onsdag 20 januari 2010

National Treasure

ON request more pics on my DVDs

OK these 2 are VHS boxes but added them anyways lol

måndag 18 januari 2010

Lovligt Byte

Yeah been in BBQ somedays and thursday i had a marathon play not planned but got on early and we get KB my first was fun lol and not as hard i would have thought.

Taco sleeping so i get the tounge yeah mnk are gettting there so better try make now if possible hehe.

Scans for SW also and that. ZNM week so we kill some of them also.

Later we have Omega and get some nice drops pants body and feet and some happy ppl =) grats. Salvage day runs goes good but we dont get any mayor things today cant get some always i guess hehe. Make nid later we dont claim but tk are low manned and we team up for kill.
Nice i get Mbody and beard.

Also got some stuff from ZNMs today enkidus head legs hands and oracles hands good drop day and yeah guess other ppl here have them mostly so easy pick up some extra items as a new member.

Grats all else that made some nice drop from ZNMa this week =)

onsdag 13 januari 2010


New year again and next decade 2010 hope be better than the last on.

I did most of my last years goals got all lvs i set out to get and more feels good.

And got most of else also.

Only realy miss was Nbody again lol been 2+ years now but might get this year.

New Year with BBQ we joined 23 dec (then i got my pearl at least)

ppl seems friendly most all over so far just one hate me so far, we see how it be just on tril so might not even get member anyways.
Very fun tho do mobs i never tried before and for long did think i never get to kill.

Got a fun GS for my Drk Algol fun even if cant say i use gs that much but game about have fun even if today kinda got urrgh some ppl. But hope be better for einhjar and other ls, Odin today hope we get some good drops ppl needs or want be awesome.

Happy new year everyone hope all goes better for ya this year even if you had a great 2009, lol mine real 2009 was way crappy prolly worst in this side 2000 so goooo 2010 be my year lol.