tisdag 28 april 2009

The killing

Campaign doing some more of that again on thf for xp and for notes hopeing get to do some ANNMs hopefully.

And doing campaign i remember why kinda stop do them more than for rank, but may be better now. Still can tell you about what some ppl use campaign for.

Some ppl and apparently some friends i also found out on vent and see on game are compete about Mpk ppl on campaign to see who get most or something. And also nuke mobs and runs away with them from ppl have them chase all over.
Cant say i like ppl do these things at all.
Defense on do this was ppl wont lose xp and we raise them after anyway so dont hurt them, well i for once dont really buy that as i hate sit around wait for weakness get of then get killed for no more reason than someone screwing with my xping in camapaign. And also how some ppl like train mobs near weak ppl kill them again (yes ppl do that on purpose also, at least some of them).

Just wanna say this if you have some fun you want ok do that on your group not just mess all up for other ppl just trying make there xp An or whats there reason for be there. and even if no xp loss on death i still lose out of all campaign xp wating for raise then wait for weak so i do lose alot on get killed.

well learned at least change campaign if see some ppl there.

måndag 20 april 2009


So we set out to defend Jenou from the hordes of beastmen in the past, me and Lilisette to savve the day again. Mission was to defend jenou and in bc alotta npc appears and 3 leaders Galka Zazarg, Mithra Roma Mhigo and a Elvan. We split up to help them fend of differnt waves. Me and Brizzy follows the big guys to keep him safe and kill the foes.

We do a good job and so does the rest we hear and after the 2 waves died out storms Big old One-eyed Gwajboj to me and brizz and the galka, we take him on and shout for rest and they runs over.

Hes really as much a pain as in campaign but at least have less hp so we heal the npcs and they whack him and we plds me and trista helps out as good as possible and after a while we get the win =)

And after a nice cs i get my new flag from Jenou =)
thanks all ppl for helping Brizzy, DM, Trista and Tink

lördag 18 april 2009


Long time overdue new try get Alxander fight of (last mission done april last year).

Shanelle and Jazira get on and they want to make a try so ill try get some help for us rookies, we only heard its real hard fight.

Kauna joins and Yunaspirit have time and get Brizzy as 6th. Thanks to yuna and Kau we get a Setup as : Yuna - whm, Shan - rdm, Jaz - mnk, Brizz - blm, Kau - mnk, DD - pld

Dont start of to bad as they tell are going be maintenace in whitegate lol opps 20 min to change get ready rush rush on ppl, we all make it there finally with seconds to go bummer tho i get flare trapped in WG and lose shield and a few items oh well.
Worst comes now i see i never changed sub im um pld/rng, well due to maintenace we say ok lol lets try and see what happens....
First luck then main.. are over pheww, ok back catch sub and get me IR lance time for some tanking.

Yuna helps us with strat and we get in start kill the angry blue no wonder if hes looked up here all days or are he not think have seen him lurk in assaults also. We kill all his forms no deaths but he sure hits me hard angry fella but he goes down sorry pal you was in way.

First form on machine mobs easy get 50% fast and then cs we doing nice. OK now real test i hear from them that have done it now comes the hard part.
Up in fron as Yuna tells and tank Alexander goes well i doing better than i thought i would also consider pld really just been used last week and have bee rested for like months, all works fine to 48% he smack me bad then 2hr no way can take that dead and Yuna falls also, confusion ppl falls ok wipe time we finally do and recover and get 10 min mark ors, ok we sure cant prolly bet it now but no xp loss so up and on it and at least try for the fun. we get him down think was under 10% before times runs out. OK we get told we did really really good for a first time run and we just try one more time as getting late for ppl.

Gets some extra magic def gear thanks Iz for the tips.

Next attempt blue goes good as before exception brizzy gets alotta nuke hate damn girl take it piano, he finally get her but we take him down well done brizz sorry you die. This time we get first machine form to 50% real fast and have 32 min to kill Alexander so rest up. OK fight and we kill much faster this time just time fear the 2hr but i have nice mage back up Yuna and shan i got faith. Oh yeah and at 48% again BAM, but i live with 19 hp and with me or someones heals i make it and everyone else. Great guys =) we have this, slow and steady lol even as think some itch just to kill it asap, he goes down but he healing makes it take its sweet time lol. ok past 10% and we get ready 2hr 3% BAMMMMMMMM he 2hr again wow damn and im dead and half part and he picks of rest ok no panic we got 16 min and we have rr.

Yuna tractor me out of range and i umm get stuck downloading cant get out of that and will need try dc, i do but char still on game and in party cant logg on oh damn get worried now.
Logs on mule no still have DD on and mule, next mule omg DD still are on even if are funny 2 chars on at same account its not the right time for it and times goes fast.
this point they start prepare to kill Alex as they will have to if time gets to short. All nice ppl on vent at least say they help me get fight done some other day thanks Ring3 Iz and yuna its not real fun get locked out. OK try 3rd mule still on game then Yuna say "your of" omg fast back to DD and yay get on dead and alll that oh well raise and back on corner and leave to the ppl make the last 3%, go kill it friends for you to weak pld lol. 3% and 2hrs yes this be a cake and yes mobs goes 1 % up to 5% to 1% and YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS WIN!!!!

Finally we got it after all the things today such a nice sweet win in the end lol all outer things made fight hard lol, like fight would been easy to start with lol

Big Grats Shanelle & Jazira. And very big thanks for all the help Yunaspirit, Kauna and Brizzy love you guys =)

Very happy mithra finally got TOAU done catch my new ring (ranger version) flag and crown =)

A note to ppl ok doing this and ACP fight this week and for now id say ACP fight felt harder (except alexanders 2hr move) but both fights are so very doable not to take lightly tho 3/5 on ACP boss fight so far.

Last funny note we all did fight as all girls chars and 4 are actually girls also, didnt think of that until Yuna pointed it out funny lol.

torsdag 16 april 2009

Staying Alive

Dynamis day and again we get our xar run sacked 2nd week in row damnit >< starts to suck really bad and none else really free so no go darn.

well upside time for food break and back after ill get on esors ACP boss team as rdm/drk orz that was some time ago, hope i do well. Cimbs again and get my new stone for some more reward at least.

Team this time are PLD RNG RNG RNG RDM/DRK WHM set up looks nice should be ok fight.

start nice takes hp down nicely and slow, i manage stun agas and goes smoth. Tanked charm makes hate goes around more but we hold it together and gets it back to pld then hes uncharmed. Charm really can be a pain as really usally make you lose time you damage the boss but some charm are ok. More near end problems happens then mp gets thin, i miss stuns as mp are out and whm need rest finally ends in pld die before mob hit 10% now hate gets all over and ppl get pulled in alot and start die but we zerg it down and win with half party laying around dead lol. Grats Esor for kill and your win and your new nice gear =)

Grats Esor on win and i got a new key for some item hehe.

After heads of for Dynamis run tigga wants to sponsor grabs some friends and get over and we head in with 12 ppl and 2 mules dynamis sandoria as xar was taken, oh well some gil hopefully as tigga want cor and i really have all else from sandy lol.
Im PLD wow 2nd time on that job for dynamis and only one again lol, well are fun and i do ok and all do we kill mobs and have some misshaps forget get of mnk 2hr and stuff but mostly Esor die until we have a wipe at the smn mobs that overwhelm us a bit lol. we get coins and 2 100 pieces nice and some gear,
Esor get her pup pants yay Great hun grats 4/5 on pup you have a great day.

Also nice see Achi in action again and welcome back to game nice have you back =)

After dyn esor got to get cs for WOTG fight i been trying help her get catched up on so we can do it.

I get asked help Kauna and ry do ACP fight and ok ill come again this time ranger, this time rng sam/rng pld brd rdm/drk x2 , ok time see what this setup goes for,
PLD holds hate nice first and we make nice steady damage and guess i do alot as i keep get drawn in and get beaten up i live tho to fight more lol. first part goes on nicely even if we have some problems with clones at time then the come for us and at one points we have many out. We luck out on aoes and draw ins never kill ppl only get us down like me as most to 120 hp (oh yes sometimes you need that little luck)
end a but chaotic but we pull through and i get a kill shot and we land on a 23 min 23 sec not bad and im 3/5. Big grats all you ppl that needed win

Note on fight they arent always easy and really alotta small things can get bad and you will lose need really get all work and not get to much slipups and stamina as battle takes time.

OK now time for what i waited for WOTG fight one more person needs it so come good as Kau say we should have at least 4 so we got for fix as 4 rdm, but we luck out and i dc then esor dc and cant get back i guess so we have to just let fight go oh well lol not my day, But been Esor day grats to all your achivments today.

tisdag 14 april 2009

Black Knight

Yes long Overdue but i got all parts for my Ares body some timne ago and thanks to Darkmercenary i could get all the items needed to get my body (owe you man) Many thanks to DM.

And Many thanks to Ring3, OMo, Iz, Hir, Nf, Kallo, Q, Cel Blaize and rest that been on team CIBSalvage thanks all and hope get get alot more things in future now =) and Kallo yes you will get your boots im sure prolly then i get my ares legs.

Thanks rest i know for grats and that and cheering on thank you love you all =)

and wb to game Beeli

måndag 13 april 2009


New Update and new things.

Yes tried new things but waited to try ACP until worst hype was of lol not gonna waste time try get overcamped mobs lol so cant spend my time better. .

Esor had time yesterday so we thought might be a good time start it and sure was not hard get items at all not to much comepetion and thf/rng always help then hunt drop nms lol even ended up have 3 item once in pol (should have screenshot) well we made some other ppl happy and got our cs. Two other friends joined Rowanne and athron and hunt kept on to get key items that really helps be more ppl btw as all kills counts and anyone might get it (farmed my own then esor was afk and that took me longer then farm for 3 more ppl in group).

NM lol yes they are easy cake np at all and do the flower quest in battila downs so you not need run around btw to get it helps alot.

More cs alotta mandys killed and of to Feyin

Well easy to say dc and miss out what we are doing there (catching some glows) so end up run around as lol nonw tells me what to do (also found some aggro mobs in there i didnt know about darn). easy to say takes us 2hr+ get that thing down, i say try get info or help on where get them and dont run random as apparently you need make it in 30 min or it restart lol. Rowanne got order down and guided ppl around i lol happen to find all 9 just run around randomless (lol also prolly had helped if not been early morning and me very tired lol).

We get to fight ok we are 4 ppl thf blm rdm blu can we do this most ppl say its a easy thing hmm
still they say better get 6 ppl as nm cant be slept and one can be a pain in butt also the all so annoying thf Goblin. Sure after Bug ALL on flist i get help thanks Napkin and Tigga, now tho a random drk pops and ask for fight so we make tigga no run all way there and get mr Felixx for the team. we have not all info and i lol keep get pol crash then try read online so we go with what we know and have full attack and kill YAG, Quad, Orc and then Goblin. Ummm ok this arent that easy lol we got smacked lol for alotta reasons but yes lose and now what.
OK time get PLD SAM and war instead then. blm nin thf rdm blu drk wasnt the best setup lol.

Same strat and yes now works much better but lol took some work tank them as they still are 4 mobs but we just have a blm death sorry ath but guess blm just are to squishy we win lol and not the most pretty fight lol but tired ppl and maybe not the all best organised fight and on darks day if that matters we win. Even if may be a easy fight for some we sure hadnt a easy one but sure we had a funa and we got happy for the win =)

lördag 4 april 2009


Orz sucked bad last salvage >< sorry had hoped i now finally should contribute to the team and help out.... not sure what i am now really arent.

Not sure what to do really not cant make me manage get on game hope you all had a great run and nice drops. And yes Kallo hope you get your boots soon its well overdue now.

Had enough of today not happy with the day and yesterday sigh well we see what i do.

Miss you ppl and you know which you are and mean see you.

fredag 3 april 2009

Save the last dance

OK New month and all the april fools things over yeah was some and noooooo i hadnt like do dynamis sandoria rest of year.

We did Dyna Beau tho as Japs apprently dont use summer time and we got blocked on Xar darn SE really need make some about that issue, would be nice if at least was possible start a new dynamis each hour or something.

We didnt break record from last run (22 drops last Beau) but we got some nice and was a easy enough run and i got my thf pants ^^ make me 4/5 on thf set yay and of course i miss the gloves np tho thf are still 70 but will have some relics to look forward to use.
Now i just need as nice luck on Xar as beau and well lol ls also as we still get so few drop there and 20 drops runs in other zones.

Shanelle grats on your new dancer relics legs they are really nice have fun now lets us see you dance ^^

And Esor thanks for always being there and nice job on AF reworks keep it on get more +1 hehe