fredag 31 december 2010

Happy new year

Nearly on more year have passed. With much of game changes and stuff.
Have a happy new year everyone!

söndag 28 november 2010

Ice Age 2

Soon December and now snow are here! learned alotta more last weeks and also capped out some more jobs. Still lots to get done but are in better shape for next update (lol then many more lvs again to get).

Still Trial be done and more shit and lol wow so much af3 to get done but im at good start on many and will try get more done soon.

onsdag 10 november 2010

Raiders of the Lost Ark


Yeah new gear to make Head, Legs & Feets so far.

I made some progress even if kinda being after most ppl hehe,
got me:

Bale Flanchard +1
Estoquer's Fuseau +1
Sylvan Brague +1


Nq Feet for drg
and seal as follows.

Sylvan Seal hd. 1
Lncr Seal hd. 1
Raid Seal lg. 1
Creed Seal lg. 1
Ferine Seal lg. 1
Rvg Seal Ft. 1
Bale Seal Ft. 2
Lncr Seal Ft. 5
Charis Seal Ft. 1
Charis Seal Lg. 6
Lncr Seal Lg. 5
Unkai Seal Lg. 3
Tantra Seal Lg. 1
Creed Seal Ft. 1

Hope can get some more and get some working parts soon hehe quest are kinda random how good they are some worked fine like he one that made me the 3 i got and well could have made me pup also from that.

Oh and good luck you all others that want gear =) maybe we can team uo for some and try get more for us all.

I sure need learn more ways get them i started good but lol toons of stuff to learn and get right and then some luck also are needed hehe.

tisdag 9 november 2010


Atmas :

Learned about these things recently and yeah they are awesome, get as many you can get your hand on (well in you key items).

Got some so far.

Atma of the Stronghold
Atma of the Harvester
Atma of the Dunes
Atma of the Golden Claw
Atma of the Glutinous Ooze
Atma of the Noxious Bloom
Atma of the Razed Ruins
Atma of the Sanguine Scythe
Atma of the Minkin Monstrosity
Atma of the Murky Miasma
Atma of the Heavens
Atma of Illusions
Atma of the Banisher
Atma of the Sellsword
Atma of Camaraderie
Atma of the Azure sky
Atma of Echoes
Atma of Dread
Atma of Ambition

No clue just now how many there are or even what all does so much else to figure out and to get.
Good hunting all ppl cya in abyssea =)

onsdag 13 oktober 2010

28 dagar senare

Focus now are get ranger, summoner and dark knight 85.

other jobs hopefully also after that as cor, dnc, pld, thf, nin and mnk then possible.

if get them all maxed who know what get up then hehe.

Hunt more for the Af3 still need to get some more than the start hats.

Trial weapons, have some started need comeplete some and then prolly get some more.

Wotg last batch of storyline

Abyssea quests. and mor conflux miss some of the new ares.

Get more into the new drops and stuff and sort out old gear and try get some more salvage parts if can find some ppl do some runs with.

Try Walk of echoes.

and i guess prolly alotta more stuff i havent done or maybe even know yet, haveing some part game break lol really made me feel like oh shit missed alotta lol. Only had time xp the few time been on so far.

cya all out there.

Simply Irresistible

Food and cake talk on ls so yeah here are some smörgåstårtor or as wiki say sandwich cake. Just mix what you like on them =)

can eat to festive times birthdays or lol then you want =)

Panic room

New updates creates problems lol in my cas spaaaaaace for new gear.
Well think i need take a look at my storage and see what can be tossed and what should really save, lots things there as salvage parts and more things.

Shiva's Claws
Nightmare sword
Ifrits Blade
Diabolos Pole
Selenes Bow
Fortune Egg
Orphic Egg
Tsoo's Headgear
Noikzaru Gi
Parade Cuirass
Ea's Dastanas
Sorcerer's Tonban
Ea's Crackows
Aries subligar
Leo Subligar
Sprinter shoes
Hyorin Obi
Rairin Obi
Black Rivet
Ebony Lacquer
VCS reg. card x3
Pantin Taj
Freyr's Jerkin
Enlil's Gambison
Pantin Dastanas
Comm. Trews -1
Etoile Bangles -1
Detonator Belt
Tsukikazu Togi
Njord's Trousers
Freyr's Trouders
Hoshikazu Hakama
NImbus Doublet
Phobos's Sabat.
Enyo's Leggings
Enyo's Gauntlets
Mirage Shalwar
Reverend Mail
Gold stud
Light Filament
Stellar Earring
Gnadbhod's Helm
Filet Lace
Glory Crown
Njord's Jerkin
Njord's Mask
Anu's Gaiters
Shm. Hara-Ate
Fenrir's Torque
Wyrm Beard
Hikazu Hakama
Hoshikazu Tekko
Njord'd Gloves
Tsukikazu Gote
Behemoth Tongue
H.kazu Hachimaki
Mandragora Belt
Rabbit Belt
Drover's Belt
Goblin Belt
Hikazu Kabuto
Shaman's Cloak
Assault Jerkin
Amir Dirs
Luzaf's Ring
Dark Orichalcum
Phobos's Gnt.
Freyr's Mask
Cerise Doublet
Windurstian Ring
Othinus' Bow
Aurum Gauntlets
Aurum Sabatons
Star Necklace
Jelly ring

Yeah thats storage hmm yeah any ide what best toss save wonder how good the maybe salvage gear be with new stuff should i bother try make some. Need space so yeah some old stuff sure have to go time check what are flooting around in rest of bags lol.

onsdag 22 september 2010


Yeah lol last time been a disaster!! but yes will try get some jobs lvled now then new update are out lol still not done the things from last haha i got loads of things to do. Ill better start make me some list to really see what to focus on sorry guys i keep asking about the new stuff just as i feel i havent had time get info.

Just now all feels like i got hit like a giant tidal wave first update and now start se the shore then next one comes and sweeps me away lol. I sure will have loads and loads of stuff to do on 11. No even had time think about try 14 lol. (guess ill do some day as its a FF game tho). Still just played some on 13 hehe.

Yeah pals help me shape up my focus maybe on what needs be done with Abysseas, lvs nm Woe, af3 other new drops, trial weapons and more .

fredag 27 augusti 2010


September new update and more lvs and im still not catched up lol.
But have at least got more time to play as heat not have me on knees anymore but still so much else i need to do see you guys out there then can.


August and end of summer getting near in some way sad i guess but yes i like it somewhat better then not overly hot and can keep clothes on.