måndag 26 maj 2008

A corsairs Adventure

It was a day a corsair that did wake of her slumber and thought she need improve her lv and get out and join the world again.

Dusts of my old nocturne gear and get out in world seeking my luck and a party and bring some new nice shining dices. Founds we still are well wanted and are picked up for some partying in crawlers nest this was long time ago but ill soon get with the surrodings, moisty and green, ill get the pulling job added to my cards suits me i like it. I go for the soldier crawlers as we still are 42 and need rise to new lvs before we can take much more on but as they are in short supply as more parties are around we decide get some flies works out ok but we hurt some from the continued bad party attacks and have some case of koing. (still ill live until a Exoray catch my tail and makes me a doorrug for the secret room, oh well rdm stich me up ok and after a little rest i runs for more) we do good and after some ppl changes and hours i get 45. oh yes ill getting some in the world.
Gets me a rest for a week before ill try my luck again ouch for some reason none want my service today was i what bad last? or just bad day or ill just need some luck hmm take me some hours but gives me some time have some chatt with my ls ppl but yay finally catch me a party of ill go to Altep we join midd zone find us a spot at the sandy mountain and ill of course start pull all the beetles around doging the antis and the cactuars, we a bit high but its fast xp, but soon most get a lv so we move down in quicksand caves ohh sandy scare place for a 46 corsair we get the beetle om my they bang our 45 pld so good but we are a tight team kill it and get more but are a lv 50 party here also so are short supply of beetles but i hear from friends in that part the 51 tank sucks and lol we can conclude we do better at lv 46 than they do at 50 lol, thanks my friend for the talk and after a bit due to lack of beetles and so we make our way to Garlaige citadel oh good Bats and beetles rawr ill get my claws on them as i start pick up on my job again and we kill them good and get lvs that surely imptoves our skill and fast killing good party and fun times =)make 47 before the end comes and we all part as friends =).

After a break for food and other needed things ill try my luck and yes some of the last weeks party ppl gets me again of for crawlers nest again hehe rumble crawlers here i come get aggro on way orz light shot saves me i sneak of to party trying lose aggro but ors the darn crawlers gets his cousins and sniff me up and gangsmack me oh well at least i made a somwhat entrance lol. The Patch me up and we kill beetles and crawlers but are cornerd in by some other parties and after blm have some deathaga we decide try quicksand caves, warps a way and gather there.
Now im getting tired not the best as puller and i umm runs like all over at times not sure if awake or not orz after sometime ill have to tell them i need be replaced but manage stay the few for 48 =) then ill get my d2 and well earned sleep in mog house.

Day After dyna day and sky/sea day but i hope get somewhere but today its like nono to get me some party so i walk around windy clean mog house buy lottery tickets and wow finally get me a party yay, im the replace and ppl are kinda leaving so short time but gets me nearly half lv at least then back on seek again. After a bit My friend Ashhhhhh pops in and ask should we try make a party oh sure we try that after a bit get the nin seeking in my shell and some more and we head out umm most full well we decide lets raid Garlaige citadell orz many parties we camp on the side until we can get a good camp and xp come little slow but fairly ok even if we not made the best party it happens, time goes and ill have to leave for dyna but gets 49 so just one more before the main goal for my new adventure to get acces for the pirate gear quest.

Now day after im walking the paths of windy and wating for party and lol as i write this line i get one haha more about it later =)

OMG Homan Corazza!!!!!!!

What a day i had or night to friday!!!

First we do kirrin burn my my first time and it goes very well i do ok as drg and we kick his as twice hehe. First we get wlegs osode and 2 shining cloths nice nice drops =) 2nd finally a N-Body drops that took its time lol but lol i lot shitty as per regular and dont get it But Grats Raikoh. Ill get some day else. Right after we do limbus (3am for me lol, but stayed so far guess hold on some more) Im up for Homan Corazza, but now then time enter i dc ok i think i just get back on, but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO i try try reboot check net and everthing it just wont let me on as i keep trying im about go get sleep as not much time before work but im pissed still so try get on more, and after 30 min + i finally get on AND RUN ARE OVE!!! Horror bet damn thing have dropped and i missed it sigh. Not the most happy camper, but now i say hi and they like oh shit invite invite i get it and woooooooot can lot as it has dropped but not pooled yet omg i lot and get with liké 2-3 sec to give phewwwwwww heart attack for less. Im happy tired thrilled thankful lol omg Thank you all ls and friend and for the grats help cheering on i really appreciate it =) Pot nice and take me to mhura so i can get my gear ohh looks pretty as mithra ^^ pic will come later as other pc still has them and lol i haven had time fix it yet but be assured youll see me a place near you soon in it =)


fredag 23 maj 2008

Busy times

work game work maybe sleep lol well hard to cope but make some events at least and also as most know had another bday the 18th and got some NIN relic feets always nice hehe.

Otherwise mostly been working on Nin, Brd, Drk, Cor, Dnc lol yes im nuts so cant just stay on one lol Got some advice for Drk Gear and think got me a new friend for the help on Cor. I need learn the dice thing better and a bit rusty as not played it since 29th Nov restarted it again the 16th may.

Made some very nice new friends last weeks and still got the best of ones still, mkiss Esor now tho and other good friend said she lost net hope she can get back soon.

OH lol now the marble bying are up getting some on mule hey maybe i can get a little lucky, Got Esor marbles also today be sure she wont be left without and working on mines zins flares and vhalis lol.

Present work to 10th of june so busy work times as its at a school field trips funny stuffs etc lol fun but takes time.

After that i might have alot more time bugg you all allot more hehe beware.

Rawr kitty are still here with claws.

lördag 10 maj 2008

Lumber Jack

Me Esor and a ls friend made some Avatar killing and on way¨back we run over Lumber Jack that we duoed as um friend was lower lv and got wiped, took its time as me and esor was on rdm but fun.


May good months but so busy month and now so warm summer are coming fast and we soon are there hehe, see you all around an maybe some more that pops on ff over summer well see what happen =)

Recent problems got sick last sea run think alot due to to much sun orz but better now and trying keep the water balance up, have some thing that make that very important for me or i dry out and feel so bad oh well just time to adjust to the warmth.

Another thing are PC problems must prolly reinstall main pc from scratch sigh it pretty much only run FFXI now lol well that wont due in long run mail and all that like browse the net are kinda nice to do (are on my lapt op just now) so if i get lost some days you know why, might take the time look over router and stuff also as beem strange connection lately to net.

Thank you all versus ppl for the help and grats for my recent drops i am so happy and of course owe them all to you, so now onto get you all the rest of them also hehe. thankfully kitty

My Esor been busy lately so missed or gone around her that will be ok but yes i miss her alot, <3 for you dear cya soon.

Thank you Jess for the grats on your blogg my friend=) and ring also mentioned it thanks man.

working on pictures but as of now they are on my other pc.i see alot of work with upcoming vista reinstallation sigh gonna take so much tweak all old programs back in working order for it again and all download FFXI also sigh.ill be sure save the macros and upload them also. Btw hope you ppl realise you can for safty or just to get them on oter machine to have same or even if you share account have your friends macros also it works fine as real flare uploaded his macros and i downloaded them now i can try his ones out =)

All the best of May to you and lol yes see i get my bday soon here also lol now of to try get dancer 50 my thing for the weekend i wanna start AF hehe still at 48 but wish me luck =)

fredag 9 maj 2008

Dynamis Lead hmm

Got question before last dynamis run in qufim if i maybe think i can run some runs hmm, seems some ppl have dropped my name for that job lol.

Did run sky runs as lead so hmm might be able do some dynamis so said i can make a try at least and just need make sure i learn what i need and so (more than making the setups) lol scary me run Dynamis, but might be a challange hehe, ls needs some more for it so ill help out if i can. Ill get back on this subject later again lol

ohh forgotten drop!

In all the other nice things i nearly forgot i got the koenig hand drop finally for pld always nice have and now to make our how and then use them as have valuor since long but nice sky drop and seems i had a really nice streak of drops and also Esor got some luck and her Vbow (same day as i got my love gear) time rewize the pld macros maybe ill take a look hehe

torsdag 8 maj 2008


OMG cant belive this JOL run and as most should know the Love Torque and i get the drop OMG still cant get it really and so happy =)

AND CURSE BROKEN!!!!!!!!!! first time i outlott anyone for Gear Sea/sky/dyanmis/limbus WOW finally and lol was a mayour thing also.

was so tired that day and stayed up late to help all out (less than 3 hr sleep before work) well now i can just say it was more than well worth it lol and also got the Love Halberd (didnt see that at first in the commution) hehe

THANK YOU ALL and all ls im really greatful and now we have to shake out some more torques for the ppl hehe =) Bows for you and thanks for have me join the Ls Omo.

Now as Esor said yes i need learn and tweak my Drg macros, and actually my meele macros, especially the gear/ws swapping onces, i have decent lvling macros but still need get more creative DD macros (lotta change to all the mages macros i have got mostly done by now, always still some place for improvement =)

Just now lost for more words to say about this lol and its still some days after hehe i prolly add more later or post another place, only wanna say just now wish all ls the torques they do want =)


WOOT!!!!! Ultima runs and im up for Nashira Gages and they drop ohhhhhhhhhhhhh damn its good and for some reason i do end up only lotter, oh my my smn really getting there i want, have all the really mayour things now. Time check on smaller and and the nice to have parts now.

THANK YOU ALL!!! that helped me in get them im really really very happy love smn and now it so much more nicer =)

Hard belive i got them was my first part of any of the Limbus set yay now to get some homan and also have to check what more Nashira part it was i wanted now =)


LOl my blogg found it again finally bettween work and game wow time where are it never have any spare, getting better now then i more learned time sleep and stuff still 2-3 hrs sleep nights stacking up do tire me out oh well ill try get on for some sky sea etc runs still like have fun with ppl hehe.

So yes work pay games still take times away its kinda must thingy we live with hugs ppl i know the thing about get all to work.

Game oh yes have been some things done and more to come, Brd 70 and Esor my <3 blue 70 YAY we are good on way ill get more thenever she feel ready again get me and go of for more parties hehe. 75 this year im sure then hmm maybe soon maybe later, she are hooked on ranger now and im so happy she decide still get on her ranger, that i supported and she made good job get the gear she want.

Grats Dear wife on the Vbow it was more than well earned you fighted camped and outclaimed ppl for it and you got it =) Im so proud of you =)
Will enjoy go arrow burn with you a day later on .

Drk 55 now and thank you Tohmane for the little gear guide you made it helps me and ill keep on working on it.

Dancer 46 and going well fun fun

Cor 42 still are wating to get up but will come now then got all gear back from my dear Esor =)

Ninja 65 yes been slacking but 62-65 in campaign should take some time and get my ninja but 75 i guess lol and also learn get better (i dont suck i think but oh yes i think i can be alot better lol)

Gears will be on seperate posts as it has there own stories and some are very big for me so read them hehe soon here.