tisdag 27 januari 2009


Mystic weaponskills yes i really want mine now so time work on that. As i now had any luck on 2 statics some friends partys and numbers of random of pickups. Im left with Zero floors so lotsa ws points like 14000 each i heard or something more.

Started Rdm one and have dancer and well really hope can get a drg and some else on some random help run (only time i actually won a floor lv80).

Thinking alotta on this and i have had me stressed out and still are perform badly in ls and so on need deal with it. Gonna take time so i might have to stop events until done maybe keep dyna as they just are any other day and well frankly need sets for space.
Also like do some more salvage so can get the missing parts as would suck get left on half a set like i am now.

still thinking how do this but will need do as alotta time bug me and do lessen the play experience alot.

More will come of subject im sure......

Mystic River

OK my pc are really causing problems with all crash and dc me, it make me lose assaults points and erases macros not fun at all. not a happy camper.
So after checking memory (all ok) did order new HDD and power supply that i hope come soon and that it will solve it, lol then the all fun reinstall everything again and get to work.

Oh lol btw qute of the day, first thing i see then come back from store (pc have froze also so couldnt miss it) jupp that was what i saw lol Qute supplied by klutz for all our amusment.

måndag 19 januari 2009

From Hell

Another weekend done and it was a long kinda took upon my thf again yes still trying lv that one lol Seeked 13hr saturday before take break lol yes got boring but sorted all DVDS in house 2000+ and hanged around irony are have a shower and so after this and i get a invite not seeking that i of course miss ><.

New try and campaigning lol no luck and game pc crash also erase my thf macros and all game settings and screw with my controller ors not my best of days i guess ><.
Campaign are as usal Jugner deathaga due to Aoe keep get one shotted with 2501 and 1200 etc hits lol i dont even have 1k hp, wish was some chance survive those things well keeps it up as seeking and long in sunday reach 64 finally and give up seek after a nother 11hours. well got me 30 new days in campaign and some points never hurts.

Time for Dynamis windy blm sigh oh well we mess around and it goes well lol well i get some deathaga on blm and have a few dc and also lost lot on dancer hands oh well sure we get more this year,
tired as hell but drag my butt over to sea pass out a bit but come to life again and lol get lost as usal, yeah need the stupid map its time they let us buy it now. We decide pop fortitude and lol he done like blm at all one shots me think 3 times god hes a mean one. we finally kill him and i get the GA this time will be nice for Zergs until can get a better multihit weapon.
After this crash in beed as need get up early and also are freezing and are tired well cya guys soon again hope salvage was good sorry to miss it.

tisdag 6 januari 2009

Apocalypse Now

And post lost all written due to my pc crash lol, first thought ok name are good for that but also realised none prolly understand that anyways so now you know.

måndag 5 januari 2009


Day of 1000 dc and playing mules as last resort yes it sucked as you very much can get cya then game works.

söndag 4 januari 2009

Big Fish

More Fov and thf and also today we did collect ppl to go kick nms for Sam AF hat as Charlotta had free day so we did.

Fight was fast and we kicked there butts even if they do hit pretty good lol won tho and tomorrow we can get our Helms =) Pregs we do yours as soon as you get your quest done =) and thanks Bor Kiz and vaul for helping us =)

lördag 3 januari 2009


YAY first thing of the year got my Gothic sabatons after deicide i try then 2 friends just got them this day and took me 2 hours get a brownie but i got lucky and it was in it, nice cool boots and first thing for me 2009 always good get some nice =) more to tell are thf are going good and reached 61.

Thanks Annaka on advice on Gears and macros works better now still have more to learn but ill take it in time =)

fredag 2 januari 2009

When Trumpets Fade

Yes year gone and got me some i wanted and some i not counted on from drops alotta nice stuff =) and some i didnt get but guess that will be work for this year also.

Yigit Gomlek (finally full set)
Summoner Spats (smn relics 2/5)
Hospitaler Earring final score 1/6
Summoner Pigaches (smn relics 3/5)
Dualist Tabard (rdm relics 4/5)
Wizard's Petasos +1 (first+1 AF ever)
Bomb Queen Ring
Abyss Curaiss (3/5)
Evokers Pigaches+1
Wyrm Greaves (3/5)
Bard Slippers (1/5)
Loxley Bow
Bards cuffs (2/5)
Hecta Feet
Nashira Gages
Love Torque
Love Halberd
Koenig Hands
Brutal Earring
Homan Corazza
Koga Kyahan
Nhands/Hecta hands
Bards Justacorps
Wyrm Mail
Nashira Turban
Justice Sword
Summoners Doublet (4/5)
Wizard Coat +1
Homam Gambieras
Oracle Braconi
Bard Roundlet
Ungar Boomerang
Novio Earring
Koga Chainmail
Wyrm Belt
Homam hands
Clerics Mitts
Skadi's Jambeaux
Clerics Briault
Etoile Tights
Scout Jerkin
Bard Canninons

torsdag 1 januari 2009

Event Horizon

So the year has gone and time see what happend to my Goals =)

Goals of 2008

BRD 75 (60) 75 Static with Esor Blue
NIN 75 (60) 75 go figure not hard get 75 hehe
COR 60 (42)+AF 73 AF done Static with Muaythai and Wolfyline should get 75 soon
DRK 60 (37)+AF 75 more than done and AF and relics body had feet legs since before
DNC 60 (20) 75 ^^ And AF and relic pants happy that was added
THF 50 (37) 58 8 more lvs and going and AF comeplete
BLU 50 (37) 50 AF needs be done and more spells also to get lv ok
SAM 40 (38) 51 AF done except Helm, Got Soboro JSE 50 body and pants =)
PUP 40 (26) 40 Got WHM head also
BST 37 (29) 38 and hope duo more with shanelle later
SCH 37 (21) 37 need try more as sub but intresting sub

Then i want some Homan and Nashira parts, Especially Narshira hands for my smn
Homan Head body hands and feets =) only pants for the set now
Narshira hands and head

Complete the relic set for ranger
Finally after 2 years completed ranger relics set on last run in dynamis for the year and even lost a body this year due to DC

Body for rdm and some more for my other 75 jobs

Red MageDuelist's Tabard
Summoner Summoner's DoubletSummoner's Spats Summoner's Pigaches
White MageCleric's BriaultCleric's Mitts
RangerScout's Jerkin
DragoonWyrm Mail Wyrm Greaves & Wyrm Belt
BARDBard's RoundletBard's JustaucorpsBard's CuffsBard's CannionsBard's Slippers
NINJA Ninja ChainmailNinja HakamaNinja Kyahan
Dark KnightAbyss Cuirass
Dancer Etoile Tights

Some Nyel Isle and Salvage gear Tried Nyel Isle still cant win 5 floors so no gear of course, So joined salvage instead and now i get that instead of last team this are a good team and i got me Skadi feets as first parts even as i signed on for ARES and then Feet and Head as prio, have head parts and are in making get me the item needed to make it =)

Get all subs to 37 as you see above Done

Haidate Pants Still need to get done
Hecta Body, Hands, feet Got Feet and hands but not the body wishing my loot luck are better next year lucky nr 6 maybe

finally get both parts for some +1 af gears (have singles for all 75 jobs now lol)Ill work out a list later on as i find which i really do want +1 some are very good and some are not better than other gear i have so we will see.


Wizard Petasos +1
Wizard Coat +1 Done

Hercules ring & Hospitaler earring Tried both nms and finally got Hospitaler earring still no luck on Hercules

Brutal earring Done

Bombqueen ring Done

Corselet Still need work on that we nearly got hold of the main crafting item

Complete AHT Urghan missions Still on 44 Alexander fight hope can get some help kill that one and get my ring and flag 2009

Get some more merits not specified Did get some merits neeed look into which i got