torsdag 31 januari 2008

Limbus & KS99

Oh im so tired today damn cold makes time to limbus but tiredm I get my Drg toasted alot damn Avatars oh well guess more campaigning, and get to assualt after we have a mess and die die and decide let it be for today im as happy for that as tired so goes and rest. Lea no on then claim kills shiki and get drop darn oh well me tired getting more sleep, OH shit wakes up late but find out KS99 are delayed heads over and we have 5 good runs just a few deaths and somw wyrm beards drop and Elf get Jugernaut as drop cool. to tired after so go get rest, wonder what happend to Esor.

måndag 28 januari 2008

Pig & Chika

Oversleep misses sky also damn not much to do oh well, farm some and get me back to town. Chikasaw ask me to raise her sister that im about to do but she gets raise all fine then np.
So they ask if i can come xp with my ninja sure why not always fun with friends heads over to Aydema lol or how you spell that. Bad ninja start for me Diremate kills me crawlers eat shadows and make mega damage with posion breath to make short have deathaga ><.
It dont work so we move over to Puks and now we have a kick as party time lol.

Esor lv PLD and gets some lvs very nice and about then hers party disband our blu needs to go so i ask her to join us. She comes over and we keeps going even if its late and we get lv 63 Blue and 62 Ninja very nice and i get to try Ninja/dnc in party at the end its really good, much easier keep shadows up and the self healing weaker voke but works well for our set up anyways and its fun. so all together day are good but late lol need some rest now laters.

söndag 27 januari 2008


Gets on some ppl here talks a bit and gears up my puppetmaster next job to get 37 but really 40 and lol had forgot the gear i moded so here comes a picture.

Gets Party very fast for being PUP of to jungle and play goes ok lv 26 a bit low in Yhotar jungle tho but works until whm dc oh damn, but then Esor saves the day and comes PL and i get lv 27 all nice =)

After that we try make a party for her PLD and my Sch, wow no DDs seeking!!!! well we get some ppl finally little wide lv span and i get flare over to pl but we do get 3 lvs so not bad but oh damn are late so skipping dynamis and need food and a nap.

Spice Gals

Annak gets on and ask me to come do Spice Gals quest for a xp scroll, we do and picks up a team of other friends also like Vaully Con Riv Alk goes smoth and we not even use a scale as another ally pass right at same time hehe
After that we head for Escort sandy one so to Eldieme we mess up lol forget npc so have to start over but easy run and we can get to sandy collect 2 xp scroll nice, BSt now 750 tnl slow but steady.

lördag 26 januari 2008

Some light

Back and forth all day until Deyon gets on time do his DRG AF gets Rolzin and friend for help and we kill the tiger fast and Easy in island in Batialla Downs and Dey can get his first Drg AF (Drachen Brais) at lv 58 hehe.

After that ill help him get Charlotta rank 4 and Esor assist very nicely also and runs the tower swift and easy before Esor have to leave for swift belt run.

Tired after this to get a nap until Assault, miss the first but are there for the 2 nd and the 3rd that are a disaster (one of those days i guess) we wipe oh well shit happens.

After finally get time have a talk with Esor very much needed so and feel better now we can get more focus on tasks at hand.

Jazira asks again for my PLD and merit party and i say yes and so does Esor on rdm and shan are there on war also very nice mostly ls party, I capp my PLD xp and my sword skill very nice and even get a merit good good.

fredag 25 januari 2008

Perfect way to ruin............

Back after food Esor DC hmm what to do i wait and think i might go do some campaign or some else if she not get back. YAY here she come nice, we decide go do sacarium for xp scrolls. No problems there she finds the way for us and we get the ??? fast as was easy i ask if we can check chest for my map and after little looking she finds that for me also YAY nice we get back and i finish up map quest.
Now time get some done for Esor she hard to say what she really want as usal so i guess and ask and ask farm as she always out of gils, so we head to Upper Delkfutts tower to farm some gils of Gigas and get some other drops (gets alot of clusters)

Seems i missed some of purpose that was nm pop itmes we was after so i have messed up and comeon wrong job Drg/thf only 2nd time i use that sub ever on Drg. Well to make it short i suck and end up on floor twice and guess umm get Esor killed also ><

well before i can do much Esor hp and are getting back for me shes so sweet and i was gonna say was better i did as was my mess and get her up well she was to fast and gets back and raise me not the best mode on us today guess just such a day well we get down and farm some more gils until Esor warps and Dc or PC dies she have had some problmes and are afraid it gonna break, perfect bad ending to the mess as she cant get on it seems and i wait not much more to do. Today is a shitty day /sigh

Jailer of Love and AV

Gets Back later talks with Deyon and give some more advice he have some stuff to do and get and so on,

Sea day checks with Omoi about time as i get on blm and talks with the shell, get to Sealions Den on time not much ppl here but omo takes us on farm runs as more ppl pops in to Join for a Later JOL.

We farm some brains and kill a IX nm i get lost at a point no map lol and aggro and dies oh shit bad of me oh well omo gets me and im back on track again with the rest. talks with Esor and friend as we farm and recapps blm. Jun apologise for the hard words yesterday all fine now hope we can teamwork and get the ppl there acces and i gotta get Esor over here to Sea also.

Time for JOL first time for this Blm on pop 3 at times so we get to aga Mobs each 2-3min lol will be many as fight takes well over 2hrs. From what i see the DDs do well and tanks some deaths and some hold time but its goes steady even if slow. Onlye Ep anc Crlm get toasted in blm party even if we have some close calls works fine better than some of the other Sea nms lol like think the damn Prudence. We finally Killed Jol and wow AV pops and kills some ppl lol we decide not to try it lol but we have a accidental pull on it and all ally dies lol me also as i was in to lot on Halbeard (95lotno win) i at least live to get 2 hits lol, gets some screenshots and also get some after getting up still fun to see the Big bad mob lol and his Wyverns.

After this Gather up and take some time of in my Mog House with Esor.

torsdag 24 januari 2008

Dynamis Windurst

AHhhh new day need to farm makes DRG duo with Lea and goes farming good farm day get worth over 70k nice covers limbus best was 22k just drops from Beastmen alone.

Time for dynamis Windy have bid for summoner spats and so does 3 other ppl well lets hope we get some
Esor makes it on time good=) sorry she later have a dc day and finally give up but only 1 sam drops so she dont miss that anyway hope better luck for her next time.
Lots of new ppl for run but seems go nice and wow summoner pants drop Leey bets me on lots lol i never lots good against ppl like homan pants and Narshira hands last week (seem the 2 other lotters have dced hmm)
well we carry on and try another way this day hmm, Esor just dc before we have some unlucky deathaga ppl get slept and then mobs pick some of oh well raise ppl and go on and now we get some drops like monster helm and sam pants. And the WOW another pair of summoner spats and only me for the lot YAY i get the pants im so happy =)
Dont matter we makes a giant pull soon after an have a wipe still happy and lol another pair of the pants drops lol so bad for them that have dc but another member gets them always in demand. we have some screw ups to much so no boss today well no problem we just get that next run then.

After run Chika and Pig ask me come help get key for coffer as my 60 ninja not the easy way but are fun and get some xp sadly no key before i need to leave for the try at Cop fight Mamets

I get there slightly late well happens and think jun are in rushed mode or having a bad day oh well just wanted to tell how portal and scales work but guess his run lets do his way. We start kill Wyverns to get scales goes fine until for some reason we are to camp in pop area hmm, well now one pop and i try move to not aggro and of course it aggroes me even if i not even the close one and i die 40 summoner are not hard to get killed and Jun get pissed and blame me for always dying like i can help i always get crazy aggro, like most that know me mobs love aggro and kill me lol(talked with Jun about that later) Well we get some scales and get to the portal and to Monarch Linn and they can try the cop fight.

For some reason it gets a bit bad and summoners take hits from Aoe ws and in end they make a close lose damn but guess we have to try another day no 2nd try as all used 2hr so Shan and me just was there in case np. Me and Jun does then quest/enm Mamet version and wreck the poor mob with Garuda bam bam maybe rip rip and a try again on Bugard with smokie just me have 2hr for smn but we do well and get it to 37% before we wipe oh well free warps lol. As you see me and my friend Shanelle didnt need do much for the coop misson just sit around lol.

Time get my Ninja 61 so take it to campaign and get the 1800 i need nice, then later switch and pair up with Esors Drg and catch up on my Brd to hers blu goes all well and we give up then Esor have some dc due to pc crash. I make a big dodo gonna try skill in a Gobbue but cast Foe Requim instead of sleep orz runs for Esor but lol she are afk and i cant sleep mob so dies oh well shit happens i get a r3 all good and get xp back and more =)

stay on talk little with ppl before i decide get and nap

tisdag 22 januari 2008

Sky Promy

hmmm kinda meh day makes time lol but Lea level dnc today lol guess duo some other day so play other on laptop and calls Deyon and gives some advice for the game.

Gets on later and finds that sky are promy climbs oh shit 30 gear and job hmm guess dancer as gear are on me lazy not wanna mule meh Esor wont be until later also.

Esor on yay she sold some more nice, wating for skypromy now i meh missed and got there 2 hrs early its defintaly a meh day today oh well better tomorrow maybe go lv Pup and drk with esor later we will see.

Finally time for promy climb with sky ls full ally so goes smoth up all 3 ones none dies and we kill the few agros esay and all that needs get there key itmes for the Bahmamut v2 fight nice.

cant decide to to what to do after no lvling with Esor she got lv 20 PLD nice so i decide ill go sleep.

Titan Day

Finds out Lea been hiding crafting on Kickme all day invisible then i finally get back np needed get a nap time go Duo Smn a bit need to recap and hang with a friend are never wrong.
Talks a bit with Deyon and Charlotta seem it going ok for them but he needs some help get AF that he not even know about last week ok he got the basic but needs alot to learn hope ls can be helpful also.

Oh well makes sky and party up with Lea there we head of for water camp (alone nice) we gets nice xp chains until more ppl show up np tho still are ok and Titan rips pots apart easy.
Leey shows up later and joins and awards Lea some farming points and we get a water that i let them have im happy get some xp and and also get a merits 3 in total now hmm what to use it on maybe some for Paladin ill think a bit more about that.

Time for Lea to sleep and my Limbus so i head of to Jenou. Smn are ok for Limbus good no need to change then, we are gonna retry the one we lost last week time redeem ourselves, and oh yes are a smoth run just a few ppl get killed on NMs Astral flow we win easy after that Victory !!!
Gets to lot for extra coin but lol only get a 177 no + for me but i got 2 Ancient beastcoins at least. Of to wardens to see whats are up.

Bdc and Smokie are killing mobs and ask if i wanna come blm before Assaults have some time so i join them and recapp my blm before Shanelle pops on (miss Esor a bit but sure she are busy ill see her later).

Time for Assaults Lamia no.13 today to get B points for the Yigit hat are a bit shaky first run B dies shan dies ouch but we finally make it a win next run alot better and win then mokie have no more tags, should be ok so we Go in no to Bad well B gets face down and i get messed up but Shan comes around saves the day good, shitty drops but a good deal on points for B. maybe we have some more rdm around next time.

Get offred to burn more on blm but tired to imma take a nap.

Back again and gets asked of Esor come help raise ppl so gets on whm was long ago
Monstic cavern are the goal we find Xerxes and raise him. I aggro and try Zone every mob but die near zone oh well i have learned and had rr3 on me np just up and we try get the Orch NM to pop. I get a wave from Rolzin shocked dont know what to say but say hi and then learn she not mad at me thats good and i feel much better missed a good friend. we dont get any pops so some logs there to try later and Esor teles me out there we talk a bit of merits until she goes to sky and logs for tomorrows run and ill get to mog for a break and think about what next.

måndag 21 januari 2008

Life in Vanadiel

Tired starts day be late and no make Dyna Jenou no biggie, just slightly annoying missed chance on nin feets and brd but more will drop later on and no that i can use them yet. More Miss Esor and she misses Sky that i do make it in time to ohh yes all 4 gods today.

Genbu Easy as usal no gloves i could have lotted on np tho an lol i lots the lowest on the add item Admontiose shell.

Suzaku Bird not bad at all and are on bidding for N-Feets (no drop tho) Bind broken on 2hr but not to many ppl are fried alive we manage to kill easy.

Seriyu nothing for me to bid just a fun fight go Versus lol easy kill nothing great drops tho

Byakko wow nice move over none dies lol just samurasoldier aggros but zone it to die then they pull pots for tp lol none healed him. i get on bids for N-Hands against Elfaria on hands again lost narshira to him some days ago lol. Fight are straight tanking and goes smoth very nice and Haidate drops and 2 d parts and B-hide great drops today and thats its for sky.

Elfaria trying make me a signed Noct Doublet +1 after sky but 6 tries only make NQ guess not meant to today but got a nice Nq named.

Then of change to Dancer =) seek party and yay finally Esor are back lol witch i had missed at first but nice =) We not going for Brd/blu today so i get party as Dnc/war lol works fine with 2 pls and i get from 33 to 36 oh yeah then i get Lead lol of course then Lead leaves but its all fine and i can get 37 eventually and Dancer are all sub worthy but will get more time at a later time its really a cool job that i like =) talks with Esor that also inspire me to start the side ^^ Lots of ppl passed in Garlaige Citadell today must have been there long time Gia, Rivkkah, Cil and coke all passed by and ls been all talky talky lol and hard keep up then in party lol
Of and change

Oh and thx for Jazira D2 me unsual get that and not do myself hehe

time get some rest and try catch Lea for some duoing