måndag 30 november 2009


After some maintenace and some tinker with game and copy from laptops game files i finally got my game work as it should lol, that was some update that made my game get really screwed up. Now all seems to work as it should tho.

New add on mhmm its actually kinda funny and not to hard so far full moon fight was kinda some work and midd wipe but yes we really hadnt any problem win that fun tho.

But yes as usal they have us run all over some are of course not all needed as they say but hey its never bad get stuff that help you make fight less of a hazzle hehe.

Lea back and she do progress on Acp and Moggle coolers should reach last battles soon.

I try be more on game but sill tire so fast and crash sadly salvage are late so i miss most runs and yeah i still want my stuff darn really annoys me have not energy enough but yeah hope can get it back and come for more things =)

Versus had/have some Znm month kinda fun at least as i not done all of them and hey can get some gear and maybe also some gils from boss i think. hehe

Some ppl been of game more than usal and hope they get back i know some had more as thanksgiving and relatives over and stuff but yeah want them back and i still have fun and like to do more things.

Also talked with ppl that moved servers and actually mane really miss odin and wants back as seems most other servers are boring not fun ppl and as one said they lol dont know how do things here. So most want back not all to be fair some found new nice place for themselves thats good =) hope SE gives some chance get back someday tho as also some new blood be nice here, dont need have server closed just dont let waves of new in if none leave server or something must be ways keep flow of ppl go around. Think SE didnt think over there server move system then they added it.

Soon december here with xmas and all that, here also some ppl will be back for play over xmas be nice see some old friends here again hehe.

tisdag 10 november 2009


OK update today and the new storyline active so ppl goes nuuuuuuuuuuuts. and lol seems game got nuts also yeah ill share some screeshots check them and read lol.

I think they have some identity crisis going on here!!!

Yeah lol read what moogle nowdays say to me then i talk to him

söndag 1 november 2009

Blood in, Blood out

And here for Eirwen your rank 3 fight from 2005 enjoy!!!!!

Epic Movie

OMG lol more epic screen shots on wins
These are out Mea win yeah it was a close call lol as you can see and hehe smn for the win but wow was lol scary close. Smn for the win even used all mp.

Death Proof

Just got HDD out from first pc i played FF on my old 900 mhz (still working pc except grapic card).
Yeah going through alotta old screenshots and its fun. Just found from my first Maat fight hehe as blm 70 so here they come =).
Sure will find more fun put on blog later also.

YES!!!!! Bad damn was it close call lol i was so happy happy back then first try also. =)