fredag 29 maj 2009

Space Above and Beyond

OK now not been here writing for some time not that i not had any to say i can tell alotta i done get done etc but guess i never got the time felt like it or had the words or even sure if i should.

Prolly be more but we will see lol whatever.

more about jobs lvs and other things will pop up in more posts.

May packed with real life things and hard get on game but have and we also then writing this still are on Versus break no event there so just a handful timed things needed to attend and are fine get some free time not that i dont like event just need breaks at times and will also make it so much more fun have the team be back kill get drops etc again =). How can you miss something if ever get away from it.

Oh yes mr ring3 have some idea and prolly are getting ready launch his new thing very intresting and bet many ppl can like it even if far from everyone like him but still yeah think everyone prolly can find some of intrest if he get it going as he wants. Good luck ring3 on site thingy.

which also reminds me opps need check over the items id want from sky sea etc so can give omo then back and rest also and we see what outcome on events will be hehe.

soon are marbles time up so yeah need that also just damn shit will be hard the weeks with -10 space sorry omo might make me be super slow on changes on jobs orz. Will hurt mages jobs i know as they have alotta extra set things than most DDS well ill try handle it and hope my token pops here soon (maybe today that would save me).

OK hugs to all friends and over and out in space on this general post.

måndag 18 maj 2009

Rush Hour

Assualt and captains rank: Got 3 t10 made in weekend and now just need 4 more assualt for my captains rank =)

T6 Supplies Recovery
Stop the Bloodshed

T10 Better than one
The Price is right

torsdag 14 maj 2009

Final Fantasy VII

7th Anniversary for FFXI and lol been here long time now.

Time for the yearly stats for my char.

Chat Frequency : 1232100
Conversations with NPCs : 121178
Parties joined :6160
Alliances Joined : 1768
Battles Fought: 109565
Numbers of times KO'd : 2634
Enemies Defeated : 48176
GM Calls Made : 0

and for fun as friend game time :

1110 Days, 11 Hours, 27 minutes, and 23 seconds

onsdag 13 maj 2009

Star Trek

Yes guys liked the movie to and if you not seen go see it hehe.

Sky day slow one, and that means in luck on drops we tried despot other shells got and we got faust and made BB so ok outcome in end. And einhjar was ok also and we got the win on the road to next Odin.

Myself just got my sam 59 and its on the road very fun job might get 75 hehe.

And for you ppl asking about Maats cap yes its in works havent stressed it never have
mnk 50 war 50 bst 50 sam 59. No really not half asing the jobs all are about have fun time. MNk and war still need get AF done then lv more, sam 60 at least first tho.

Go get maats cap ppl just dont half as jobs to 66 whats the fun enjoy the game lol you payed to have fun on your spare time =) havent you?

laters maintenace now "wave"

måndag 11 maj 2009

Hot Fuzz

Yes got to come thf help my friends do nyhl isle first time help them as thf and drops from bosses are 3/4 lol last times then i was with was 0.

And makes me very happy as i get my first drop ever from it after helping alotta hehe.
Denali Jacket cool will be good for some of my jobs =)

Already tested on thf and cor so far very nice need macro for the right stuff.

söndag 10 maj 2009

Rock star

OK some good happen in week Jess found Roc lurking around and asked for help after a little i made my best effort change to drg fast (was on sam 56). Did change and poped over and my friend DM come also and mob was still not claimed so we took it and yes we made a nice fight, lol yes i really kicked damn birds as drg but of course was a nice team effort. We was rewarded with new nice title Roc star hehe and we got the drop Dryad Staff, and yes guys let me have as lol well guess i was only whm present also.

Already had some use for it last salvage was very nice and i get some whm things back after get all new spells but i need work on whm and macros and so on to get back to better shape i so can do alot better job, still made better than i thought at start. But run wasnt the best lol mostly because we had some unluck with things like Kallo get booted and couldnt get back at all, shit happens.

lördag 9 maj 2009

Money train

Here they are again omo and more cleaned up hope looks better and for rest of you yes have a old dollar and post pics for the fun of it again cleaned it after omo suggested so.

fredag 8 maj 2009

Joy ride

Still i think the token are a great idea and so will be happy then i get my new (yes did just order a new one).

You ppl that think its to pricy lol i wont concur with that just send it to me cost as much and might be more even. I paid more send some small things to friends in US before it not cheap send stuff.

Thanks for add the more space i love it then i get it cant wait (and now have to wait more again hope comes faster this time around).

Yes and ill check with you guys and damn not wanna make any wrong then i get a new one.

Ps. OMO and res yes you will have to stand the all troublessome change job DD some ´more time.

Alone in the Dark

Bad day again that should been good got my token finally did order it same day as it come out took its sweet time get here but finally.

OK try set up very confusing how so ask ls also kinda made me even more confused after roughly and hour find some out and manage make a account and register the token in it as manual say to do. Ok all seems fine and to work oh yes more things now tells me link my pol to account ok lets do that sure, then it just wont do it
yes checked pass and also even typed wrong to make sure and then it say wrong pass or ID, with right one it say "This account cannot be linked" god damnit why!!!

After asking and being pissed crlm find some info on some forum and tell me apprently need make sure have some regions right or cant add things well had been nice if some was added to guide the send with it or warning if its that important!!!!

Now not happy as yes space had been good and safe account and apparently my token are void no use take it of account i cant use so guess need get a new one also and wait what another month >< thats one of the most sucky parts it take forever get here and like clubber hadent not even got his yet >< just a warning ask everyone and get on net look all forums as there manual arent the most safe way get it done right>< Be nice if they consider some ppl can english but even so its not always you get stuff first time read it or even 2nd, i realised alotta times english like to say thing backwards to my swedish and yes then it can confuse the issue for me even more.

one tip then get token make account link pol and be sure that are ok then register the token wish guide had said do it that way not other around and tried ask ppl what way to do but they was just direct me to guide (not bad just not really didnt help that much)

Ps: Also finally leanrned that BG wasnt name for that forum i heard of but some else that i didnt know so yes never found BG first or more correct bluegartr as its real name are, just dont know all abbrivations and never checked it before.

torsdag 7 maj 2009


Sigh and sigh and double as sigh...... Helped Kallo try ACP fight as he happen ask me just then had a free spot well semi free got food done and little time before nyhl isle. just enough try a fight. Rdm/drk ok well we lost sorry kallo bet you try again tho.
Now after this get tell from friend that are pissed i helped on it and not asked for her as she needs it i had if just thought that then still they wanted rdm/drk and i had left my spot to anyone that need glady.

I said before sure i help friends then can just not then events and all that shit and well i got tons of that. sigh now i get blisted and stuff as just trying be nice help a friend that just asked and all things made it possible i had a hour to spare just at that moment and no pun ot other ppl makeing them less or anything.

i just feel bad now and weekend was awful on so many ways that i not even wanna talk about really was to angry and that was long ago since last time. thanks shanelle btw you know what i mean.

I try make ppl happy help then i can (yes hard with events and night times) i get asked for help alot and its hard try help all and it do takes time find time mostly cant just help that. I dont know what to say but just feel sad today and not up for anything either.

Sad cat