 60 at least as in goals but also see i might geet 75 faster then thought un fun as always.

Anniversary !!!!

As some might read had our marriage anniversary =) as we got married on St Patricks Day last year. Thank you dear for a wonderful day and ill post some pics i took from the time we spent that day =) And also thanks for your post and sorry mine are terrible late <3 you dear.