lördag 17 oktober 2009

The Rock - Whmrock

Yeah new old person kinda got to know rock in versus just recent but funny find pics from things we done before so here some comes lol have fun rocky and dont die now hehe, you aggro as much as me or umm more lol. Here you go rock as request some of your early adventures hehe.

fredag 16 oktober 2009

Battlestar Galactica/The Money pit Kurrewyn

Yeah Kurre are a old time friend here also, meet here as Madkitty first later on she remade char as Kurre on her own account and before madkitty she had some chars they made her delete guess they didnt like the names maybe kurr can add them in a comment here and you can be the judge lol.

Kurre yeah shes a lady with her opinions and she sure will tell you what you think hehe if she feel like it hehe. Just now not exact sure where meet her might been in windy hmmm well we made good friend and bet was in some party and she talked and we started talk so we made friends at least.

Shes back on game again she as Lea have been away at times at least i havent seen her around all times hehe but nice have her around.

She reached 75 blm her only 75 so far i think but she works on more like blue that are near 50 and af time, reminds me should check my blue so we can go hunt spells as duo or more hehe.

Kurr joined wardens but first think was boring and dull (none was on kinda) so she kept out, well one day we had some nutty convos going on i invited her come in and yeah lol think she found out are more as her in here and she seems have a fun time now haha.

Recent house hunt are her ongoing theme, hope you get what you want and get please my friend =)

<3 for kurr we like you as you are in ls hehe dont beat up hubby to bad now lol.

Fun fact are back in days Kurr was one of them that thought i was a girl, yeah umm more than kurr did think that and i didnt try trick anyone or be girlish lol just was me and being swedish may at time be just make friends and treat them the same whatever gender and race etc and lol maybe im just odd lol. Guess some was the fact that i not hit on her like apparently most guys do as soon they find a girl play videogame really are silly lol.
She found out as ppl in ls called me he and she was in tells "umm why he call you he?" i was like as i am?
think i got a lol back and she explained she thought i was a girl really funny and we still are same good friends (that was years ago now btw).

Hehe gogo kurrr kurre dut friend hugs.

torsdag 15 oktober 2009

Pret a Porter

Back again and not much playing due to neck pain yeah lol havent best of times with real life lol. Better now and can write again so....

Oh yeah last thing done are All AF sets completed and stored up nice nice now to get some lvs to be able to wear them all hehe.

Some goals are sam 75 then prolly work on my bst and mnk more.

Sch pup blu to 60 be nice also.

Unlock blm smn brd rng Nyhl isle ws (made nin yesterday).

work on the ongoing merits think are about 152 now and going.

Do more campaign for the 255k notes i need for IR set have about 100k + again now

More gears then events start and more relics then dynamis ls get going or well then get a new whatever will happen there.

Get more salvage parts done like ares set and then maybe some more items if can afford them.

and yeah more things i missed

Other things we done lately are Zilarts and promys for ppl that need nice get some ppl some progress, and also helped on soboro run. Grats Tigga to your finally =)
Trying help Kiz get first 5 floors for Nyhl Isle, 3 tries and we was kinda close but not 5 floors sorry Kiz and good luck next time.
Promy Dem for Kiz Pregs and bor and yeah we beat it hehe thx for help kurre and rya was a ls fun time =)

cya ppl soon hehe

måndag 5 oktober 2009

Universal Soldier

And so i finally beat Maat as rdm and got my cap done with the things i started end of right before the 2 weeks of virus trouble yay feels nice. Teleport Jenou will come in handy hehe.

Final score me and maat are 15-2

Yeah lost first try on rdm maat but shaped it up and got in darksday and with some nice tips from tammyrose and tigga i made it today hehe. Thx for the help.

Made a miss on sam also, missed use some things like seigen and third eye and got so sc to death by maat, but got my revenge today (still lol had only 41 hp then done lol) Yeah Yuna was nice to help me in there but yeah messed up and got me killed sucked really.
Lol yeah revenge even if catched it a bit close on my 67 sam lol

Made fights as 75 Drk Drg Nin Brd Rdm Whm Brd Thf Rng Smn
70 blm (was my first) 68 Mnk 67 sam 66 war 66 bst

Hardest 75 was rdm followed by brd
of the others sam was hardest for me (even if i remember blm be very close back then i did it)

And for all that asked no didnt AF burn maat caps job did lv them solo fov campaign and whatever else lol.

torsdag 1 oktober 2009


OK finally back here again!!
Had some bad weeks 2 weeks of virus trojans etc so not much gaming mostly talking to ppl sucks hard, but now i think got rid of all and virus scanner are doings its job. Hope so at least, well hope be back on game now and not just for a few days but really back again!!