måndag 30 juni 2008

Sky and heads in the clouds

Summary of my sky Goals and also why i joined Versus.

"Hecatomb Harness"

"Byakko's Haidate"

Still hope to get the Hecta body my reason to join que on pants are long and hopeing some will get there been holding of ninja bit and so but might be time get it done and lol stay on que for some really awesome pants.
Also side note actually missed doing sky lol for some reason.

Cape Torque and what more that is the Question.....

Well took me some time and checked what i want from Sea so will post the things i wont most from sea for now at least as things always change with job lvling =) At present these are my sea intrest.

"Merciful Cape"
"Fortitude Torque"
"Hope Torque"
"Novio Earring"

and maybe ("Altrustic Cape")

sea items are hard come by so its not like i get them all soon and its np maybe can get them over time and want more ppl get some share of the stuff as drops arent that easy for some things GOGO Elf get a Novio. Guess Merc and Novio might make my blm more fun as kinda it been at same spot forever and im very tried of it now need some happen with it lol.


Yes finally get to try this missed out then come as that update killed my game and took long time get reinstalled (3 times over i think was hell) then all formed group and didnt want me to join lol so i just gave up on it then lol.

So happy try it as lol yes im always for try stuff at least just to get to know what it are all about hehe.

Itresting mini Dynamis and guess will know more then tried diffrent of the rooms you apparently can do first was all not bad only thing i really missed was get a place to rest safe (helps for blm as need mp lol and i kept get half dead and move around try rest). Might just been for he stupid bones Aoe but i was lol spending most time try rest instead of nuking and kill so was kinda waste on damage on them.

Tanky tanky oooooh shit

OH and the football final made like all germans dissapear for the dyna run lol left was 21 ppl and i got the assiagnment as main tank as PLD lol and i never even been in dynamis as PLD before and now be the only tank for ls well time to learn i guess.

Dynamis Beu today and wow yes i do much better than i thought and only die once 15 min from end lol big pull lotsa mean stuff and we wipes lol but im very happy i did as good as i did and i also got my SMN body drop good day, but yes i can learn more about tanking dyna and id really wanna try go as PLD again =)

YAY 4/5 on smn relics yes i want my first set on relics also a day but i not as lucky as like Elf that get all he wants from dyna very easy lol i have to fight for like every part i really want lol still want my first dynamis Xarcabard drop after all years i done Dyna now.

Crlms and Nyel Isle Assault

And so getting to Nyel Isle assault as pld i run into my friend Crlmson and had to take a nice screenshot been collecting on friends at times and just are nice lol and here it are =)

Then got to the restart of Nyel Isle assaults lol that thing arent easy and wow we had to replce some ppl and wait for some afk aggro at home lol and whatever just lol that kind of day and first try was a ummm kinda mess up aggroes all sorta and 5 mobs and we wipe lol the memorys well the other runs got alot better and we didn manage win 5 floors but we got alot better and prolly can win next time =) and start get us the gear hehe

Yes feeling are better now then before then try it and we kinda took break from it all now we can manage learn and get somwhere =)

Jig Jig step step waltzes away..............

Oh yes have been working my dancer now as drk got 60 and i have my dancer AF so its turn get 60 and its actaully harder find a party for dancer than drk these days.
I really love the jobs and yes will take it 75 eventually hehe its diffrent and i like the use of tp, they made a new really useful job that are great if used right in party i really makes all so much easier. I made a new good friend at least from lvling dnc Tigga the only person invite me for a week lol so no wonder talked some and also needed a new dyhnamis shell so told about mine hehe. well finally after much seek some parties and little campaign i reached 60 dancer Yippie =)

Death squad hits again

Hehe maybe not as bad but are just us trying campaign again in the week
and yes umm death hit us alot and from far and also just up front lol was a pain get up and continue the whacking at the Fort and the mobs we had a deathaga still had fun with my friends ^^

This week Bastok also got overrun so we assisted them trying help them defend there poor town even if its not my favourite plave its not for beastmean to have no way KIllllllllllll the baddies to the Barricades lol well actually was fun campaign in town also not as bad lag as besiged so more fun fun =)

Hehe and i also got my first wings cool for me and im well aware rest of you lott prolly already maxed them out but i got my first and im happy for that =)

Queen of the bombs

Yes we made BQ run this week and i got to come PLD nice change and really need get my PLD more playtime so i can get it some traning on sky sea events etc and i like tank also (and change jobs and diffrent things) well from last tanking session in sea i know i need work on my PLD/NIN skills hold out im trying team still new to it.

torsdag 26 juni 2008

Mazurka on chocobo

Oh yes we finally got 73 brd blu and i get the mazurka hehe like it and fun fun.
Congrats to my friend Deyon that also reached 75 finally good job man. Now i hope my other friend Tuffsis get 60 soon hes one of them that got me to start play hehe so you can blame him partly for my presence lol.

Dancer going up and down its really hard get parties and lol not sure why ppl maybe just not like them as its not that much more ppl lvling them now oh well i like the job and its more fun lv i now then its not 100 more at same time i enjoy my time as dancer and reached 58 at least 60 soon for full AF on me would be nice.

Made new friend Tigga thx for the parties for my dancer got me 3 lv and a new good friend thats always nice hehe and also recent meet some more nice ppl and of course got some time with my old ones nice nice times with friends and my Esor =) 75 blu soon and we get you rest of spells.

tisdag 24 juni 2008


Had some boring time yesterday then dc all time so tried some mods out just as 50 dc one day kinda wreck any game plans have a look maybe you like some of them. one are a littel much but wanted see how it looked lol


OK time update Assault goals : first of all get rank 10 but i got halted some months ago as i had no clue TOAU missions blocks it >< and most sucky are we just cant win that mission we need to and never get passed 2 months since last try and it was a mess and not sure then ppl wanna try again maybe next year with this rate of succes......... we suck or its just that super super hard.

Guess ill try get my Pahluwan set, seems hard maybe i can find a easy one and logg friends char on and solo some of them hmm . Have only body so far and about 10k points at 2 of the places and 15k antoher and the last think about 2k gonna take time but want set.

No rank 10 possible kinda really shot down my Captain plans.....................................................................................................................................................................

still need alotta of assualts.

Leujaoam Sanctum : points 23786

Supplies Recovery (6)

Mamool Ja Training Grounds : points 19553

Azure Ailments (9)

Lebros Cavern : points 16136

Egg Conservation (8)

Periqia : points 7401

Stop the Bloodshed (6)
Operation: Snake Eyes (8)
Wake the Puppet (9)

Ilrusi Atoll : points 24090

Apkallu Seizure (6)
Deserter (8)
Desperately Seeking Cephalopods (9)

ANd then of course all rank 10 once

Ilrusi Atoll : Bellerophon's Bliss
Periqia : The Prince is Right
Lebros Cavern : Better Than One
Mamool Ja Training Grounds : The Susanoo Shuffle
Leujaoam Sanctum: Bloody Rondo


another week lefts past so a little look at what gained :
Justice swords nice sword will help my str alot as im mithra and combo with joyuse, and my good friend Crlm also got one.
Bid for Nashira turban as none else did and it drop (tactic bid as i cant outlott ppl)
Brd/blu with Esor yes um up and down week bad timeing no ppl bad ppl etc but well we got alot more near lv 73 should get that this week.
Dancer no party all week seek 6hrs and nothing and lol not much to make parties on finally new made frend "Tigga" gets me and after long time party i gain 3 lvs so week feels saved for dancer. and gained a friend,
Lose lot again on Nbody its just not mean ill get it.
Dynamis wendsday of course they have maintenace again on our time slot not first and definatly not last i guess that about 20th run that happend to, Dynamis-Tav first time for ls and me also we do very very well some wipes at late on run and we lost boss but over all very well done and we learned alot for next.
JOL also this week and it drops torque which OMo get i think at least hehe. Halbeard no clue who got.
oh and Also get some assaults points monday.

thats the week on game for short but the most are in and Best of week was i finally got to party with Esor again.

torsdag 19 juni 2008

Halftime nearly...

So nearly half a year gone by an time see what i want still maybe see if i cant list the 10 most things (consider what are possible means skippin any HNM drops and such as i never get those)

1. Hectacomb body
2. Dualist Chapeau
3. Homan pants
4. Narshira Body
5. Byakkos Haidate
6. Scouts jerkin
7. Homan feets
8. Wyrma armet
9. Narshira Legs
10. summoner Horn

Think thats it and in correct order always hard order anything and maybe should out them in order of there diffrent event thing as still are some sea things i want but new to sea and older stuff kinda have prio on them for me as of now.

I dont know.......

.....why i feel like this something happend to me last night at kirin, feel like i snapped or broke its no fun and i feel empty just passed the point on more time and its was to much. Feel horrible but cant shake it cant just cant sigh, and im sorry spread some gloomy feelings around so so sorry cant blame anyone its just .....sad dont know, dont want to feel so cant help it tho...wont pass and i hate it.

Sorry you all ppl im just broken and wanna give all up.......

onsdag 18 juni 2008

Wishes new adventures challanges!

Played game for some years now still are some things id like to try that i newer have done. Things like :

Zeni NMS
ENMS i not done (tried some)

HNMs as i only done Jorm and Vrtra and pretty much not even seen any of the others like Aspir, Fafnir etc lol dont even know which it are mostly would be fun fight them at sometime.

Maybe should try brenner and Diorama also as never done those either

so still stuff i never done after play what are it npw 4-5 years lol

Salvage i need get more time for put it of a bit trying complete assault ranks to 10 and get me paw set and well work but think ill try chip in s i started get fun and i also learned it and want to learn more and some point in future i want some of the gear also.
Nyhle isle assault i also want more of not just the 5 first floors i wanna try more of it hehe

Sky im more done with tho joined again for Nbody and hopefully later haidate but im not the lot lucky so prolly just should go and help on sky runs and be satisfied.

Sea is still new and kinda we learn and get nms more around fun and also annoying at times just gotta help ppl get there torques and maybe also pick some up later think hope someday for ranger and justice later on for sword, sea got me love so i kinda happy there and hope to get ppl some of theres first =) now

Limbus yes fun most with the nice team still need coins and should also upgrade some AF like redmage hat but main reason are to get some more Homan and Narshira gear main reason for doing it. Homan pants mm would be nice lol

Dynamis oh yes the neverending runs fun boring dying and just sucky its really goes up and down the improved drop rate maybe can get me some from xar finally and we also reached point to start do Tav runs will be intresting hehe lol and i need really get some sets complete if not just as i need the space. PLease give me some drop luck and also lot luck if it comes to that point never won any here either like in sky (bid system works better for me cost alotta points tho lol)

think still are some nms for me to hunt maybe try for Vhalis bow someday but now im just proud my girl Esor got hers ^^ more happy than if i got i myself

Merits yes i should ask around on jobs and see what i should really try get i been lazy or well not right word i really not like meriting (fun if can with friends as then its more hang with friends) but well i suck alot compared to others 75s so guess i need them darn not like feel forced to get stuff im really here for the fun. Wonder why some ppl forget that have fun on game makes it much more fun lol.

BCNMS yes need use up some seals and i want to try my luck at a KS99 nothing i never done and well could need the gils if i get any.

guess this covers alot but im sure i missed alot also like complete all unfinished story lined like aht Urgan one but we really suck on gear fight 10 lost tries or something (once we get to final boss but run out of time and lives) its just damn hard for us or are we just that bad i cant tell really.

Sing songs run run mantel time!!!

YAY some good after hard work with Rowanne and Jazira ill finally manage catch bard up in campaign and can use my set now hehe =)here goes pick of me in it also yay bard getting where take me on the road Esor and were 75 soon both of us now ppl asssist us in party the last way to 75 for us ^^ fun times yes please join the blu/brd team =)


Yes we die or actually get KOed ingame!! it do happens.

We all have our approch to it i guess this are mine and none else all have there own reason to think and feel how they do.
I dont like it nope i dont, but its a part of game and lol would be very boring if couldnt happen so dont get me wrong now, game needs the deaths and the risk.
Even the risk of xp loss that are not as fun as i played wow a bit and for some reason dying there kinda more have ups at times as you just run back and only really bad are gear get hurt which arent hard to fix so kinda death there feels like meh and game lost alot of of the risk to it for me.

On FF die wait for raise or try get on or friends try get you its adds the more dimension and risk to game and also makes it more worth help your fellow friend keep them alive as it hurts then they die as it makes group weaker and take resource to get them up. rr helps but as times are forgotten wear of or just you get pawned getting up again and are flat on the ground eating dirt again.

As i said i dont like dying but for a good cause its ok or well feel better like die over saving party friends or some like that and of course as tank you try take it so rest will live and not die its your job so no time for second thought (still dont like to die) but if i started like it or not care i guess ill really would be bored of game and it lose so much appeal for me thats prolly the day i stop play the game i guess. (thats how i feel and i dont now look down on you if you like go die 10 times in row thats your thing not mine and if you like that ok i just dont.

Some know i never also deathwarped on game even as lv 1 job on purpose (even took me some time get the feeling it was ok do as ninja with mijin Gakure) think are some feeling of waste the xp earned and ppl helped earned i just feel bad do it so i wont deathwarp i rather walk back (learned bring warps). Hping sucks even more than dying and yes i have laid there for an hour more than once and i cant get me to hp just hard cant do it and well some point i have then impossible raise place and so still hurts and i dont like it.

Hope you know now i wont either run away leave ppl in party or friends im usally the one staying and dying as friends mean more to me or taking care of party so yes i die kinda frequent umm especially as my whm i did as i just hate even more have ppl die even if can mean i not make it. Recent i died trying safe friend that um tried dl job on purpose (drama thing i just happen run into) well i healed and got my whm killed should have rr before i guess opps well it made at least friend stop and go get whm and raise me so guess death was good even if i didnt like to die.

Well now you know some about how i feel about this issue and yes post are kinda written on feeling so kinda messy maybe but its a complexed thing to describe.

Now you all stay alive please dont die i dont like it!!!! Especially you friends and not on purpose


Guess ill just vent some here if anyone read or not shit the same just pissed of and had a not good day. First things i cant even tell as kinda involve other ppl so lets just say its not the best things. Sky and kirin today again and well try for Nbody once again i just cant win that lot for it.

First kirin works fine for ls, worst kirrin i ever had as smn die 3 times top score before as smn 1 orz just this kind of day and i only get to bp of it whole fight very very bad smn performance << ashmed of myself (feeling are should come whm and made some use). lol and drops are pole and r3 scroll 3 wind crystals damnit

Well 2nd oh yes much better i get some bps of try stay longer from kirin but umm guess should have been closer stoneskin more and curaga2 as last fight and DD party prolly lived and just i died as last one sorry for that but we won even if was a little more messy i think better drops at least shinning cloth NBody pole

not sure if i even dare lot but doooo 77 lot crap....... hate it now sorry all just hate the lotting i cant get right.

Shanelle my very dear friend wins and im very happy for her she will be nice in it and she not the bes lotter either might be the 2nd worst i know to me tho GRATS SHAN !!!

Well for some reason cant manage get this main thing i joined sky again 2nd thing are Haidate but ninja 67 so kinda taking that one easy Nbody i really wanted before i started wish could turn in some other drops from sky for it, oh well needed to vent some as fellin crappy and bit lost on my lotting.

Shell are nice as always and best i have had for sky like most ppl (dont know some so well but them i know i like) and its a general feel good feeling.
And Omo have managed keep it together good so dont feel bad its a fine shell and nothing are perfect keep up the good work and if you feel your time are more limited get some more involved in help run it =) we have some nice more leads so might be all fine with them or just get some more im sure most ppl will try for ls ^^

Wyrm Ulitma and more

Dynamis beau seems they helped the drop rate on it as we got some more than usal 3 brds Drg thf rdm smn whm not bad and i got me Wyrm mail and brd body oh nice 4/5 on wyrm now to get helm a day umm after Esor got hers. I want my first xar drop hope will come this year =) sea time we kill hope x 3 no drop though darn well better luck next time Highlife =)

Monday Ultima hehe good fight and we get some niiiiiice drop 3 drops me Turban, Invy Hands and Pot the body grats to my fellow ls members =)
And here we are after getting our parts =)

måndag 9 juni 2008


And here sitting wating under maintenace again hmm no limbus today oh well should soon be able to get on them like all time as last day on this work tomorrow and time seeek for new again lol but i wont be all sad if get some weeks of but hope for a new of course lol. well at least can make some more events in mean time and maye not be all tired and pass out also lol. Sea and sky this week lets see if any fun and i wait for some more KS99 runs and hey maybe some more fun other events hehe.


Lol so finally made Dynamis as run leader yes are alot to fix and keep ppl in order and first of all have them change jobs lol. All together it was a nice run no wipes no other execessive dying and decent drops and i got thanks for a good run so feels good and of course couldnt have made it without the crew hehe.I know better now what make better next run that are mine.

And lol this was not mine run hehe as mine was sandy and a little less messy

Sorry was late for Sea and prudence trying work out the admin setup for points well made it finally lol all in german so took some skill and guessing lol.

Nice Prudence run after i come at least heard was some bad before just a bummer no torque darn hope we get one soon.

Found A Pic from our Divine Might run also so adds it here and yes got me new earring instead of the old Abyssal Suppa now.

lördag 7 juni 2008

Joy my Esor

Happy get my girl back for playing some ^^ campaign all day lol but need points and xp, and its fun times=) Welcome BACK DEAR!!!!

More fun hmm yes Sky and byakkos nice nice Esor cant go so get on lots for Nhand =) and wow drops on first mine as only me prio lot ^^ wish Esor get her next one she can go on. we also got some haidate very nice Grats you guys and rest what got what they wanted =) and im so very sorry passed out most on 3rd byakko >< darn had hoped make limbus but sigh wont work then eyes shut down are more i know just really had to miss some lately now i wanna get in the runs more and was no work day after even oh well sometimes nothing we can do hope run was goood.

hugs for Esor

more planning for the dyna run sunday lol just me trying be ready lead or not wipe ls lol

Ill get back to what after and tell how it was-

hmm oh yes tanked or at least tried to in sea first time ever and /nin that not used on PLD fun but lol yes i need more training on that héhe.

Also made 60 on my Drk =) full AF time hehe maybe not in xp party tho lol