tisdag 18 mars 2008

Gears can i have it?

Been around here in versus 6th months or so, think ill make a overlook on stuff:

sky : Nhands
Byakkos Haidate
(currently not got any so goals still stands)

Limbus : Homans and Narshira and first Homan Legs and Narshira hands

(no parts yet so goal are still standing)

Sea : Love Halbeard
Love Torque
Hope Torque
Merciful cape
Justice Sword
Novio Earring

(none yet but we are also new to sky and no Torque has dropped so far so list stands)

Salvage : Ares set Feet and legs first.

(not yet but very new goal so just decided ill try get it, well see what happen)

lets see i got some odds stuff i think also yes Ancient beastcoins (as finally ls that can manage runs foir limbus)yay some random items for +1 gear luckily ppl seems have them im trying for mostly. like smn.
Some pop itmes i got My BombQueen Ring ehh actually the only i got lol

and i ganied some new friends and have had a good time also =)


God damn lol its so i can laugh and cry and all that at same time lol i just are so cursed on lotting stuff i want on sky/sea/dynamis/limbus gears do avoid me 0% on lots still and lost nhands to Fanya Congratulations to you (of course happy see other ppl get stuff still dont get me wrong) thanks Elf for trying also =)

Limbus eludes me still also but Jess finally got his pants which are super nice and Grats also on your Ares Body =) looks great *rawr* ill try get to be a Drk kitty soon.

someone uncursed me i so want to get lots to work on gear after 3+ years on events lol who will be the first unlucky to lose against me lol

umm hmmm what!

Been somedays since last i bet some have happend lol who cares about my stuff well got some things i think, oh well at least i made a trip to my new swedish FFXI friends live in kalmar 5-6 hours drive from me took flight tho so only 50 min (never meet then before) The are a really nice couple and im sure will visit more play FFXI and have fun there neighbour poped in also cool.

There Game chars are Deyon 65 Drg, Charlotta 29 Drg and niegbour 30 drg opps not drg think might be whm or so not sure lol.

we had fun play all 4 and i showed them more of the high lv stuff like dynamis and sky and run past sea also. yes we all fitted on TV screen or pc (laptops mine)

Hope i might see some more of you ppl playing always fun actually meet the friends here =)oh yes got brd Cuffs from dynamis more fun then good tho lol

tisdag 11 mars 2008


Katnip my dear friend still miss you and the others do we never forget you and keep you with us as long we live. And for them that no could or not know or for some other reason could be on her memory service last year ill here post some screenshots of what was said, if i remember right it was the last march last year we had the day for her. And if you read this and never know Katnip she was a dear friend to many ppl and she passed away august 2006 and we all lost a very great loved friend.

In remembrance of Katnip (Tayla) may you be at a good place !!!

Time and more time och tid

hmm usal week me thinks wyrm greaves for me =) 3/5 Drg relics now for the hard parts body and head. ohh yes even got brd feet and and Esor got another sam part nice.

Salvage more hmm yes lol i get it more and darn all the cells, well will be better then names and what they means stick to brain(might not try stick postits on it or the screen) lol i really had to wing it then i ended up only healer but if any i really leanrned out how to work it (damn i was happy i had made /whm macros just before, fact was remade rdm macro section) well i did run out of mp and convert was used so we lost but we made it next time then i had omo for the healing and me support =)

OH other things finally got the points to get FL quest Thanks alot team =) now imma just got get my rank done will be fun do more assualts im like 20/50 so 30 more new i can test and some old i can do again to get ma points.

Updates oh yes the downtime sucks but well hope we get some fun for game oh lol gotta check what they are doing for this time seems we so far managed screw up AH lol

Kirin for us again much better than the last umm not to so good one and we get Wlegs big grats Elf no Nbody this time oh well will come again someday im sure we keep it up and get that and more what ppl want to get =) 24hr nms sounds intresting i know are some itmes or so i want just not had a chance before guess imma check up now to see which it was i wanted =) lol i should prolly organise more list of things but i mostly go for have fun with friends on game and forget that at times *hugs* to all friends yes at times only reason im playing are just to get some time with you!!!!

Sch 36 woho 1 more lv then finally got all 37 then i can work on the other jobs just see which ill dive on first drk nin cor or thf hmm dnc needs more attention also yes i know im nut ill like play like whatever at times (do like some alot more tho)

torsdag 6 mars 2008

Little green men

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee gets on to the Ugg Pendant run not sleep since urgh the day before lol ok let me send a evil Avatar on the little green devil and run from death, that some ppl failed and they goes BANG DEAD!!!!
Some Bang Dead laters we are 4/6 on pendant very very nice hope ppl are happy and all grats you who got your pendant=) and im sorry for my mess up and accidental death><
Feel somewhat bad after mess up so runs of to smack whack my trial ws points of kitty hunts the bad crabs *come here crabby* just wanna make some crabsticks of you =)
Esor joins over and make the points get fast to there demise tachi kascha / Spinning Slash = light = fresh made crab sushi *Any taker?*
Now just to round up some ppl for the ws nm gets a kick at team fast =) thank you all Esor Hiryo Zzir Kauna & Kyrie well done mnk sam burn on the tiger and Kyrie kept us all safe =) Ground Strike for me, Beware for the Paladin kitty ill come smack you down in ground RAWR!!!!!

Camps Loxley nm with Esor but um starts see double or more opps 2 days no sleep ill gets to bed as she say orz ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.................snore *maybe no clue if i do*

Salvage or just another confusing thing?

Monday already usal playground at Limbus for get us ready on Ultima fight thursday hmm maybe just maybe a hands day lets hope, I makeeeeeeeeeee a OPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPS darn carby pulling just not do as i should retreat and not release bad cat ouch ouch oh well the super team takes the mobs and all goes fun and i get payback as 2hr smack me dead and only one more i think pheww thanks or i had felt more bad.

Assault static for nyzle Isle have decide take a break so i go assault with Cib fun fun i get lucky and gets 3 diffrent missions done =) 15 points just 10 more and i can get 1 liuetenant cool maybe friday.

*Wating for a run i run into the samurai brothers Akanea & Glacian "The sexy beast" as he self did kill him, think they are buffing up here to wrestle or whatever sams do"

Ages since tried salvage so joins for the killing raid whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhe naked ppl running around hunting light bulbs how fun, lol well are kinda fun and not as confusing with some that actaully apear know what to do lol get some lv 15 parts and god damn i now need decide what set i want "ALL" hmm or maybe one at time >< well tuff tuff but after talking it over with Esor im kinda sure ill go for Ares set for my Drg and Pld (and also have some plans lv Drk). Hey try chose with 7 75 jobs and you kinda like all (just very very tired of blm tho ><
Gets late orz meeting today so just stay up until trains leave for it cya later.

måndag 3 mars 2008

Garuda goes to kill

OH yeah goes and collect my all brand new Evokers pigaches +1 now my smn are nearly equiped with what i want just have to get Narshira hands.
Rest like some more relics are of course nice adds and should probably do some more merits but thats a future thingy.

Dynamis day Dynamis Windy ooowwwwwww hurt bang flat blm BAM BAM flat again ok im bruised enough had a bad blm day in dynmias imma have bruises for later oh damn it really hurt!!!!! we win of course but blm got a work out so ill get ranger out for sky.
*Dynamis Valkrum or how you scare newbs in Vaulkrum dunes, party at ourpost moved away from oupost very fast then they found the pile of dead 75 ppl lol*

Sky hmmm sums up to kill Groundskeeper kill more grounds Keeper, grounds keeper blow up ppl kill more groundskeeper , groundskeeper blows upp alot of ppl PAUS Kill groundskeeper sums up end no Despot urrrrrrg from ppl miss kill more groundskeeper or like Jess say "next might pop it"

Next task Esor get on so final time for adventure of Pup and pld, she forms a party and we sets out to raid garlaige citadell, the adventorus Pup runs ahed to claim us a camp but the foes see me and corners me and my pup we fight bravley but have to revail (or more just get slaughtered). all well the rest or the heroic party comes for the rescue somewhat late but can raise and we do days deed of bat and betlee extermination in Garlaige citadel and also in end reach our goal of lv 37 then ill fall asleep (pretty much was asleep 1hr before lv but i got it at least )

NOTE : Now only 7 more lvs for full all 37 subjobs lv 30 sch are entering the scene again Yiha!
*Did know i had bumped into Raikoh before just not that we been in same sky ls before also*

söndag 2 mars 2008

Tin Kitty

Puppetmaster the work i get less invites on then bst lol but get on as i make a new go saturday and gets to 1k from 32 then party disband not bad from start at 30 oh well goes kill eps in Qufim for my lv that i get finally =) then Esor gets on oh yes she wanna be the Tin Kitty aka Paladin.

She builds a party PUPx2 dnc pld war rdm and it works very well in the sunny desert much due to her good tanking even if i know its not her favorite task she makes a very good job we get from lv 32 to 35 well esor have to leave a little early as friend gets over but yay 5 lvs today =)

Versus Assaults

First then on asked come whm and do a ENM sure thing easy cake and i get 3k xp more on whm not far to capp now =)

Unusal start on a unusal friday, next later heads of to farm scales for spice girls, but well we get lucky and passing ppl lets us pass and we get the riveworth kills mamet and enm then some gets wrong guess some ppl have some issues well leaves me with nothing to do as our assault static not are going for a nother Nyhl isle try today.

Hmmm so ask omo if i can join versus for some np there. We gets teams and i get the joy of hacking rocks lol remember then we did this for months to get our points for gear was not fun then not any more fun oh well after 2 tries we finally get a win grats Sunzi (gotta be funnier runs at that mountain) some change after this we get to the whabbit killing oh yes we spammed that also for points i was blm back then tho we are lucky no runners so that goes smooth nice. Last run Ring3 ask Esor point new she never done she take some run and evade or some (never done) well we enter and start run around lol i run after all and lose some here and where and ends up dead after 3 Dahaks finds me lol ok ill get it explained then has to dodge them and get some swithces sure thing now i can help. Tho a Dahak flatten me again weak smn cant really take a hit opps we win and i get the 5 points i need can start my rank up thanks Team =)

We decide (me and Esor) to assist on Zm 6 kill the antis after getting the mission up tp date we can enter and kill, lol well more i can get myself killed or more freak death as for some reason mobs decide kill me even if i run in last and stand furthers away so it happen again god damn im tired of that, no shame on team they win the fight even if Omo finds she have /war on whm oppps!!!

Ring and some other say they help Esor do airship nice should get that done soon then =)