onsdag 10 november 2010

Raiders of the Lost Ark


Yeah new gear to make Head, Legs & Feets so far.

I made some progress even if kinda being after most ppl hehe,
got me:

Bale Flanchard +1
Estoquer's Fuseau +1
Sylvan Brague +1


Nq Feet for drg
and seal as follows.

Sylvan Seal hd. 1
Lncr Seal hd. 1
Raid Seal lg. 1
Creed Seal lg. 1
Ferine Seal lg. 1
Rvg Seal Ft. 1
Bale Seal Ft. 2
Lncr Seal Ft. 5
Charis Seal Ft. 1
Charis Seal Lg. 6
Lncr Seal Lg. 5
Unkai Seal Lg. 3
Tantra Seal Lg. 1
Creed Seal Ft. 1

Hope can get some more and get some working parts soon hehe quest are kinda random how good they are some worked fine like he one that made me the 3 i got and well could have made me pup also from that.

Oh and good luck you all others that want gear =) maybe we can team uo for some and try get more for us all.

I sure need learn more ways get them i started good but lol toons of stuff to learn and get right and then some luck also are needed hehe.

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