lördag 14 februari 2009

The English Patient

Swedish to english yes i have some issues at times with english even if im happy have enough skill to make me understood mostly by ppl.

Sometimes i do think tho that ppl born with english as there first language forget not all has it at native langauge, not to flame you for that tho lol i can see why it happens. And sweden are a minor country compared to US or Britain. Swedish are only the 69 of spoken languages in the worlds there english are the number 1.

But from point swedish are my first language and english my second (do have some other skills in german and french and so also).

Back to english not to hard learn to a level you can get understood and understand basic things. But having other base language make me make some mistakes and prolly also speak funny or write strange.

From my point of view english is kinda written backwards grammatically (prolly spelled that wrong now lol) So i suspect i frequent cast words in wrong order in english lol and thing are i dont even see it sometimes, sometimes i do see it after tho lol. Then we also have the versions there i not sure if was that english or did i make it swenglish now hmm.

As some now know and understand i usally play late or night time which mean getting tired not really improve my spelling skills. Your 6 pm are my midnight and its not like i never are up during day time here, kinda have rl isssues to handle also lol.

More about spelling i do mix up words like where and there, what and that dont worry i actually know them and what they mean. Thing are they sound very much the same to me so means i need sometime think about how they sound before get which it are and well sometimes i just write and miss it put a what instead or a that, and yes i do get that it confuse ppl. Made a bad one mixed up soap and soup, (two that also sound simular to me) and yes shan im sure i dont eat soap lol. Swedish for soap = tvål and Soup = soppa. Just to illustrate im very used to 2 very diffrent words.

One Issue i started to get are the so annoying am and pm (even checked up what they mean its latin shorts btw if you wanted to know). im used to 24hrs systems so i auto know if i type 8 its in the former part of they day and 20 are in the evening. ok was to hard get pm are late and am early its just 12 pm and 12 am that screws me over lol. and lol now i forgot again but think 12 am are midnight lol.

Farenheit i can live with i just lol each time look for a converter yes i know you just wanna be diffrent than the Eu ppl, have fun with your miles inches etc lol are ways convert them anyways. no hard feelings.

some what got me more was the way of write dates your do like 2/11 for 11 february and we do 11/2 so if i dont show up you know why im just coming there another day :p

Now after calling you backwards lol i do <3 you friends, but maybe maybe this can tell you somethings why i might frustrate you as hell and my english are freakish strange at times.

ON side not and a very important one, i try type fast and then also not spellcheck its bang bang bang on keys "enter" then OMG i screwed that one up badly lol ok hope they get it, yes believe it im lazy me to and not correct everything (ok not need send me a long mail with this blogpost with red notes, i am sure some are wrong here also). I guess i can go about type slower and also check spelling and correct grammar in game will just take me alotta time or ill just talk to you in swedish hey thats great why dont you all just learn swedish?.

Nothing meant to offend any enlgish ppl or so just my little perspective on haveing diffrent native language and culture.

fredag 13 februari 2009

Spirited Away

Thank you vaully for trying help me with my pc, not sure did anything. Mostly seems all efforts are to no avail. still greatful for all help ppl trying.
I also are sorry for past weeks as it stressed me out alot and well it made me get that 3 days migrain and also made me sick. Ruined also some of my applications for works really mayor sigh.

Sorry all ppl been on edge gave many hard time and been soon to get irratated, falling asleep missing times just lost track of much and hard on focus and it bugs me also <3 you guys and still you and game been only that made my mind get of something at times. and sure needed that. So thank you all.

Thank you Kura all even if you trying use swedish OP wasnt so easy lol.

and here it are vaully (for vaull he know why lol)

torsdag 12 februari 2009

Wonderful days

Odin time for einhjar my first try at this hehe, ranger for the day and i see soon why ranger are a good choice hehe. Love be on ranger again need get it out more and more. Fight easy and i say as well planned and all get there part to do and do very well as i can see from my ranger corner smooth (sure can get bad real fast with bad plans).

We win and 3 things drop hear are kinda low drop but shanelle get very lucky she get W body and W head =) congratulations shan very very nice you lucky lady, ill take a time here and tell she had some real good weeks in getting things.

She got her Byakkos haidate and narshira gloves recent also and her Dualist Tabards.
And last JOL she got Novio earring shan go get a lottery ticket your super lucky just now great start of your year =). For all of you that not know shanelle shes one of the most kinda persons on game that care of other ppl and try lend a hand thenever, shan also stop worry we love you never heard anyone not do happy be your friend =).

no pics of shan and crimson yet hope to catch her on a ss soon and post here with full set.

On side note yeah im super happy also got my Byakkos haidate same day as shan hehe will submit pic later

Drive me crazy

Party as thf come scares but Klutz appered on ls and wanted ppl for party me thf and Esor pup was eager party fun with friends and lol yes pup and thf are the first ppl that get invites (pup being the worst in game id say for invites, personally i got more invites as bst).

We happy join the Drg and soon get a full party and head to do imps at ceadra mirre camp past the alz ruins hehe nice free camp we at lv 68 (me 66 just happe be with).

As i dont mostl lower caps i forgot i had got sharkbite and can do light with drg, this are about me and klutz trying do light skillchain, easy to say i start with mess first up ok fix macros should be ok then i goff and goes first opps im closer, next lol klutz miss her ws. And also trying kill imps in bettween actually we trying ws it gets of amnezia and block out out completly about 10 tries in row it do is just as Klutz ws and leave me blocked lol. This goes on to the part we so just wanna get a light sc of lol not really care for xp anymore we just wanna do light on that damn imp. maybe about 45 min in partying we finally get it off WOW we manage and lol we get very happy just for a little thing that making a sc hehe was a really funny party.

Members said so also lol very funny party as we cursed and got more and more frustrated lol. well im sure we never broke 10 sc with light all party time but we had fun hehe. =) just show how a utter failure in this game can be more fun than succes sometimes (ok we made some sc so no all failed but anyways).


Dynamis day and takes forever to start it oh well they got brd rotation down finally.

DD Drk for Zerg Animated shield today and that fight goes fast and smooth and we finally win and versailles get his itme for upgrade ^^ some nice drops also.

Best thing Esor get her Scout jerkin and completes set yay GRATS ESOR !!!!

Campaign my thf and reach 67 finally hehe slow but it getting there.

Run into Sandworm by chance the guys decide get over after a while but Ressu claims then Kallo try well was kinda fun see it again and see some fight it also oh well lol maybe next time.

Aka need some help get coffer key so go help and get rdm ws points, sadly enough i get a freaky death no comment sigh. Oh well aka gets his key and i get some skills in end now 129/16000 work in progress then next weapon.

onsdag 11 februari 2009

Red Scorpion

And so i finally got my butt of and started the ws for rdm new ws Vorpal Sword going, 24/16000 so far more ws are coming then have dancer to do and really hope i can get my drg weapon want drakesbane really bad. Grats Aka to your new ws was fun join and get me some and we made rapeaga on the crabs and scorps.

fredag 6 februari 2009

Legally Blonde

OK this are actually a real keyboard lol

So next question are do you want one or do you need one ?

torsdag 5 februari 2009


Time for bst AF easy get the feets with shan we both got them and started hands that we kicked DS butt for today hehe, i also spent time get my other coffer keys so just the last quest fight now then hehe.

onsdag 4 februari 2009

Love Actually

Sky day and kirrin so stuff away blm gear and get thf for some campaign and party with friends first and make smn ready for later.

Campaign goes a bit slow but make 5.8k never bad then join my rl friends for some partying hehe a all swedish party fun fun and goes well.

Then time get smn butt to sky and do some farming 4 smn really kicks some as on the nms lol we det Despot fast and get call MG up so we get that ball and crush it and then back to steamcleaner and lol yeah we get lucky and get that also so very nice drop day hehe.

Then todays surprise no kirin , its Love actually JOL day not bad think some complain its ok i just lol get some problems change as lol didnt think id have to sorry took time just wasnt ready. Jol goes ok i guess dumb pets one shot me sometimes as usal urrgh . But in end we get some nice drop Novio and Love halbeard and hmm now im not sure but think we got torque also. Grats shanelle on Novio grats to rest i missed who got in all confusion then AV raped you guys lol.

Of for Einhjar and lol damn yeah got my gear plans screwed of for the day so take more time change wish we get more space this are painful and makes it hard adapt to sudden gear changes.

We do a t3 and goes very well at least from what i see it being my first t3 run fun fun and we win so now i can finally try that little Odin fella rawwr.

after this it gets foggy think i pass out was kinda tired and nose was all clogged up zzz

tisdag 3 februari 2009


This year also thought i try more on maat quest so have gone fight maat some more started on some test i had kinda handy and nice get rid of them also.

First out was Brd at Qubin arena, no to bad keept my songs on like peyon but brd are slow killer so i got to 300hp before win was mine still felt kinda safe.

Ninja next at Chamber of oracles esor come with for doors and to meet maat as sam, Ninja was more easy just dance around take shadows of game then do the best damagae and in fact he made poor the best was his 2hr blow up witch just made me win with a easy Jin. Esor then made a fast ws combo as sam on him and no maat no more lol.

Ok and today got bored seek as thf sa checked test and have drg pld rdm

Its time try drg, Rowanne follow me this time for the damn weight doors lol would be nice if they made it a way you can get to a solo fight alone. Drg maat get 100% tp and penta thrust, jump, high jump ohh win lol took 10 sec was surpried as easy it was

Paladin at Qubin arena ok make some tank and ws setup yes i had time and was bored enter buffs and get 100% just to make sure, and yes this takes longer much due to fact pld arent the most hard hitting job but then again had no real problem with maats hit he got me in yellow but nothing some cures can help after he had used his invincible it was just a matter of time and finally win. .

Notes beat Maat as blm long ago was a tight fight and i won just barely with think 12 hp and 10 mp like left but was my first ever try and i was happy win =)

måndag 2 februari 2009

Red Dragon

Back on events again nice and i dc less and pc dont crash or restart on me (yet anyways) feels better.

Dynamis xar and we have a somewhat poor run again 4 drops lol well that 100% more than run before but a 20 drop run there be nice are so many ppl needing things.
We also try animated shield and smack it fast umm no drop seems we need kill all nms for 100% drop just a little miss shit happens we do i next time. Blm get massacred again yeah i need get my blm more on vacation its silly how much i get to be on a job that are semi retired ( trying do other jobs get back to blm later and after i merit it some more).

Paus and next sky i venture up as smn as it was said kirin day and yes we are just killing suzy bird first while gather ppl and get in order and frankly most ppl dont even wont any from regular gods anymore mostly kills for seal, well Byakko are prolly still in kinda high demand i think.

Kirin yes i did last one thursday and i still on my venture get Nbody that i been since joined versus 2007 no drop this day maybe better sunday its me and Izzy again he at least have better luck then its not pants or we sure be stuck here a year :p
A little low maned job and we have the silly warp keep some ppl out for long yes SE need make some stairs up or something so no need have all ppl wait for some few unlucky all time getting silly now.

Pop and we killing the minis umm a bit slow so they pop pop a little fast over lapping but we hold together even with some deaths and so get nice use on smn 2hr and have fennie smack byakko good goo fennie!!!! we get all 4 down and can lick our wound and treat the hurted and raise the dead and get on kirrins case. We got this down so only take some little more time as we arent full ally but no real problem dont even think 2hr kill someone maybe the odd one.
All must come to a end and it does and my Diabolos makes the final blow for the day Nether blast for the win. and we get a Nbody drop nice Iz lots 971 and i um 190 or so lol well used to that now my 5 or 6th lost lot. Congratulations Izman well earned for you netherless always nice get ppl things.

Salvage time later and ill come drg, no clue whats up this run as i manage get hate and die 4 times didnt even trying lol was passing or lotting items and usally i dont get hate over Q or Iz or ring for that part, lol guys was you sleeping :p Well much thanks to hir keep raseing me. We go on one of those pop ramparts and kill bees and yay nm pops and drop omg nice hir get his feet !!!! on more NM wow drop i get feet NM drop illi get feet!! lol coolers feet day 3 drops very nice. Grats Guys. Boss fight hmm we have a off day with nm and hes a pain in the butt turn then ws on kills ppl alotta and we end up lose well cant win them all hehe. but in all a good run.

söndag 1 februari 2009

The Return

Ok so back on pc again after 3 days straight tinkering to get vista and rest to work and most of all HDDs so tired after spending all awake time get it to work and pc even worked on it then i slept lol.

Well seems work now (can better say after some more days ) vista back on FFXI works (ok pol so shutof attimes, things are never perfect) vent i can listen to not got mic to work and TS wont even let me install it. rest are working as much i see so far. Still need install some things though. and hope find a way correct mic failure so we see.

Formated HDD should help the general working on pc i hope tho and the new 750W power supply and lol me finding out i have 1.8 TB space at least 300GB more than i did know never a bad surprise lol. Funny enough find out power supply comes in velvet bag lol nice if like feel take it with me i guess :p

Thanks to vaully a real tropper in helping and Kura for trying yes i know lol are kinda hard uinderstand a swedish speaking pc as US lol.