fredag 29 augusti 2008


For my friend now 2 years since we lost our loved friend mine and many mores good friend.

Kat was a joy for all that know her and i still get ppl saying that and remember her then they ask me about my Bazzar comment and i have to explain she are not any more along us.
Then i get there little story what she did for them or what she was for them she really touched alotta ppl on odin and arent forgotten feels good that ppl do remember her. Its also show the strength of game she never reached lv 50 i think but that dont matter she still made impact and made her spot and show game are more than some char and some lvs its friendship and fun Kat was always happy or at least tried to =)

Me myself im happy i had my friend the time we got she was a real awesome friend and i was so looking forwar to a long frienship and also meet for real a day but now the time that was is all we got but it was good and she touched me and i will forever bear the memory of my Katnip/tayla friend with me <3 for you forever friend.

Still hurts lose my friend so sudden but i grown to cherish the memory and remember all the joy and fun and a day i might even post the story of me Kat and some more lifes of the mithra in vanadiel =)

Big big hugs for the Kat and hope you sit up there and watch over us and keep us safe and maybe we meet you again in some other time who know? i dont.

And friend if you not have a blog or some and known Kat just leave a comment for her here for rememberance, she was a great one among us taken from us before her time so now up to us keep up her good work and keep her ineart and go on with the life until our day also come.

Darkdawn your mithra and yes it really was Faith that made us friends strange are the ways but them happen its still funny after the years Kat for you my friend *Smile*

onsdag 27 augusti 2008

Caramel dansen

No clue this swedish song was that popular over there have you not heard it check this out and also found some english transklation of the lyrics.

have fun and more will appear here on blog for all that want it or not lol

måndag 18 augusti 2008


Long time no words hmm yes i been busy and also other stuff but im here and see fi i can add some for the day.

First of all YAY made my Ninja 75 and faster than i thought and lol wow arent it surprisingly hard get party on ninja after 71 thank you Kantele for helping with the partyes helped alot =)

And yes WOW i got my Novio earring yesterday it dropped now really feel for use my blm alot more gotta try and use it hehe lol
Thank you all ls awesome and hell i even might merit up my blm soon more dont worry Elf i never be the new elf your the BAM BAM tarus ill maybe can be the Blam mage lol

And lol about luck think some missunderstood me again must be my english/swedish i do have some good luck at things or hard work but i really arent lucky on LOTS against other ppl for itmes i want thats what i been saying lol not same as bad luck all over. 2 won lots againts ppl over 4 years i wouldnt call im good at lotting still i get some nice items then its only me up for the drops. Like novio i was the only for lot and i got lucky it dropped =)