onsdag 31 december 2008

Happy New Year

Thank all you that been here all year my friends and the new i got time pass to next year 2009 in some hours have a great one and see you here and on game at 2009 =)

Hugs and best wishes for you all to next year =)

Happy happy new year =)

ps: means also i blogged here soon a year also hehe thanks for come have a look you that did

torsdag 25 december 2008

Merry Christmas / God Jul

To all of you from me have a great xmas and see you soon again =)

I got my game present a week ago on Dynamis Xar i finally got my Scout Jerkin and this time i didnt dc and made aup for miss it a month ago =) happy happy and Scout set done. last run for the year also hehe.

Even got Bard Cannions after we beat Dl and got that set dont yes yes 10 more space for me =) such a great run happy happy finally i cash out some luck from all the work i done there hehe. Thank you all =)

Sweden had the big christmas things yesterday the 24th but know most of you rest have today so have a great great day i wish you all hugs =)(tell me later how it was ok =))

new things on game maze monger havent get to try yet hehe well sure wil finally, Jenou to whitegate port person that works fine hehe payed finally of make that quest years ago lol.

Ohter things yes got my war 50 finally lol no offense to any war but its boring all way to 50 hope are as been told by some more fun after 55 but now its thf cor time first hehe =) not played all that much last week been tired (little sick in weekend ) and been xmas prep time lol shopping and alotta other things needed to get done and so on.

now its over and can just have fun and do what i please lol hehe cya on game or something last week of the year =)

onsdag 17 december 2008




OK this was a test ill work it out better but thx Iz for helping me tell if worked or not hehe

Mission Impossible


Yes i want to do both and there lies the problem......

This are the thing that make me sad on game and more really not fun and so sorry you friends it have hurt or so then i get unhappy of it just cant find a way to win.

Background Had 2 Nyzul isle statics and to short sum it up we never got closer than a floor 4 to win first 5 floors and random pick ups and friends try also always ended in lose so still stand on 0 floors after idk how many tries, not sure why bad teams, teams that not work or yes of course just can be me that not manage it as i know alot of the former team members now got there wins and floor 100 i think. AS got nowhere i took break and happend get into salvage which i just had tried 1-2 times with lol very bad outcome but that defintaly was from teams had no clue what was going on.

Now do them with Omo ring and Iz and more not gonna rant name here but thanks all for make them a succes and you guys sure know what to do and salvage are fun even hehe. This was fun so far as i was ok i get some ares gear and who know what more and dont need any askar or so ill live.

Now for the problem they add new weapons with new ws to uclock for jobs and yes i want them or most for my jobs and then i learn you need get them from Nyhl Isle ors, this create problems first of all i need points for salvage and some runs fine and then sometimes make some else and slack points, then we get losses. So how to get the weapons and not ruin my salvage runs kinda hard now to find out how get it to work out as days hard get to work and tags goes for savalge points >< which i need.
Have at least a maybe can jump in on a team if they miss a member maybe get me a weapon and can unlock ws, who know maybe i can get luck and get some really really want Drakesbane and the rdm one. If i can manage get any of weapon i need ill have some job to do about 15k ws each. Wish was a way do both salvage and nyel isle efficent best of cours would be quit salvage but i do want the gear and not really wanna quit and i still want the ws as i can really benefit from them. I feel kinda trapped on this subject and it really get me down i know are just a game but still i not know how to chose of these things.

Even if would drop salvage i have no nyel static and sadly i dont know it more than loss way so would be hard start one on my own, lol i can help ppl tell them how lose it the best way, really id so like win 5 floors on that thing i still cant get how ppl manage to and also like they say in just 15-20 min id say its impossible if i not know they arent liers.
Lol found a few pics from one of the Fatal attepmts

Jepp so just keep get back to same conclusion cant win and get them both done and it make me miserable at time and guess ppl seen that not that i told reason most times.
So just writing here to try my best to let some frustration out with being tied up.

why had they do the ws that way it dont feels fair not wanna skip my salvage due to that but want some ws........ and im also lost for words on it SUCKS i guess sums much up.

Sorry for rambling and the sad post but just trying make bad situation better which idk if will be any better but i try.

HUGS for Esor sorry hun you probably the only that know how bad it made me feel, sorry for all my gloomyness about it are there happy your there to talk to


Weekend summary Oh yes:

Friday joins for a Soboro run as PLD havent been pld some time now but sure why not hehe we must have hit a lucky streak as we get i think 10+ soboros and lose just one fight in the end (some did take time tho like 27 min lol after some bad deaths lol) still think in end only 2 ppl left with no GK sorry guy hope you get next time and grats to all 10+ new owners of a soboro AND YES IM ONE OF THEM YAY Does the happy dance =) 7 hrs or something it took and think imma have my PLD gear straighten out now after all beating lol Bow and thx to all that greeted me =)

Saturday get my war on the road and hit 40 always nice get some lvs hehe and day are ok not much else much due to rl things take over its are lucia after all hehe.

Sunday goes to Dyna with bid for dancer legs find out its a possible get if 2 drops oh well i really count on point run for me and that Esor shanelle and Deyon get there drops today. We do get drops and rdm x3 whm x3 and more nice and hehe dancer drops and then wow drops again ohhh i get to lot....... and i lot last and make a 970!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My first lot win in dyna ever and my first dancer relice YAY really very happy thank thank you all =). Feel for my friends not get what they want, Dey get a whm body not what he came for but still nice.

SCNMS again and i get to come dancer and try it for end game very intersting and i learn and see what it goes for with some merit abilites its prolly do even better i do have some to get for it, still i hold my part well and dont mess up i think at least. No really fun drop today so we move on to salvage then time goes late.
Salvage as dancer hmm also intresting and actually i do hit very well at start with no weapon much better than drg but i do have H2h skill and it shows hehe, i cant do very much more than add some damage until i get ablities but after that i can heal haste and all the dancer things, from what i see it really can make its place here need check with team and see if they noticed any or what they think. I had a blast anyways and for a not my new pants rocks hehe =)OOOOHHH Yes and nm drops my last final 25 part for Ares head ^^ now to get 10 more O ingots anyone wanna donate some :p lol nah ill work on that just happy know i do have some to work for hehe.

Thx for a very great game weekend and hugs for Esor gogo Pup you do that great =)

lördag 13 december 2008


13th December Lucia and joy xmas are coming and just wish had been snow today for lucia but are nice she are here now again =) hope you all have a good time until christmas now =)

Lucia Read here if you wonder what it is =)

Have a yummy Lussebulle "bun"

onsdag 10 december 2008


First day back on event and the worst mode dropper happens, like told here before in death post just dont like hping and it make me feel to be short not good as to refrence earlier post why i never death warped ( done some as ninja nowdays but kinda usally run back even as nin). Well all are explained in early post so on to rest.

Tired as first day up that late for over a week yes i slept last week everyday we usally have event times, so in bad mode and tired could have started better and darn need recapp blm again lost alotta xp again, really think wasnt my day yesterday.
We do so and so and not shabby on bcnm with 13 could have won (feel bad should have got Yag drinks or some as i had mp issues all fight) could have made it alot better. sorry about that.

Einhjar yes as drg first time this worked very well for me hack and slash what i needed, lived all fight made ok damage i think (never checked) just died after win as bio ate all my hp ok had only 600+ hp at end just a bit annoying die after fight and then dc (for some reason dc alot then death on einhjar and dynamis kinda annoying).

Helps Esor with fields of valor and her puppetmaster umm well i think i was to tired not sure what we did really remember demons and deaths wipe and so on its just blurry sorry i know i cant been very good as was more asleep than awake if i remember right at least. think i have more xp than before tho so guess we did something right. lol lol wow dont even remember fight this lol

OK shitty days happen just had to write it of and hope it not will be any repeat of it, maybe today will be better we see how it will come try make dyna after home cleaning hehe.

måndag 8 december 2008

Free week

So we had a nearly free event week as fan feast nice some time of even if spent most of usal event time asleep lol guess just didnt miss the events lol.

Oh well as mentioned earlier picked up blue at 38 and worked on it and reached the goal for year 50 sunday =) AF time and time get more spell which can be time consuming as blue but already got some nice help thank you DM and Row.

Monday before update i got 6 spells Death Ray, Venom Shell, Refuling, Stinking Gas, Geist Wall and Sickle slash. Nice sure some will also help me in parties =). still are some to catch up to be at par to 50 but ill try then i can and also then get AF done.

Also continued my Sam af and killed the NM bird in Ozono as Drg solo Yihha lol well and now i might need a hand take care of the 2 nms in Dunes who wanna help a sam out?

As wrtiting this time are ticking on update 3hrs to go darn oh well it get here eventually so just have to chill and get it then its done lol cant do much else hugs for my friend miss all that moved quit ot just got lost really arent that many real good still there but do love you =)

fredag 5 december 2008


Yes blue blue and more blue working on it and got 46 took some work in the parties soemdays are slow but getting there 50 soon i hope, now gotta ask esor what spell i need for use hehe
And here you got my good friend Beeli as bst =)

torsdag 4 december 2008


Dynamis Jenou tired as hell dont really remember much of the run more than was a sloppy one oh well happens i guess (did nod of at times so tired), took nap after very well needed. Then back for try on blu seek party always so fun but today was such bad seek day. Get party and on way get opps they invited someone else sorry oh well do happpen. Then get another party and its seem be ok and pl and so of to CN then lead dc and pl (guess dual boxing) so yes party split. just one of those days nothing works. Shan at least have some party for sch and get some lvs and Esor get party right as shes back from mostly afk even if she had seeked all time.

Seek more and then Esors party end she have no means get out so i take of help her not much to do seeking anyways lol, get her out and she want to get some more xp killing some mobs so i decide just join a few with blu can try get a spell or 2, and thx hun for the help i get 2 more spell feels good and get Digest finally it just didnt want for me before. So end of day are good makes it feel better . Imma try more blu later or well see some duoing bst with shan =)

Have fun out there even if a day are bad slow sad or so better will come im sure will and just never forget your good friends they migth bring a smile to you =)

onsdag 3 december 2008


Blue out again and as i write this i reached 42, 8 more to 50 so can start and do AF my first goal with blue. Thank you Esor for learning me all i know about blue really helps and ill try my best hehe its fun (havent been on blue for some time now)
See i have to learn those abilites and get them done also well ill try explore and ask for some help =)

And also happend get samuraisoilder in party havent seen him for a long time now.

tisdag 2 december 2008


Oh yes got my Tidal Pendant in weekend=)
Thank you Kantele for helping me get it thank you =)

måndag 1 december 2008


75 Dancer as planned before december =) very fun now to see if ever get to try it endgame its sure a fun job and i will get on it more anyways =) and today Pup got 40 in the pup burn Esor found yay can get new heads for puppet =)

Here my dancer with Esors new WHM head to her puppet grats hun on 40 pup and new head =)
While trying get my lv took a little break and made the 3 flower related quest things to get the shortcuts to areas in Garlaige Citadell, Battila Downs and North Gustaberg really helps now pass up and down those things just with a flower =) now can get coffers in both spots in GC with out help =) go get your acces also now. (sadly enough had no key to get me some gil out of the coffer then i got moved up there)
Me as pup 40 in rse handy have that to get out for lvling and yeah was very fun and first party had in East ronfure and lol didnt know you could chain 48 there at lv 40 hehe pups do kick butt tho =)

torsdag 27 november 2008

GOLD pass

Lol time flies already over a years since we got Esor her gold pass to Vhali and now she got some neat stuff hehe =) grats Hun

Her with the Lunar cap =)
And also the Sol cap my personal favorite nice nice
and also the sprout beeret i think name are lol nice anyways =) the latest addition the nice model airship nice dear your mog house are very very nice =)

onsdag 26 november 2008


OH yes and finally after some years of dyna many deaths laters and kills and runs i got my first relic set lol cant really get it myself yet think i need out make a event in it or something first (didnt take it of for hours since first i got it on really really happy for it =)

And yes here i am in full whm relic gear =) really really happy full set and also +5 space so needed that =)

Lost times

As most know i lost net some weeks and finally got back now, and time really didnt stood still so even if i lost time some dear friends had some good luck time =)

Congratulations to the gear earned and things done =)

Esor got her first homam parts =) Congrats to you for all nice done and also for getting your Obow right before i got net back and was able to help you out.Happy for your luck =)

Here she are with the hands congratulations very much cool =)
And finally the Hecta hands she been after so sooo long grats awesome fits nice with body and feets. your Drg gets all buffer ^^

and finally a more show piece i had to sneak in the mog house to get ss of now no one say anything and also notice the fine very well polished Wyrm gear.

Shanelle also did get her first Homam part congratulations on it =) very nice. The sneaky elvaan have avoided me so far for a snapshot of the new gear so no picture yet anyways ill see what i can do still great she got hers =)

Skadi Feet

Oh yes nice got my skadi feet in weekend finally my first salvage gear always feels nice get your first of something hehe and also think i learned it better now even if can make more of it im certain. Lol sure the guy might have some saying about my performance but at least are better at get my cells hehe and do remember alotta runs and tactics by now =) and know my roles mostly rdm brd or drg and had the odd runs as whm and drk hehe. all depends on what jobs really are good in there.

Happy for my feets now to try on ranger and i guess they make most for my upcoming cor (just hit 69) and thf in making (still 52).

Thank you all for help get me it.

And here you have me as ranger trying my new feets out hehe will be nice macro in and out with scout socks. And what you like the fashion shots?

lördag 22 november 2008

OH yes finally will get my first salvage gear

We did salvage last night and i got the final drop for skadi feets =) the 15 so got rest and went to turn them in to get them made so lol bit surprising ill get skadi feets as first salvage gear had never even guessed that then started as i still got there to get ares lol. Happy for the unexpected and not waited thing (hadnt even consider get them ) but luck on drops so nice i got them. NIce feets they are so can make some use of them and lol so funny i always have a tendencie get other gear than i really aim for on the game lol.

Will go collect my feets now all have a great day see you later =)

fredag 21 november 2008


MMM second try at this post last got lost for some reason lol. back again and time for events and other stuff sigh Thúrsdays they sucks i really start think i should not play one them i get so newbie and sucks mess up and all. And day was not fun for alotta ppl many was moody not happy etc and things didnt work out the best all day it had alotta more to give to be good oh well we all lived and its friday so i have faith for a better day i hope lol =).

onsdag 19 november 2008


Back on game again oh yes =) lol lets see what i missed in a week again (lol and also still need tend to rl things that got hold up also by this) see you all friends online yay =) hugs

tisdag 18 november 2008


Progress on the net : Tomorrow after 8 am a technican are gonna come so hope they can fix the problem ( i suspect there modem) well see and hope ill be on later i wish so at least. Dynamis tomorrow night i do hope home or maybe leech some net at friend lol, Cya friends miss ya all.

måndag 17 november 2008

Game visit

Imma try make a game visit before get home hope to catch ppl say hi or if you read here send me a comment or if your on game send me a mess whicever love here from my friends.

söndag 16 november 2008


Yeah tired boring weekend no game no net hmm well seen some movies but lol yeah sucks then you get no choice in that you want or can do. Really pissy wet and now cold weather lol catched a cold (guess why tired) hope for some nice days and ill take some nice walks. Got Mess they are sending a fieldtechnican out so ill have phone on and hope for a call all are fixed who know maybe tomorrow !!! i so hope that oh well hugs for my friend cya later on and hope can get on make more game related things here.

lördag 15 november 2008


Fun are near on get skadi feets even if i started salvage aming for Ares lol but the feets are nice for my cor and might be nice change for some on ranger also need compare with the scout socks, then thf are pending also. still have to see if it will be my all time first salvage part not there yet hehe.

fredag 14 november 2008

DD alive

No net so make a post then pass by place with acces and no update to give on info then i can get back ill just have to see i guess poop well thx you friends that talked to me and so and tell rest ill be back someday lol. Got things can do just boting be forced do others and shit ill be stocked up on other things i needed done on net then away (for some reason cant handle mails then not at home strange).

HUgs you all and hope you get all nice drops from all events.

Ill look about get on for dyna sunday if can get somewhere with net lol.

torsdag 13 november 2008

Dyna and more

Nice got on for dyna at my friend lol we got my not London working pc to connect to net its really a funny one that do as it want i think lol. Xar was taken so Beu today lol got to be brd with like all wrong gear lol well it happends points anyway no drops for me but we got some nice at leas nice nice.

Talked With Esor and ors she have had some bad days and stuff HUGS and ppl send her a hug she needs one. =) Keep the good spirit up think of you even then not on cya as much as i can get on lol and of course rest of you miss the ppl. Net can take all from long to shorter time to get back cant say yet, but at least they work on it. Really are alotta mess with no net and then also the phone as goes on same so makes rl stuff bad also, hope the ppl that are suppoed to call not call this week now all dont have my cell number.

done ranting now cya all thenever. Maybe ill just play some of the games we talked about Kant hehe.

onsdag 12 november 2008


Grrr hope for some luck on my net tomorrow or at lest get to know whats wrong if my modem are dead or what ill try update info here or tell somone if possible. hugs my friends cya soon call me you who can if you want.

tisdag 11 november 2008

No Internet

Ok my net died yesterday no clue why yet but working on it just now visit a friend (Spikerot) and get on just to write some so you know what happend hope rest of assaults was ok and salvage also. see you as soon i can ppl =)

måndag 10 november 2008

Kitty fight

Byakko finally again, we did sky and started with get Ulli for pop item smooth Ulli and we head for byakko and lol i have to get whm shocker lol well are ok, just realised had get flare on for gear lol takes a few but get all and get there iz wating nicely to get me passed gate thx Iz.


First low manded fight wents very very smooth we dont get anyone killed and tanks are doing very very great =) easy to say we kill with no trouble =)
drops Axe dpantsx2 and sadly Omo has to make ppl get them me and cob (prolly will have some use later one) Lguapo gets Axe i can go for that some other day for my drk seems be a nice GA (need get a nice in case i need or for then if i lv war).

Me and shanelle are on lots for haidate btw.

Next fights are a bit more messy but mostly are some tanks and jess that gets some deaths and we hold the fight togheter nicely and all does great triple attack and the claw back to back are what makes the ppl drop, we win boths with more ease that some might think during battle. Cant see was any real big danger all the time so grats on showing a great teamwork ppl.

NO haidate (but will be more fight) we made a great fight and that was the biggest win over all so. We get 2 Nhands and more Dpants and so also think hmm Illi and rael might got the hands correct me if wrong now.
Was a really fun sky say and nice morale boost.

Salvage some later we have some wati but it get going and we are 8 ppl im drg yes i get to hit things (lol get all gear but weapon first) get one evetually tho its just how it works lol. Im spooning and have forget prism (had tonko things><) well it goes well and we kick as and umm get some asses kicked opps but we get all fixed damn Celestria really get the bard mangeled alot ><. we get shafted on the hm cell but we get to boss fight so we low man it and kick its as hehe drops 2 things and one are skadi 25 feet parts i get as i have 35 and now realise i might lol get those feets as my first ever completed thing from salvage.


they xp after but after all event i need a little break (had dyna also before sky)