tisdag 30 juni 2009

Spy Game

And so we go to the end of June and half a year has gone again and we have a umcoming July update on FFXI.
Finally we will get the bodies for the campaign sets hope they be as cool as they should be, imma complete my cobra set and then look to see if get any Iron ram will be alotta points and possible change nations but that get the drawback on lose ranks which sucks. So i will see how i do that.

We also now got info about next storyline update and the head parts you can get from it looks very promising mkaybe not for all jobs but most can make a very nice headpart. Wonder how fights will be guess time will tell.

Maybe and prolly i keep on my ranger path and get some ranger hat also will decide then its out.

måndag 29 juni 2009

Old School

Hmm just took a thinker on what to do on blogg.

I kinda pop in an out somtimes write alot sometimes little or nothing, well maybe you found it and wanted some special or some insight be free ask maybe you can get me to write on some fun or help you on some game related or some else.

Saying that not even sure who pops in here or not lol, but i should know some about the game after all years played and alotta events done hehe.

Ill write what pops in mind sometimes what been done or some i want or sometimes on some subject that pops up never know lol.

so yeah say some and i can try make a fun post on something.

Now to learn new things on game again, yes still more to learn after years and i will never know all, like life are always more to learn and if you dont think so i feel sorry for you.


Summer again and declining numbers on event and more and ppl get surprised again.

Good ppl show you make some else but playing actually take vacation get out spend time with friends make that extra fun outside or some else taking care of the summer enjoy and ppl dont be scared sure all or at least most be back in some month and also will pop in now and then, was same last summer but you prolly forgot.

Now YOU have some special fun you wanted to even if just go lay in grass read that book find what you want to do and get back on game then want will be rainy days and bad days and the autum will come and we can go to sky again and sack some nms Yiha.

Ps. ill prolly be here most of time i guess, but never know might try some other things lol, just damn the heat id like some cold wave just about now =) think i go out take a walk and find some shade and cool of.


Event ls with points or attendence or maybe some else....? thats a good question.

Have heard many discussion over the year on this subject. everyone have there own opinion.

As always diffrent systems have diffrent advantages and weakness and then you can mix them.

Biggest problom i see are its very hard if not impossible make all entirely fair.

Why i got on subject today, reason are Dynamis shell just recent changed from point system to attandence system and i got many tells and ppl have some hard times understand it.

Now not gonna rant about ls rules and so on but compared to attendence ls with no points ppl need let go of point thinking and that are hard but try. (we have a index number = expression how much you been to runs and who get prio on lots)

Base a ls on attendence are, as yes shouldnt ppl that really come and do all work get itmes and have some bigger chance than ppl that never comes? Some comes 100% or near some comes 10%, see it as work if you not work full time you get less. (yes i know not all ppl can play everyday everytime, and then we are back to some of what i first said cant be entirely fair but are life fair? always)

And its a limit to max attandence so ppl that start out new can also catch up eventually. Some think that can be unfair but if you want new ppl to ls how motivate them to join if you say they never ever can catch up to rest of members?


Think about as member are ls made for just you or all of the member?
Why are you helping on things you might not want?

Lses are made to get things you cant on your own or maybe be very hard to get on your own. So yes you might not always gain some of do the ls things or get some but hopefully someone get something and maybe next event are what you want and you have chance get some.

Dynamis example can be ok you got all you want from citys so you dont really need them and maybe not wanna go. But other ppl still need things there (and ls coins to pay for runs, as in my ls) so need get decent attandence on those runs as well as outlands there ppl usally want more (due to drops was much worse there before).

To run ls you need ppl come on most runs just not them they might want or need some from, its about work together to get ppl there thing and you cant expect gain some each run, ( hopefully you can have a fun and exciting time tho and some nice chatt).

Many ppl only think of what they want and what they wanna do for it thats fine, but if you wanna gain things in a community as a ls you should and need to help out also for all to gain for the common good. Try take joy in get other players the gears they so long wanted and get happy for see you made someones day by show up and help and hey maybe next time its your turn =)

Point ls works usally in some way you get points after how much you been there just another expression how to measure it and yes are sooooooooo many diffrent ways make this, seen alotta diffrent ways over the years and some works better than others.


Ok not gonna state some rules you should or not should have its up to you make your own if you make a event ls, point are its very hard make as fair rules as possible. and everyone have there opinon about it. What can be said about rules are think them through and make them then be ok with maybe revaluate them as you go. Game change, world change so dont be afraid to adjust take away or add new if see fit.

To join a ls. Important!!!

Read rules times and see if they will work for you. If you dont like rules or can live with them dont join same if you see times are bad for you.
PPL seems to forget to read rules then month later get pissed as they now work out for you so yes read them or look for ls with better ones if you dont like or maybe make your own =). And yes you might need make a compromise as can see you prolly never find ls with a 100% match.

And ppl last try have fun on game =)

OMG big text blogg but oh well maybe my litte thoughts help you or better get you to start think! and hey if you want me point more on some of the points just say i can try explain more.

fredag 5 juni 2009

Training Day

Versus break over and Omo back in UK, she seemed to have a very great time very nice.

Break was good had some time try cope with the heatwave and so and also catch up on some needed to do things. Lol also slept alot more regular hours then break, damn warmth really got to me here some.

One thing i did on break was catch up on sam mnk war and bst.

Finished mnk and war AF in one day and are now 18/20 on AF quests done hmm prolly should try get the other 2 a day for the full set of stories.
Need start remake more like cor and rdm just wait for some space (token) and also get rdm temenos drop.

Thx Thaz for loan of the fuma kyhan was great on both sam and mnk =) Sam are 61 now and mnk 60 =).

War wow damn thing dies so so so much nearly as much as my whm (still whm have about½ to 1/3 of my total deaths). Well after deathaga i got war to 60 also lol wish war had some more things like drk or drg died 10 times as much as lv drk, stun drain etc just saved my but so much on that job hehe.

Really was fun get on Bst again diffrent jobs and kinda fun actually. get some lvs foving and then get a Invite on bst not seeking (chocked). Nice it are as puller for blm party in past area coolers, im pulling bst pets lol irony fun and i do good little worse as i get tired and die some but are ok i gain 3 lvs fast and make 55 first day back on bst oh yeah. 2 lvs more next day so 57 before break done hehe more than i thought i get but coolers.

Sure had some parties tryíng lv but mostly been foving, kinda good the times you feel not well can just take a break lay down do some else go away etc and chill. yes reached over 17k tabs now lol good good use them alot for getting around anyways, hmm just wonder if get any more nice use for them more than the augments thingy.

måndag 1 juni 2009


Yes some weeks ago i finally got my thf 75 after some long way, yeah no shocker ppl really not want to invite thfs for party lol no jokes had less than 10 after lv 60 and more than half was friends invites. No sad not did work out well anyway campaigned, soloed foved and duoed FOV and i got there just time do thfs out there dont give up just make your own way there its all so possible =).

Thf are a funny job and i really likes it more now (for some reason was my 2nd hardest get 10 and stay 10 but thats a long nother story).

Thanks kallo and Annaka that been nice help on gear sets and some advice and thx rest that made some little hinters on the way. Think i found my way play thf or at least where got from hehe now just got get assassin gloves and see if can end game thf a day. (had some luck help on Nyhl isle hehe we got some nice drop with me as thf).

OK here ill post some pics for some of my thf sets. And heres the steal set.
My ranged set yeah helps have ranger and cor.
And the Mug set money give me.
Flee set runrunrun
TP set mm nice new use for homam body =)
Sneak Attack /ws set
Trick Attack /WS set

If you want some more specific on sets post intrest and i may post what each setup had cheerio and have fun you all other thfs and you other friends.

War of the roses

Oh my what happens in lses friday nights just had some random fun then the girls got head on head in fun word match up lol got a ss for you that missed the ls at that time. Warning might not be funny if you not know them or are used to the ls but for rest of you yeah we had a fun nigth.

Hell ride

More T10 assaults and yes now all 5 are done and my friends got captain i had 2 t6 still after t10 and with help got one done so now only 1 to get done then i can get my captains rank also. Yeah this hellish big puppy actually took us 2 tries get down and some deaths and some 2hrs but oh yeah win in end =)

T6 Stop the Blodsheed anyone wanna help??? heard its somewhat hard i really dont know havent even tried it yet but i do like to get it done hehe.

Avalons Dimmor

Dynamis upate. Finally we scored some dynamis Xar runs whoooooa no maintenace (just a smaller wait for jp hijack).

Score got my Summoner horn yay 5+1 on smn relics oh yes and more space damn good then marble time still be a pain tho.

Esor also finally got the luck and we got a Wyrm armet and she wins the lot yay congratulations (and yes think we not had a Wyrm helm for 2 years) i have managed find last drop so might be even longer since. Now please give is more. i want one also.

Esor have more luck and next run also get her Dualist tabard Yay grats.