tisdag 30 mars 2010

Happy Feet

Latent week on BBQ this week bet that counts as lazy week also, so guess do some else and try pop on for kings then soon easter here also.

Otherwise lack of information are the problem as always in shell cant even get a answer what next week be, but found out we added VNM to weeks and ppl acts like it been there for years "order are same as always" and adds VNM to weeks, well at least my game didnt get VNM until last monday.

Update was fun and VNM have nice prospect as long ppl not overexploit it right away and just burn ppl out on it, dont it the whole cake at once we will get time do it many times =).

The new weapon thing yeah havent had time try that get guess ill get one started ppl are so hyped lol well as long ppl are happy its good =).

New Avatars intresting and not to hard battles and also some added nice items you can get, and SE made a bigger incentive for ppl finish up TOAU.
SE new theme for year also seems to get ppl get the diffrent storylines done.

Made new CS and fights for WOTG mission and i really like that storyline and cs not gonna spoil it here but go do them really fun and first fight not that hard this time around.

see you on game and remember HAVE a FUN TIME!

tisdag 23 mars 2010

Kiss of the Dragon - Yilbegan

Popped the dragon and fighted it until i depop apparently cant move it to much or it do that but we learned some before it left us so just get back at it again =)

Heres some pics tho =) enjoy

The Host - Krabkatoa

Krabkatoa and we got some synergy craft items from it on to hunt for more nms now.

Update here and new nm hunt just now got some pixie nm and fish nm and now also that Big Crab to pop =)

måndag 15 mars 2010


Vrtra try and yeah took us time get the ppl for it and maybe wanstn enough i cant tell how many needed or real tactic as never won that fight. Looked ok at start tho but was apparently some change to its draw in that made kiting impossible mission.

Im still game try again and just hope we can avoid all drama we had for 2nd try, better we fight mob than with ourselves, focus on 1 goal prolly help at that place.

So i hope we can regroup and prove ourselves we can do this as im sure are skill and knowing around to master that fight, we can do it!!! even with the changed made to the mob just might need work out a new start as all old seems out of the window now.

See you there fellow ls mates i have fate in you!!

Replacements killers

So finally got a new salvage tag after some lost assaults with pick up group was close to get it i guess good to go for another salvage after last thursdays mess.
Yeah finally had got time no early meeting friday morning so could go just needed some points but yeah we had a unlucky assault and got sleepaga and lost sucked thats life so no salvage for me, no clue what happend to the other runs now tho hmm.

Point system they made are kinda annoying, its hard get group do high ones for points as friends wants lower ones they need (the hard ones we usally lose) this would present no problem if not was for the tag issue we just havent unlimited on them. Even had to say no to all questions on Nyhl isle recent as i just need tags to try get some points for salvage that now not worked out for me. Found its hard as hell try snag ppl do them with as BBQ take alotta time and also my former ppl i made nyhl isle and assaults with now mostly can play on weekends and yes think all know about how busy weekends are.

Even feel asleep then was time for Xknife this weekend i was just burned out lol well had been sick all week and spent most time in bed so no energy reserve for much else.

Hope for some more salvage again soon be sweet get some more gear and also see the rest get some more, i still aim for my first set done =) some of us havent got full set yet, some have tho and its nice be cool the day we all have a set at least. *Shiny*

söndag 14 mars 2010


Fun day we try Jormungand havent done that since 2005!!!

All for laughs and kicks and the fact that like nearly none had done it or got the win, at least we had a full ally that none had title yet me included i was stuck in the endless adds party 2005. Add party important and key got fight but i was finally able fight the mob and get the title "World Serpent Slayer" just a personal win also as fell finally done Jorm after all the years, good feeling. Think most of ls had fun and yeah we go back beat it soon again for them who not got the title yet.

Great Work on ZNM week spaz sorry we never got to make some saturday as Misc week stole the time and we just made us one flyer kill this week. Hope get that bastard soon lol wanna get rid of more stuff that hog inventory space damn pop itmes.

onsdag 10 mars 2010

Last man standing

Dagmar my old time friend have poped on again, well not the real Dagmar just the char the Galka with a womans name. Still hes on of my first and oldest friends on the game from my start ls i got at lv , and Dag helped me get most advanced jobs and also was ranger in our ls static gogo Daggy if you read this =).

Well nice see him around as our new bank handled with the new and good friend of mine emmaliz, yeah be sure exercise that galka or he soon fill up the mog house lol.


And here you can read more on my friend and see some pics in the July section i made of some on my friends on the game, this are the part about Dagmar.

tisdag 9 mars 2010


HI all been sick last week and still are so kinda been on edge more than usal so sorry if hurt anyones feelings or been bad. Think my patience been short for a time, well hope it wear of soon but its also the seaoson it acts up so guess ill have a time feeling ill headaches and more, but ill try be nice on you all ppl <3 and like have fun times on the game hehe.

Urghh and then i got more sick migrain and more last days have sucked, pills and rest then possible and some game bettween to make time go.......

onsdag 3 mars 2010

The Returner

Will be nice get some old friends back now in march my friends that made me play the game (even if one gonna have to restart as lv due to the damn account hackers, long story).

And the other friends that gonna move back from Hades and maybe more that moved not talked to all but be intresting times to be had =).

See you happily back here friends =)

Spikerot and Tuffsis my real life pals that started game before me and lol finally got me to play :p they probably gonna get back now even if Tuff will have to make a new tuff sadly.

tisdag 2 mars 2010

Final Destination

Finally after so long they open us up same time they merge other smaller servers, be nice can get new ppl and some long lost friends can return also =)

Welcome back friends you who wanna return to us =)

"Regarding the worlds Odin and Bahamut
After the World Merge is complete, the following services will be reinstated:

Character transfers to Odin/Bahamut.
Creating a new character on Odin/Bahamut.
Issuing a Gold World Pass on Odin/Bahamut."

From POL info page.

Be nice as personally i know some ppl that wanted get back here as grass wasnt greener at all on other server.

And yes tried some of the years new ice creams today was ok and icecreams are always good even then eat them out in the snow, now ppl go get a ice cream =) + side no chance they melt then are freezing outside also hehe
New for the Year Magnum GOLD, was a ok icream with cola inside. Not a new favorite but if i are given one id eat it lol. (the ice cream i had today )


Efter en massa språkprat tidigare känner jag bara just nu för att göra en post på svenska.

2010 ett nytt år och mycket nytt, slutade förra året med att Versus sökte till BBQ och vi anslöt till dem som en grupp. OK inte alla men den innersta gruppen som alltid var där OMO, ring, Lucella, Ninjafox, Whmrock, clubber Izman och jag.

Var mycket nytt att lära och vi hade provtiden att klara av för att bli fullvärdiga medlemmar var inget problem bara Lucella behövde en månad till, men luce startade senare i januari så han inte få till räckligt med närvaro.

Jag kände redan folk some Cogila, Potpressure, Lguapo, Rivkkah, Iceblazek i BBQ och har gjort en del saker med några som Blaize, Celestria.

För egen del tyckte jag det var kul att göra nya saker och prova HNMs jag aldrig har kämpat mot förut some Fafnir och flera. Jag har också fått användning av mera av min jobb vilket är kul och mer en utmaning. Paladin har fått en nystart var länge sedan tankade så mycket och har lärt migt så mycket nytt och lär mig mera hela tiden nu =)

Har gjort en hel del ny vänner också som den väldigt trevliga Emmaliz och Meoww som också nu gör limbus med oss.
Spaz är cool kille som verkligen jobbar för lset och en av de trevligastes också.

Jag hade varit i samma shell skal som Yinx, Zorlin, Hectorius, Frantic, Jokkil förut some de som tittat på tidigare skärmbilder kan see =) bara kull att träffa dem igen.

BBQ är trevligt some helhet även om verkar vara en del drama och känslor men hoppas folk kan lösa sina problem och prata, och be om ursäkt om så behövs. Jag har också blivit irriterad, men är bättre nu och är ingen jag hatar även om jag inte älskar alla medlemmar i BBQ.

Just det hittade en anna svenks där också en skåning inte hans fel nu :p lol nah Zakath verkar helt ok och vi hade kul med att prata svenska och hand kunde ge igen för tyskarna some droppar en mass tyska ibland lol.

En massa var ventilerat på forumet nyligen och jag hoppas att det i slutet kanske leder till nått bättre, jag hoppas iallafall. Jag kan inte säga mycket om det eftersom är bara saker före jag anslöt till skalet.

Nu inte ens säkert nån kan läsa detta men ja, jag vill bara skriva nått på svenska så gjorde det =).

OHH ja Valdor och Nixx är ett par väldigt trevliga tarus =)