onsdag 13 oktober 2010

28 dagar senare

Focus now are get ranger, summoner and dark knight 85.

other jobs hopefully also after that as cor, dnc, pld, thf, nin and mnk then possible.

if get them all maxed who know what get up then hehe.

Hunt more for the Af3 still need to get some more than the start hats.

Trial weapons, have some started need comeplete some and then prolly get some more.

Wotg last batch of storyline

Abyssea quests. and mor conflux miss some of the new ares.

Get more into the new drops and stuff and sort out old gear and try get some more salvage parts if can find some ppl do some runs with.

Try Walk of echoes.

and i guess prolly alotta more stuff i havent done or maybe even know yet, haveing some part game break lol really made me feel like oh shit missed alotta lol. Only had time xp the few time been on so far.

cya all out there.

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