tisdag 30 september 2008

Dancer / Thief

Finally got on my thf again thx Kantele get me and have me started and you doing great as ninja thf 45 and i feel for more hope can get some friends that want a thf lol as party invite arent maybe top score.

Dancer been doing well helped my friend monday get 75 Grats RIV and my dancer got 38k in progress yay 68 and new weapon and gears now i kinda need get me more dancer advice as im still a nub and kinda been lazy doing /nin should prolly try /sam and maybe some more gear options did at least get me the Cobra gear will be intresting see how those are in party. BIB lets Paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarty!!!

Dancer 75 this year then id hope lol had no plans but level sync are fun and makes all easier and can avoid imps even if i actually had a dancer party there and wasnt at all as bad you can think (still dnc have weak spot on the JAs),

I love my dancer even if i hear ppl call it waste of space on parties due to they say give mob to much tp gain, makes crappy damage and in general arent just good in party, well i kinda love the eva down from steps and good party i can ws and make 450+ dancing edge well thats far from drk rng and more jobs 1k+ damage but still it arent that bad. Haste/drain/aspir bonus are some i do like and well ppl if you like the job do lv it dont get ppl get you down.

I also say all jobs are good and can be partied and benefit even bst! PPL take care out there and foremost HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Well think weekend was like worst ever in so many ways think was record in drama angry ppl etc and im not gonna name anyone just say it was horrible and i do hope we can pass over to October tomorrow with better minds calmer minds and better times sigh darnit it took its tool on me sorry for all stuff i missed i was both worn physical and mentally drained. HUgs for my loved friend you know who you are see you on game.


Dance Troup

Meow meow mithra dancing fun fun day after kill club ws nm grats Cass (was a little while ago but like the pic)

Big thx to Rivkkah for suppling the screenshot.

torsdag 25 september 2008


Wowsa my pld been in demand latley ZNM Sea friends party and also will do Rostrum pumps bug hehe.

Really had fun partying with Rivkkah and Cassima was long since so was great hehe and unusal be pld pree 50 lol but i did my best =)

tisdag 23 september 2008


Yeees Dark knight reached 75 and that now also means i realised i have 10
75 jobs opps what happend was fast sorta and fun lol. kinda hard realise i made half the jobs to 75 and rest are 37 or more might go for some more or who know maybe i take a break from game a day. Alot i wanna do still and spend some time with my loved friends and have more fun thanks Biblo Lea Kant smokie elex for last night stick with me for 75 happy happy mithra. Then i even thx omo for let me try it out on limbus but ors was i tired.

Been that alotta last week its the autum that setting on trying sleep right and now taking some meds again really screwed up my sleep cant sleep sometimes and some times i just pass out sorry everyone i try but its hard and just not control all time of it........

75 DRK so end this with a happy happy face =)

måndag 22 september 2008

Static fun!!!

Waited for a month lv my cor with my static but of course i wait for my good friends its the whole point have the friends statics get passed the lvs as a team ^^
Thanks for all the fun time Muaythai and Wolfyline and cool Lea that joined for the latest dunes sync party we made and we got us lv 66 ^^

<3 my good friends and lv with them i wait all times it take for more fun np to the beach kill kill, throws the cards rollllllllllllllllllls oh yeah !!!!!

Divine Might and Black Mage disaster.........

DM again for versus and i have to come blm, i know are very useful me and Jarden only blm for fight but dont need blm burn to win this tho and we got alotta skilled and good ppl for the fight. We do a usal blm open with hit the taru BLAM BLAM goes nice just sucks as rest of mobs jumps us and in confusion ends up kill me some times and get me to dl...... first time ever since 75 and 4 years that happen and cant say it made me a happy blm sorry but just sucked and left me with this sad feeling as i swore then get my first 75 always stay over never dl, just a personal tragedy dont ask ppl to understand but its one or game worst low points for me...

well think Jar got ganked also and ppl falls of wipe but taru and mithra dead so just rr up for ppl and a 2nd take and gank again easy to say i relv and dl back and forth, we win tho nice Grats all ppl.

2nd one alott better but i dl and then lose some..... urgh not blaming just wanna go hide my blm tho lose gear and spells sucks.

Jarden say we will got get xp back but he gets hold up for some after not sure what it was now well some from my social shell offer come help relevel me so we do as i died more trying solo some Bloobs. Get my lv back after some hours and a little buffer could been more but had bad death day mobs really didnt like me and i die more get 75 finally at least but know now wont feel good until recapped or at least very very near . Its just how i feel about the dying and what i said on my former death post here on blog i just dont like it!!

Dark Knight

Been working on my Drk with my cor and dancer and lol after the level sync i kinda got my drk in demand and it been lvling fast from 67 (alot with biblo) fun fun taru friend hehe and also shanelle esor Jazira smokie and more from ls really great lv with friends alot colibris and more hehe works sweet on the 55+ lvs and not hardly ever lv my own lv but hey great xp are great xp any lv =)

working on gear and try keep it up to par and well also try conserve the gils 74 last night and 75 are in reach about 30k more in week im sure then time fix the setups yes yes i know should have them already lol just been to fast so ill just make them then time.

Made Scythe ws quest Esor helped me get nearly all Lea finished the few that was left then got some ppl to help me kill the nm for spiral hell thank you Arnor, Leanaci, Tigga and Death/wolfy =) great friends and great help.

Saved alot of gils as drk share gear with jobs like drg but have got some gears and aim get some more as i really like the job and not just wanna let to rest at 75 i wanna come as drk at times do events etc.

will be my nr 10 75 job lol scary what happend was not so long since got blm 75 or ummm maybe 4 years or something lol.

Well might be a final go or at least alot closer today as supposed party when biblo gets on later.

Thank you all friend that made some lvling with my drk on the way and extra thx to Tohmane, Rivkkah and Poppisgirl for the good help and advice on drk really helped and ill ask more. Oh Jess yeah you had some nice input also and wb after the 19 days break that you had against your will.


OH yeah finally nice drop got my Koga Chainmail in dynamis made ninja 4/5 lol 6th set to 4/5 xar drop yes please. My friends got there drops also very very nice =)

Also was ninja for dyna for first time and Muaythai learned me how to pull the run good i lived and didnt kill my alliance lol well was kinda fun and now i know the basics for the dyna pulls some easy and some very hard control. none want to kill the ls right i hope at least not my aim then pulling at least.

fredag 19 september 2008


Frustration whats up with me on thursdays again i nap oversleep........ sigh and alarm was set its just sucks. Last thursday started same then was left in sky (by mistake of ls had to run back, typcial day not have timer rdy on cudgel)
Gets kinda late to limbus and scare port miss but pheew was only as was in cs with npc and get my soap and teled. was some in limbus but well guess wasnt as bad, then salvage take me some find right zone just not leanred which are on which side yes gotta have one tell me and i mark it. OMG i sucked on salvage miss lotting lots wrong dies no rrs and dies more dang so sorry just a mess from my part......
Sea late guess all busy just take lol long time get in to help i sit around waits, temperance smack me guess not more than it not like drg poke it.
Blm again orz (another story that will come) well get there and dies to some UFO i guess we have aggroed dies and dc and all take much times poo on me and well finally back raise later and back on for run and and i mess up more dies wrong sides on mob etc me and thursdays omg can i take vacation from them now salvage and i just hope will be better..... SOrry all ppl i added problems or frustration on >< i sucked those day and guess had write some of me on that ill work on do better again.

tisdag 16 september 2008

Skogs Fru

Got bored seeking party and was talking to Biblo and the got the idea to go camp the nm for the ring i want, thx ring kinda had forgot its usefuls stats and as i dont have a rajas ring and cant get it this Ecphoria Ring will help me alot.

Biblo say he will come help on ranger just for fun and i stay on Drk 70 just wanna have more fun on it lol, Leanaci say she will get her drg over so we head to East ronfure [S] find pop spot and me and bib start kill ladybugs wating for Lea.

She joins and we kill them wings are nice gil and suddenly we see it Skogs Fru we rush to get and Lea claims and its really squishy and not hit to bad we kill no drop darn lol, well as repop time window are aftet 1 hr of death we stay kills and Flarebahamut comes out also and right at 1 hr it pops again sadly enough a sam get the claim and kill it oh well. we stay Lea has to go for her Nyel Isle thank you lea for help tho.

We get next claim no drop and decide ok stay for one more as it getting later and ppl need leave windows open and other claimers are in no sight ^^ yay pop and claim and kill and yay drop ^^ get my ring thank you guys very much feel much better than buy from AH ^^
And we killed rest of things that lured around the area also.

lördag 13 september 2008

Update and more

Yes so finally we got the update and downlad are ok and dont take long, guess all write about this level sync well still ill just give some of my first experice with it

Lol party in Dunes with ls lv 17 (drk67) feels kinda wierd first and lol same gear even if its really scaled down alot and not have very good stats. But very fun party with friends so the systems seems work fine are sure are some bugs still tho. and i prolly not gonna get to dunes all that much as the real high lvs jobs. As ppl know i have ninja i keep get bugged come be ninja but really not feel like it and its capped also so stay on drk and lol friends get me for a lv 11 party silly things, but at least now you can run safe to camp HEHE.

Ohh and try the new ep dc xp wow very nice kill some ep birds as ranger 82 xp each time very very nice hehe can solo decent xp now very cool.

Campaign got broken kinda hear ppl losing xp and so at first but they fixed it so np i guess and i need get to try campaign again hehe havent had the time tho.

Lv sync also are really great then ppl get to high lv just sync party back and get nicer xp =)

tisdag 9 september 2008


Whooa try him as assault nm not a nice puppy but we do fine until he decide lava breath us alot or some and sadly we all fall but we did make a good fight next time next time we make hides of you rawwwwwwwr.

Drk seek most of day no luck bad party day oh well should maybe done some

söndag 7 september 2008


OMG yes took time hit me i got the 35 body and head part for ares set wow lol thank you all team Ring3 OMo Hir NF Illi Izzy and lol now i need farm raise gil beg lol whatever to fund them lol. Still some times as need other parts but time get started anyways thank you again =) dances hehe.

And also thanks for 3 more assaults done getting closer to that captains rank hehe =) NIce job OMO.

Grats invy we got you the the thing now you get all rest done and we can go gank the Agas rawr kitty kill club and was just fun help was really really bored at time anyways lol

fredag 5 september 2008

blm or Ninja?

funny busy day i for some reason decide come blm for once to sea and there we get to wait for HL guess some come up as he never get back as far i know. Well so it end with us join rest of ls and i get asked come ninja instead lol funny i do like to so np Omo just fun have to change from blm to ninja.

We roam the garden for IX drg but no luck but oh well get some more tanking experince i do need train on it i know.

No einhjar today as to few for make a good tier 2 run good call omo even if some get sad no run keep to plans and go then we can do the wins as this ls are =)
will be more times guys and gals.

Salvage after lol yes i have confusion lv high then cells drops like rain keeps falling lol sorry for wrong lots but i try wait on use and make sure i dont mess up and you guys really are nice trying learn me newb butt hehe, id say i are improving think imma work on the macro sets for rdm brd and whm for it maybe ill get to come some else hehe drg was fun also. Grats NF on your drops and comfort Hiryo but im sure we try soon again.

OHHH and today got my Harpsicord YAY thank you Cassima/iba =) for the help.

torsdag 4 september 2008


Cute taru just gotta post this picture of me and my friend the little Muffin tarutaru =) cute aren he? lol i think so hehe


OH yes one more fun thing got my new choco and its red just what i wanted hehe here she are my new trusted bird *Squeak*

tisdag 2 september 2008

mmm Goooodnesssssss

MMM YAY got my Novio earring and ohhh helps alot can now one shot mobs i couldnt before O.O very fun yes blm more fun now need burn party get some xp >>

As told before we camped UNgar and also last i got my Boomerang hehe finally after get 10+ ppl it, its mine also.

NINJA 75 ohhh yes and wow really like it gonna play more and hey maybe get to do some endgame things. ´Thank you ring3 for all input and macro help are fun hehe.


Lol yes been Lazy write any of ausgust but ill try some or well at least some of the last days happenings. I bet i forgot alot of things Done.

Limbus sky sea dynamis events as usal.
Killed Agas for Leas sleepaga 2 quest Grats Lea.

yesterday helped Leanaci finally beat staff ws nm 3 smn and a drg nice job and grats Lea.

Duoed pots in sky with Kantele for her 75 back regrats.

Tanked Xens BQ ring as ninja 4 ppl fun fight Ninja, Bard, Whm, mnk nice done and we won =)

Helped KIzunna get whm testimony grats now beat Maat.

We did a Ungar run Shanelle got Xenien got and i also finally got and helped samuraisoldier by tell nm for some sam GK was up grats all ppl.

Beat thf AF nm for Xenien made a big time Penta and lol got so killed over it lol.
Damn bomb hits hard

Jaz needed pimp hat for rdm so drg help again to beat Doll with pld drg whm grats Jaz.

Helped another person get Charby killed grats lol forgot to who now.

Apoc night fight and we finally win grats Kantele and rest that needed.

thats some of the latest done lol i forget to much done but been kinda busy times why not blog have been updated in long time.

Grats all you other that got help and see you again