onsdag 13 oktober 2010

Panic room

New updates creates problems lol in my cas spaaaaaace for new gear.
Well think i need take a look at my storage and see what can be tossed and what should really save, lots things there as salvage parts and more things.

Shiva's Claws
Nightmare sword
Ifrits Blade
Diabolos Pole
Selenes Bow
Fortune Egg
Orphic Egg
Tsoo's Headgear
Noikzaru Gi
Parade Cuirass
Ea's Dastanas
Sorcerer's Tonban
Ea's Crackows
Aries subligar
Leo Subligar
Sprinter shoes
Hyorin Obi
Rairin Obi
Black Rivet
Ebony Lacquer
VCS reg. card x3
Pantin Taj
Freyr's Jerkin
Enlil's Gambison
Pantin Dastanas
Comm. Trews -1
Etoile Bangles -1
Detonator Belt
Tsukikazu Togi
Njord's Trousers
Freyr's Trouders
Hoshikazu Hakama
NImbus Doublet
Phobos's Sabat.
Enyo's Leggings
Enyo's Gauntlets
Mirage Shalwar
Reverend Mail
Gold stud
Light Filament
Stellar Earring
Gnadbhod's Helm
Filet Lace
Glory Crown
Njord's Jerkin
Njord's Mask
Anu's Gaiters
Shm. Hara-Ate
Fenrir's Torque
Wyrm Beard
Hikazu Hakama
Hoshikazu Tekko
Njord'd Gloves
Tsukikazu Gote
Behemoth Tongue
H.kazu Hachimaki
Mandragora Belt
Rabbit Belt
Drover's Belt
Goblin Belt
Hikazu Kabuto
Shaman's Cloak
Assault Jerkin
Amir Dirs
Luzaf's Ring
Dark Orichalcum
Phobos's Gnt.
Freyr's Mask
Cerise Doublet
Windurstian Ring
Othinus' Bow
Aurum Gauntlets
Aurum Sabatons
Star Necklace
Jelly ring

Yeah thats storage hmm yeah any ide what best toss save wonder how good the maybe salvage gear be with new stuff should i bother try make some. Need space so yeah some old stuff sure have to go time check what are flooting around in rest of bags lol.

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