tisdag 18 maj 2010

Bring it on

So Birthday again lol another year passed buy with playing also and anniversary same time as have bday as usal always nice month of may goes fast and wow sooooooooooo hot now like summer already here hehe.

Was so nice have Leanaci over for a visit, you sure are welcome soon again =). Who know maybe someone else come make a visit someday also your welcome my friends and sure ill make some visits to some more ill love to at least =).

Game yeah hardly had time play spring clean visit running on bdays and more real life events sooooooo sooo busy here this time but good part are i get more longing for game hehe, ill be back be so sure both to more regular things as BBQ, just rl then game hehe.

well all for now more cake buns and coffe and then roll to bed or maybe play some hehe.