onsdag 22 september 2010


Yeah lol last time been a disaster!! but yes will try get some jobs lvled now then new update are out lol still not done the things from last haha i got loads of things to do. Ill better start make me some list to really see what to focus on sorry guys i keep asking about the new stuff just as i feel i havent had time get info.

Just now all feels like i got hit like a giant tidal wave first update and now start se the shore then next one comes and sweeps me away lol. I sure will have loads and loads of stuff to do on 11. No even had time think about try 14 lol. (guess ill do some day as its a FF game tho). Still just played some on 13 hehe.

Yeah pals help me shape up my focus maybe on what needs be done with Abysseas, lvs nm Woe, af3 other new drops, trial weapons and more .

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